Two Weeks Before It’s Official, We Have Determined BiS’s New Membership

Folks, we had some legitimately magical irresponsible rumor manufacturing in the Official BiS Rumor Mill Thread, and today was the day that our collective mind reached a perfect distillation of speculation and insight to find the crystal-ball-itude necessary to determine just who exactly is going to be in the new BiS, as will be revealed through an audition training camp broadcast live in two weeks.

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New BiS Is Going Full Reality Show

On A-to-J Talks last night, we speculated that Pour Lui’s various motivations to re-boot BiS might have had as much to do with a bit of attention-neediness as anything, given that she trumped her own successor’s video release by making all the news just a few hours later.

That’s not completely indicative of anything, but consider: Day 1 of TIF is wrapping up, and what’s BiS announcing?

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