Get Ready for CANDY GO!GO!’s 1st Major Label Album

And you won’t even believe the title! It’s–

Oh. Yeah, that totally makes sense. It’s possible that they flat-out invented the word “idorock.” Continue reading


Set Your Weekend to ‘overdrive’

They have almost as many active members as BiS has auditioneers, and they do “pop ‘n’ roll” and honestly look like a ton of fun … how about a little CANDY GO!GO! to kick off your (in the USA) Labor Day weekend?


The New Candy GO!GO! Should Keep Your Friday Mood Going

Given what we got earlier from PiGU, something to keep the mood high on a midsummer Friday was in order, and Candy GO!GO! definitely delivered with “ワンチャン☆サマー” (help) and “endroll” (available to purchase Aug. 17!):

Pop & roll with Candy GO!GO! What a motto.

Click here if you’re in the United States

For reasons the go against any and all good sense, Candy GO!GO! is geo-blocked on YouTube, so thanks to @the59thsecond for providing an embed for “endroll” on Pakistan’s own video platform! Should a non-proxy source for “ワンチャン☆サマー” be available, I’ll update.

But anyway, fun! Let’s go the beach and have a good ol’ fashioned party filled with a tense rivalry between preps and greasers that can only be resolved in a spontaneously choreographed dance competition!


What Has 38 Members and Sings Mom-approved Rock Songs?

Why, it’s Candy Go!Go!(.)

Confession: I’ve been sitting on this enormous “pop’n roll” group for a while, and not for any good reason, just because they’re sitting in the “get to these” queue and other stuff keeps happening.

This is perfectly okay stuff, though, if you’re looking for an idol Bon Jovi (if you get why I went that way, you win!).

I must give additional credit here, too, because look at this discography. When you have enough members to found a small city, I guess you gotta stay busy?

Anyway, Candy Go!Go!. Good times.