Cure Got Themselves a New Member and a New Look

Hot damn, you guys, it was just a tiny while ago that I was not only confused about Cure’s going from five members to two in the blink of an eye, but what was really even going on with them. It appears that this is that what!

So: They’re three members now, kind of again because they were technically a three-piece for a long time when they were functionally a duo (indefinite hiatuses!), but here’s your newest member:

The world needs more idols who are into tattoos and piercings. I approve with my whole heart and suddenly want new ink.

As you might’ve guessed, coming with this kind of new member is a refreshed look for the group itself:

Oh, yeah: One-man. Or a series of one-mans? I can’t tell, and it doesn’t really matter because King Cobra is not a large venue, but I’m always glad when it looks like Cure is up to good things, because a lot of what even I try to pass off as idol metal just isn’t all that metal, but you’d better friggin’ believe that Cure is metal as steel.


They Didn’t Win, But Here’s Video of Cure Blasting the Hell out of Tokyo Candoll

As luck would have it, I’ve had a post on the actual winner of Tokyo Candoll on ice for a little while because they-fit-well-enough-I-guess, but this competition to appear at Japan Expo in Paris does a nice job of showcasing idols that fit right in around these parts in general.

Often to terrifying results! For instance, NECRONOMIDOL was in last year and put on a hell of a show, using those undies as a promo, only to be among the several cool idols upset in favor of (blech) safe, inoffensive tradols. I don’t recall Cure being part of the festivities last year, but they made it into the finals that went down just the other day. Here’s their full set:

Nothing says “Send us to Paris” like opening your set with screams

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No Big Deal, Just Necroma & Cure Having Lots of Fun Together

Is the sun shining where you are this morning? Do the birds sing? Is there hope in your heart?

Not anymore!

Courtesy of Viz Major in the Alt-Idol group, here are NECRONOMIDOL and Cure sharing a stage and doing each other’s songs together:

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Here’s a Bunch of Stuff from the SELL NU IDOL Thing

You guys might be aware of EXTREME IDOL TERROR, the fairly regular get-together of … I don’t need to explain that, do I? There are particulars, but they’re not tremendously important in this context. What is important is that EIT and SELL NU IDOL?, another semi-regular showcase that also needs very little explanation, had a joint show recently, and I figured that the Corenament being upon us would be a good enough reason to share some sets from it.

So here’s Sugartrap!

And Cure!

And of course Guso Drop!

Imagine the agonizing choices that lay before you, amigos!


This Monday Match Game Will Make You Feel Better

Happy Monday, you goofs! As a brief programming note before we dive into the goods, this will be the last Monday Match Game for a little while; I’ll be publishing a Corenament primer later in the week, and then next week will kick us off to get our final field set. SO EXCITING!

The last Monday Match Game pitted the darkness idols, NECRONOMIDOL, against The Cult in a bid to determine who whose kvlt was more trve, and Necroma smashed those swag rock pretenders on their way to a sickeningly good album release and MV, plus the delirious fun that was #Deathless4Necroma.

This week, it’s not about kvlt, but about cures; specifically, what’ll cure what ails you? Is it pants-soilingly intense idols or innovative alt-rock legends? Tiny doll-like girls bellowing hateful lyrics or bad-haired English men singing about how they hate themselves? Yes, friends, neither of these things should have much association with actual cures, but both can be palliative and soothing in their own way.

The trick is, depending on where you are right now — happy, sad, hopeful, heartbroken — which Cure is going to make it all better? Continue reading


This Is Exactly the Cure I Need for Monday

What a terrible pun! So Cure, who recently expanded to five members to continue their dominance of the very loud Osaka underground scene, have a charming tendency to put their lives onto YouTube. Other than few short clips here and there, I haven’t seen the new lineup in action, nor some of the newer music that they’re rolling with, so this is as much a voyage of discovery for me as it is for you.

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Cure Is No Longer the Most Intense Duo in Idol

As of yesterday’s Cure Fes, they’re the most intense quintet in idol:

Didn’t see five coming!

Here are the new members:

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Cure Is Officially Down to Two Members

File this under The Most Random News Imaginable But Maniac Wanted an Excuse to Post Cure Again.

If you’re familiar with Osaka’s Cure, you know them as a powerful duo who really don’t look the part of shred-throated, darkness-powered metal idols, but there you go. If you’ve looked into them, though, you may have noticed that they have long listed a third member who, for almost all of 2016, has been on hiatus for health reasons.

Well, she’s officially out.

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It’s Always Nice When Cure Uploads a Bunch of Video

I don’t even know how to frame this in a way that it doesn’t frame itself. The setting: Some little venue. The performers: Cure. The atmosphere: Hype. The music: Good. Kokeshichan: Terrifying.

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Cure Uploaded Their Full Set, Bless Them

I had a version of this post all drafted before first the MV release this morning and then that “where were you when” news of some sort from a little while ago, and it’s funny to look back on this now, when it felt like possibly the best thing to be available in what has otherwise been a fairly dull week.

Anyway, the point that I was originally trying to make is that it’s good to be reminded that there are and always will be idols doing metal on little stages for their most stalwart of fans. Cure, for instance, is a-okay.

These videos are from the most recent Cure Fest, held on Sunday. That venue … honestly, every time I see one of these, or some of the really early Babymetal stuff, I want to drag some tr00 metalhead dipshit by their bad hair over to look. “See, asshat? Get a clue.”

I am a very kind person.