DAIDAIDAI Defies Their Own Name with This Sweet Live Video

Man, I think DEMON TAPES must have heard me saying nice things about the ex PSYBOU KANOJO, because I felt like I’d been waiting almost forever for the best-named idols in the business to give us something fresh.

I think this lyric video for “SOTTO MO ZUTTO JI” qualifies.

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More Details on DAIDAIDAI’s CD Release

After that other bit of news, this is a nice thing to have on Monday:

(The link is for the track list and details; the @ in there is for the cover artist.)

That’s the CD mentioned as being released in conjunction with this really awesome looking live on Feb. 5. Here’s the little trailer doodad: Continue reading


DAIDAIDAI’s Already Got 2017 Moving for Them

Late last week, DAIDAIDAI tweeted out this cryptic message-via-image:

Seeing as how the most Japanese I can read there is “that’s DAIDAIDAI’S name, I know that,” I ran it by people who do have Japanese, and the general agreement was that “it’s a message, but who knows?”

Great! Fortunately, Osaka’s latest electronic idolcore hype group made their intentions clear not long after: Continue reading


Check out This New Rocker from DAIDAIDAI

I’ll confess to having been on the nervous side when it came to just how active a debut we’d get out of DAIDAIDAI; the world is littered with idols who announce a debut, release some stuff, have that debut … and then just kind of blend into the background without doing anything noteworthy.

Thank goodness for DAIDAIDAI, then.

Can somebody translate that title? It’s coming out as like “Koenig Kenichi” or something similar.

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Kick-start Your Week with Daidaidai

Daidaidai, the rather exciting new digital idolcore project from DEMON TAPES, joined DEEP GIRL as a supporting act at the We Are DEEP GIRL tour stop in Osaka last week, and this lucky duck recorded the entire thing and shared it with us because life can, in fact, be good:


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Here’s That DAIDAIDAI Live Video in Full

In a coincidence that Alanis Morissette would almost certainly misidentify, yesterday, I used DAIDAIDAI’s teaser video to sum up my personal feelings about the onrushing end of election season; today, it’s the video of their debut that, front to back, might encapsulate your experience.

I wanted this to be about three minutes longer, but I’ll take it!

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Celebrate the End of This Election with DAIDAIDAI

All power to folks’ probably strong feelings about this particular election; it’s good that you care, at least. For me, today is the end of what has easily been the most frustrating, head-smacking, knuckle-popping year-plus in my life … and I used to do a lot of political work! Which is inherently all of those things and more!

In honor of this particular election cycle finally being about to end, I give you this live clip of DAIDAIDAI, snaked off of Instagram, the first look at what I hope is some nice, full video:

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Get Yourself a Listen to DAIDAIDAI’s Demo

Ah, this is good. So DAIDAIDAI (die die die!) have been doing regular promotional appearances with flyers on which is printed a QR code to download their two demo tracks. Unless you happen to show up where they are, no music for you!

But their very cool manager just added the songs to Bandcamp, and you can get a free listen (no download, though) for about 23 more hours:

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You Can’t Stop Me From Calling Them DieDieDie

What do I keep saying about a golden age?DaiDaiDai (Twitter) (Facebook!), which … come on. That’s DieDieDie and everybody knows it and let’s enjoy that because this is loaded with potential.

h/t John on Facebook

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