The Corenament’s Elite Eight Surpass Expectations — Who’ll Be Left Standing?

Well, gang, the Sweet 16 went down about how I sort of expected it to, and our regional finals are big ol’ mixed bag — two slugfests between region favorites, and two whodathunkit matchups besides.

I won’t belabor the point; the Elite Eight, the final bits of idol throwing down for a coveted spot in the Final Four, have … earned it? Sure. This round will run for the next two days, Friday and Saturday, with votes closing at midnight Saturday.

A quick word of apology, though, before we begin: I had intended to make the last last four rounds of the Corenament a more interesting affair than a straight up-and-down vote, but the bombing and whatnot sort of spoiled things. But that’s okay. I bet the final crowning of a champion will be full of surprises!

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Who Survives the 2017 Homicidols Corenament Sweet 16? You Decide!

Welcome to the Corenament’s Sweet 16!

We had a rough go of things in the round of 32, friends, as a bunch of awful ruiners showed up and tried to ruin the whole thing. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t; what matters is that the Corenament continue as the Will of the People. Do some people try to have a bigger, louder voice than others? They sure do! And welcome to modernity, apparently.

So what do we have? Actually, it’s still a really great field, with plenty of potential winners and nary a dull matchup left to be decided. And just think of what the regional finals will look like in a couple of days. Exciting!

After the jump, the region-by-region breakdown of what’s left, and your chance to vote for who advances to the Elite Eight on Friday!

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2017 Homicidols Corenament, Rounds 1 & 2: Aftermath

Well, folks, we had ourselves a time, didn’t we? From well over 200 idols-and-things we now stand at 16. You can look back at the first round (day 1 | day 2) and the second (day 1 | day 2) to get an idea of how we got where we are now.

Because it’s impossible to have nice things, the results have been a little adulterated, but not so much that we can’t still enjoy the last few rounds, and then we can crown a Corenament champion and bestow upon some very confused Japanese girls an honor they neither want nor appreciate!

The schedule going forward is going to look like this:

  • Sweet Sixteen: March 22 & 23
  • Elite Eight: March 24 & 25
  • Final Four: March 31 & April 1
  • Final: April 3

In the battle to be Best Idol, only one can win, but we all get to have a good time!

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Let’s Close out the First Week of the Corenament in Style

Man, you guys are rough. You’re also giving me heartburn. You’ve shown a distinct willingness to poop all over expectations and destroy what is beloved in your quest to promote your own favorites. I LOVE IT!

The first half of the Round of 32 is in the books, and you can go look at those results, which were ridiculous if you were paying attention over the course of the day; NECRONOMIDOL saved their title hopes despite having been down by teens of votes at one point, and Babymetal roared back in the second half to annihilate Nippon Budokan. And we still got some cool upsets, so imagine what might be in store today.

This is the final determining vote for this week; we’ll regroup over the next couple of days, then be back again with the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight over Wednesday-Saturday next week. Your choices will only become more difficult, and your frustration with the human condition only more pronounced.

For instance, to everybody who questioned why so-and-so was matched with so-and-so, I could answer “that’s the process and nbd, it’s just for fun,” but the truth is that I set it up to be annoying because nothing pleases me more than watching you jamokes squirm! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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The Stakes Are Higher Now: Corenament Round 2, Day 1

Well, gang, I feel like we dodged a bullet — a weird, bot-addled bullet — yesterday, but I also feel confident that the results we got were the ones we were going to have gotten anyway.*

Now it’s on to Round 2, the Round of 32, with half of the field having been eliminated and … wow. Look at the 32 we have left. There are a few lesser lights, that’s true, but would you feel terribly uncomfortable if anybody left at this point were to win? Not I. And we’ve dropped some big names along the way!

We’re back to Harajuku and Nagoya for brackets today, and we’ll tackle the other half tomorrow before moving to a slightly different schedule for next week … and then it’s on to the Final Four in Akihabara! Continue reading


Day 2 of the Corenament Will Be ≥ the First

Welcome back, Corenament mavens! Day 1 is in the books; go look at those results to see who all is advancing, because I don’t want to put a big ol’ list into this post. But some neat results and bracket weirdness unfolding!

Not when there are 16 fresh matchups to decide! Just like yesterday and just like during the conference tournaments, your basic criteria for a winner is who you like better, OR, if you can’t decide, who you would least like to face in a fight, with the goal being to decide What Is Best Idol?

Harajuku and Nagoya were yesterday; today, it’s the turn of Shinjuku and #1 overall seed Guso Drop, and Osaka. Exciting!

