I Get Letters: Calling All Musical Talents

Now that I’ve loosened you up for the weekend, I wanted to make good on a request from a person who swears that they’re big fans (yeah, right) but didn’t want to reveal their name (WHAT KIND OF DISHONEST LUNATIC HIDES BEHIND A PSEUDONYM?).

This nameless friend had a question/request: It is known that plenty of us can sing, play instruments, etc. What if, just for fun, we (read: you) did regular musical collaborations, covering the kinds of songs that are big hits ’round these parts?

I find this intriguing. Considering that nobody’s probably aiming to be the next REO Speedwagon around here, and there’s plenty of technology for swapping files and meeting in virtual space, I think it’s perfectly feasible to do community covers on a monthly-or-so basis. Continue reading


DEEP GIRL’s Latest Live Videos Are Sweet, Out of Control

They’ve been dropping these pro edits of live footage (with studio audio); now we have ourselves DEEP GIRL back on Jimmy Eat World and, uh, Hoobastank:

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BiS out to Change the World: First New BiS MV

I kinda had a feeling this one was coming:

BiS – CHANGE the WORLD [OFFiCiAL ViDEO] by Papi_Sasazaki

Pretty cool song! Continue reading


Invest in Holy Water if You Can: Another Hanako-san Guitar Cover

Just one week left until Halloween! At least once per day, I’m going to do my damnedest* to make sure that something on par with the spirit of the season makes its way onto Homicidols.com. I mean, yeah, that tends to be the case around here, anyway, and I’ve been pointing out all the spooky/violent/scary/mind-blowing stuff for a good long while, but whatever.

In this case, our friend Santa Sangre returns, having survived the maelstrom that is “Human Die!!”, with another guitar cover of a Hanako-san “classic”:**


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More People Should Do Hanako-san Guitar Covers

I was looking for some Hanako-san video the other night for a completely different reason and stumbled over this fun bit of YouTuber Santa Sangre covering the crap out of “Human Die!!”

Have a blessed Saturday.


Covering ‘Creep’ Is Just One More Reason to Be Mad That 969 Won’t Continue

I’ve been extremely pro-969 from the very first time I heard them, and it was pretty damn heartbreaking to find out that the group (as a group, at least) is basically done soon.

And why is that? I don’t know — maybe it’s the really creative songwriting, the general level of talent, another fusion of live band and idol. But they’re good, and they blended together material as well as anybody. Continue reading


DEEP GIRL Had a Birthday Party, Covered ‘Misery Business’ & Good for Them

Our friend @ramenshuriken pointed this out this morning:

DEEP GIRL did “Misery Business!”* This was from their anniversary celebration:

The potential for commentary on a song with that title being involved with idols notwithstanding

None of them quite has the solo voice to match up with the original, but they did pretty well in ensemble, and I’m particularly impressed with Riko. I’d love to know if that cover was management’s idea (and therefore possible as a B-side) or if notorious rock connoisseur Mashilo (or any member, honestly) was like “I please want to do this song.”

In discussing this performance on Twitter, it came to light that perhaps Paramore’s breakout hit wasn’t well-known outside of North America, so I’ll just add that Hayley Williams is sort of like her generation’s Joan Jett, only a better singer and probably musician and with way more across-the-board mainstream success. This song was a big deal not quite 10 years ago, and while her band has pretty much completely turned over, Hayley herself is a pretty serious star.


Tuesday! Have a Bunch of Live Guso Drop Covers

The heaviest idols in the world aren’t all business; what’s the point of being idol if not for some fun and games?

At Guso Drop’s show the other night, the members spent a bunch of time covering classics from all over the spectrum. Given the, uh, amount of energy that Gudro puts into their dance routines, it should come as no surprise that these are not the most faithful of renditions.

Here’s Momoiro Clover Z: Continue reading