Wanna hear ayumikurikamaki’s New Song?

Ayukuma’s been making a lot of hay about getting their new single, “Tabidachi no Uta” (they’re calling it “Song of the New Beginning” in English), selected as the ending theme for this Naruto show that I’ve never watched but I know a bunch of people do watch because there are commercials on Cartoon Network and stuff.

You can get it via iTunes (Japan), too, which is pretty exciting if you’re so inclined.

But you can also get yourself a legit sneak peek by looking at the Naruto end credits in question.

Good find, Jordan!

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Ayumikurikamaki Just Refuse to Slow Down

I want to make sure that nobody misses this pretty nice bit of news:

New single! And a mini-tour to promote it! “Traveling Song”? or something like that? “Tabidachi no Uta.” Good times. Continue reading


Ayumikurikamaki Are Feeling Festive

While trapped by an ancient curse to wander the earth as mere humans until they play Budokan, ayumikurikamaki are somehow able to ride a high tide of support coming off of their second full album and successful appearances on some of Japan’s biggest stages. For instance, here’s them at Rock in Japan last week:

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This Is a Great Opportunity to Get to Know ayumikurikamaki

After having angered an evil sorcerer somewhere, the mega-awesome teddy bear idols ayumikurikamaki have been turned back into regular humans, but their music is still a lot of fun. After wrapping up a Line live earlier today (please, somebody, tell me that you recorded it), they announced that Line is hosting clips of what looks like their entire catalog. Continue reading


A Bear Apocalypse Is Looming and We Are Helpless to Stop It

Look very closely at the banner photo. Do you know who it is?

And this. Looking at this, do you know who these three women are?

Idolcore rock idol group ayumikurikamaki in their human form

That’s right. A terrible curse has fallen upon the land, and Ayumikurikamaki have turned back into humans. They can only return to bear form if they’re able to announce a Nippon Budokan show by the end of 2017. Continue reading


Awesome ayumikurikamaki Studio Session Videos

I spied these over on the Idolmetal & Alternative Idol Facebook page earlier; the local Ayukuma contingent will love ’em, I thought.

And then I started to think about why it is that three grown-ass women would, on the day that they’re going to participate in a studio session with a live band, bother to put on their idoling costumes. Plush bear gloves and hoods and tennis dresses must get hot as hell, right?

And then it hit me: THEY CAN’T TAKE THE SUITS OFF.

To get over the shock of that revelation, have this astonishingly adorable photo of Ayumi.

I don’t kawaii often, but when I do, it’s for things like this.


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Celebrate Monday and Visit All the Ways that AKM Have Better Lives than You

It would be easy to say that everybody’s favorite rock ‘n’ roll bears have it easy, but you try to put together stationary dance snips and lip sync covers for international pop hits around never-ending quests for salmon.

I wish I could bottle up the living joy that is ayumikurikamaki and just hoard it.


Homicidol Mashup: Let’s Congratulate the Winner

Many, many thanks to everybody who chipped in some custom art in the very first Homicidol Mashup. We have a winner! Continue reading


Come Watch the Video for Ayukuma’s ‘WAR CRY’ Unless You’re an Arctophobe

By the grace of higher powers greater than anything human could ever aspire to be (or, in other words, Phillter, spare time and Internet searching), we finally have “WAR CRY” in the USA without any stupid blockers.

The coming bear war will, however, be fought over more than a single pot of honey.

I am in an immensely good mood going into Friday night. Thank you, Phillter!


AKM Are Basically Taking a Victory Lap, So Here’s More of Them

This was actually my first ayumikurikamaki song, and I was just as pleased as could be to learn that the song called “SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE” was actually called “SALMON SALMON SALMON,” which as we all know is a pretty important thing for a bear.


I love them. Leave me alone.