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The Action Will Be Furious on the First Day of the Corenament

Good morning, friends, and welcome to the opening tip-off day of the real-deal actual Corenament! Yes, the First Four have already competed, adding First Summer Uika, DEEP GIRL, Rinahamu and GANG PARADE officially to the field. The BiS appears to be strong with us.

We’ll play the first two rounds (that is, the first week/end) of the Corenament according to the same rules as the conference tournaments: Who do you like better, OR, if you can’t decide, who would you least like to face in a fight. Zanier matchup possibilities lurk next week, but we’ll keep it simple for the sake of my sanity now.

Half of the field will be in action today, and half again tomorrow. Today’s opening-round matchups will sort out who advances from the Harajuku and Nagoya regions.

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Set the Field! Vote in the Corenament’s First Four

To offer a little bit of context here: On Tuesday of Championship Week, there were some weird little voting spikes. I honored the results, but I felt like I should do something to potentially right the ship, so to speak, and then I found that the total voting had yielded a great big cluster of similarly leveled idols and such right about where you’d expect to see a cutoff line in the actual NCAA tournaments.

Hence! We’re doing the First Four, just like in real life. This expands the field to 68 for a minute, but it gives us an opportunity to a) bring more competition and b) really mess with some presumptions about who might win this thing.

Go look at the Corenament preview if you need to; there’s one matchup per region here, and the winner of each will enter that region’s bracket as the #12 seed; if you follow the NCAA, you know that #12 can mean some very special things.

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Your 2017 Homicidols Corenament Preview; Play the Bracket Challenge!

The Corenament begins! Or, technically, it begins in a couple of days, but this here preview and a little bit of final bracket-setting should whet your appetite. Championship Week was something else, wasn’t it? Surprises, upsets, disappointments! And now it’s time to get down to brass tacks.

We’re following the 68-team model here; following this quick look-in at how the field came together (and quickly do the First Four — these matches open today only), we’ll get into each of the four regions hosting our competition and your chance to win not-big in the Homicidols Corenament Bracket Challenge.

Download me!

The Field

In the interests of space, I won’t put out another list of those who made it in via either winning a regular season conference title (via the Hunger Games simulator) or a conference tournament, OR getting enough fan support to warrant making it into the Big Dance, but suffice it to say that we’re as loaded with favorites as we are going to be surprised at the raw number of favorites who failed to get in. Just like the real deal! Loogit that bracket! There are also guppies. Minnows. Idols you haven’t even heard of! Also just like the real deal! By the time we get to the Sweet 16, though, all should be clear, and that’s when the real agony begins.

Last Four In

Because so many of the regular season champions were of the lower levels of fandom, quite a few big names found themselves on the outside looking in. A few did manage to sneak in, though, thanks to the First Four and my desire to promote interesting matches while accounting for what looked like some shady auto-voting on Day 2. So welcome to the party, Su-metal, First Summer Uika, GANG PARADE and Party Rockets GT. Your reward is to immediately begin to eliminate each other!

Last Four Out

This was actually interesting, because there were a lot of ties and near-ties in the middle of the qualifying field, so I had to make some choices. Sorry, Full Power Girls R, Spark Road Show, @JAM and Kimi to Utatane; better luck next year.

The Homicidols Corenament Bracket Challenge

Why should basketball fans have all of the fun? We can get competitive in Corenamentville, too! Yes, friends, you’ll find each region broken out below … plus a link to make your own predictions per region. Do you like to play it safe, or do you like surprises? Do you want to see your oshi run to the Final Four? Your predictions are your own, and the play with the highest aggregate score all the way through to the championship gets … well, bragging rights, I guess. I don’t have anything to give you. But how neat!

You can only submit through the regional finals here, but your scores will carry over, have no fear.

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Championship Week Ends: Corenament Conference Tournaments, Day 6

Finally! Our Corenament field will finally fall into shape after today’s last few conference finals, and I for one could not be happier; I love you guys, and I love our idols, but a Maniac does have limits. For instance, I had wanted to post this about two hours ago, but I had some other logistical stuff to close up first, so … I’ll compensate by leaving these last matches open until whatever time I wake up tomorrow morning.

On Monday, we’ll reveal the full field (including some surprises!), along with the bracket, and the Corenament itself will begin on Wednesday.

Here’s the field so far:

Yajima Mai
Babyraids JAPAN
Kakizaki Risaki
Guso Drop
Tokyo Rockets
Extreme Idol Terror
Ophelia 20mg
Attain Music
Kamen Joshi (defending champion)
Billie Idle
Pour Lui
Tanio Sakurako
POP iD Café
Gokigen Teikoku
Mad Magazine
Hoshina Fumimi

Bold are regular season conference winners

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