It’s Just a BiS/H Week Now: Read Ayuni D’s Intro Interview

Between the BiS return spawning Know Your BiStory and successor-turned-sister group BiSH having a big free live that they streamed online and had pop up on YouTube mere hours after the fact, it was probably silly to think that this would somehow not be like that big FAKE METAL JACKET release week earlier in the year; it’s a WACK world, and we’re just living in it.

But Ayuni D (DY-NO-MITE!) has probably been the fandom’s biggest target of attention of all. Who is this demure new person in Hug Me‘s old position, what is she about, why does she look like somebody you might have known growing up, etc.? This interview rapidly made the rounds when she debuted, but it’s, you know, in Japanese. What if it were in English? Continue reading


And the Newest Member of BiSH Is …

We’ve been waiting for this ever since Hug Me’s sad departure, and it makes sense that BiSH would make the announcement just a few days before returning to the scene of last year’s crimes against decorum at TIF that were in no way a work by management nope not at all.

Drumroll …

Your newest member of BiSH is … Continue reading