When Senpai Notices: Billie Idle Loves Your Dance Videos

Man, this is just proof positive that we really are the best fans.

Ashley shared this in the Idolmetal group, and I was going to make a little bit of a deal out of that, but then this happened:

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That MAINA’s Something Else, Isn’t She?

Not all idols are particularly great at Twitter, or they don’t care enough to use it, or their manager doesn’t care enough to require them to, etc. Who is great, though, is MAINA, Osaka Shunkashuto’s doll-sized vocal powerhouse and objectively one of the cutest human beings alive.

More importantly, as those of us who count themselves as MAINA marks will tell you until you beg us to stop, is that she’s a ridiculous all-around talent, such that she’s often doing performance work outside the bounds of SSFW, as we’ve seen before.

Proving both points made so far, she very casually shared this on Twitter yesterday:

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They Dance Good and Stuff

This is your periodic reminder that not only did Osaka Shunkashuto begin their lives as a high school dance unit, they remain right in the top part of the pile in terms of what idols can do to interpret their music, not just make it:

Of course, they’re actually improving with age.

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Parallel Japan Does Not Like to Be Questioned

Remember a few months ago when Babymetal agencymates Perfume released their video for “FLASH” and everybody lost their damn minds? And then remember that fun back-and-forth here a few weeks ago about the relative dance merits of Parallel Japan vs. Babymetal?

It’s about to get weird.

Because Babymetal and Perfume have the same choreographer, see

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It’s Not Just Song: Let Parallel Japan Show You the Power of Dance

I got a ping from my (secret!) personal Twitter account yesterday and was drawn to some dance video from the arguable masters of heavy, violent idol dance performance, Parallel Japan:

And in a very meta moment, it’s a song from one of the other great dance units, Osaka Shunkashuto.

And I thought, you know, we always talk about image and attitude and style and, of course, music when we talk about idols, but how much do we really ever talk about this extremely important part of an overall stage performance? Continue reading


This You’ll Melt More! Dance Video Will Set Wednesday Right

It’s not a heart-rending transition to a new future for You’ll Melt More!, but what a peppy little number with a fun (and public!) dance routine:

Does anybody else see Chiffon in this configuration and wonder if her, uh, somewhat domineering personality stands out maybe just a little bit too much now without Mone and Chibo to offset her? (Please don’t hurt me, Chiffon.)


How about a Preview of Tomorrow’s News?

There’s a nice little insight into a certain recent site favorite coming in the morning, but why wait that long? Here’s a member of the group in question with a self-uploaded dance video of “ナツコイ”:

That’s Hinata Suzu of petit pas!, in case you were wondering.


I’m Enjoying These Little Snips from Parallel Japan

I had thought a little while ago that Parallel had something brewing, and that wasn’t the case, but these James Browns of heavy idol haven’t exactly been still, and lately they’ve been tweeting out these cool bits of video. Here’s 30 seconds of performance:

And from their rehearsal space:

Hey, if you’re gonna do violent music, it makes sense to do violent dance with it.



Like the most fun possible combination of EDM and pop punk, plus screams. Or is dance club deathcore more your thing?

It took me a few tries to go from appreciating PassCode to genuinely liking PassCode. I’m glad I was patient.

One of the most genuinely cool things about the broader development of idolcore is its raw diversity — not everybody succeeds, necessarily, but chances are taken and sounds are developed and sometimes standing out is as simple as doing a simple formula better than anybody else.

Of course, the notion that PassCode’s sound is easy is kind of weird, but they hit a lot of unique notes on the way to making a song theirs, so much so that there really isn’t mistaking one of their songs.

They’re pretty good at this, is what I’m saying.

A man reacts to PassCode's weird dance

Me too, guy. Me too.

Musically, it’s a pretty clean 1:1 blend of pop punk and digital hardcore. On HTML, that doesn’t sound particularly attractive, but think of the unifying elements being the tempo and beats, with heavy synths and bouncy vocals. Also breakdowns. And chiptune. And screams and growls.

Yep. PassCode is one of the idol groups that has a screaming member (Yuna). She’s tiny and she’s terrifying.

I’ll admit that PassCode probably isn’t for everybody, but they also have a little bit of something for everybody and a nice, big catalog at this point, so take the time to explore their music a little bit and find the sweet spot that works for you.

What they sound like

The music you wish would play when your SO drags you out to the club for a night of dancing; synth-driven digital popcore with breakdowns.

You’ll like them if

“Iine” is your favorite Babymetal song, or you’ve ever wished that Perfume would do a collab with Skrillex.

Entries on the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist:

May I just say that PassCode’s current black outfits are boss as hell, but the pink hoodies were one of those perfect confluences of look and sound? I may? Thanks!


Minami Nao
Minami Nao of Japanese digital hardcore idol group PassCode
Takashima Kaede
Takashima Kaede of Japanese digital hardcore idol group PassCode
Imada Yuna
Imada Yuna of Japanese digital hardcore idol group PassCode
Ogami Hinako
Ogami Hinako of Japanese digital hardcore idol group PassCode


“Nextage” (single)
ALL is VANITY (album)
“Now I Know” (single)
“Never Sleep Again” (single)