Yeah, New C-Style (Video)!

Pure Idol Heart sent me this whole smorgasbord of stuff, just about all of which is going to get some kind of treatment as time becomes available, but I wanted to call out this new MV from C-Style because, uniquely among legitimate chika veterans, this may be an established, fairly well-known group that would benefit from my 2018 resolution to elevate unknown idols more. I don’t post about them much because most of their activity is local, but I usually don’t hesitate at the moments when they’re easy to share.

What you should know about C-Style: They used to have many more members, they like to enter every meaningful idol competition, they are very traditional in the sense that they appear and perform dang near anywhere, the members’ spines are made of pipe cleaners, and they can rock out with the very best of them.

This is a new MV (because membership?) for a not-new song:

Idolcore is so weird sometimes, you guys

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It’s a C-Style Party and Everybody’s Invited

It’s been forever and a day since the last time we got to look at C-Style, face-punishers in chief of chika idol and genuine friends to their community. Ironically, I had seen some tweets around this event and thought, ha, remember that time last year when C-Style menaced people in an anti-bullying campaign that was fun, but I didn’t suspect that there’d be video of it.

Allow Viz Major to deliver:

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Thursday Hurtsday: Let’s Celebrate Pain with C-Style

As an idol-oriented website, it makes total sense that we’d go in on gimmicks themes to keep things fun and interesting and give folks a chance to contribute their discoveries and stuff. Following the implementation of probably-gonna-change-it Tuesday WTF and Indie Idol Wednesday, it’s Thursday’s turn. Welcome to: Thursday Hurtsday!

For our very first Thursday Hurtsday, I thought it’d be appropriate to share a live set by idols who will literally smack you in the face if you give them money (or possibly even just ask nicely): C-Style.

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I Can’t Discern the Title of C-Style’s Song, But I Like It Anyway

Man, I’m really glad about C-Style’s upcoming album and their first MV in a long while. I don’t always know what they’re doing, and the project as a whole is a little bit beyond me no matter how many times people try to explain it, but I don’t care. They’re Jell-O-spined humans who embrace fan violence and will rock just as hard as they want.

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Hot Damn, C-Style’s Releasing an Album — with Video!

Kind of like I do with a few certain other groups, I like to check in on C-Style about once per week, just to see if I’m missing anything. And I almost did, because Babymetal and JAM took over last week. But check it out — an album in like two weeks!

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Let’s Help Idols We Like Win a Contest That Matters: Idol Matsuri

If you’re on Twitter, you’ve no doubt seen these random videos popping up in various idols’ accounts over the past week or so:


And it’s not all-pervasive; it’s just some groups, but they’re all doing the same song.

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Can You Dig It? C-Style Live

We narrowly missed becoming BiSHblog and Babyblog in the not-too-distant past, so I’m just going to serve up this new live video from C-Style because they’re a common topic lately and I no longer fear the repercussions of giving somebody a few extra minutes of limelight. That’s what happens when you’re cool and good (and active!)!

I’m beginning to understand why some of you all are so into them.

Aggressive Face-slappers C-Style Will Threaten You until You Stop Bullying

Sorry, I just thought this was funny.

Good for you, though, C-Style! Now get back to what you do best: MASS VIOLENCE!

C-Style: (Closer to) Figured Out

Last week’s post on C-Style prompted a lot of feedback from different quarters, and thank you to all for the help.

Zac, who I think likes a bit of anonymity, pointed out that C-Style considers themselves inspired by the rock band Kishidan:


So that’s cool. And on the post itself, our friend BongoTheMongo was kind enough to share some video of how C-Style likes to greet their fans: With vigorous slaps to the face! Continue reading

Let’s Finally Tackle This C-Style Thing

Once you start following idol events and paying attention to who crosses paths with who, you inevitably start to run into C-Style (Twitter). I find them one of the biggest enigmas in this whole ball of wax.

I’m sure that there are people on here are big C-Style fans. Good for you! If you are, I need your help.

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