What’s Going on with Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da?

Seeing this announcement last night sent me into a weird fit of going through Twitter and Facebook to see what I’d missed, but this is literally just popping out of the blue:

So the Queens of Yami-Kawaii are auditioning. And not just in that way that idol groups do, which is to always have an eye on available people who might be good fits (like how Bellheart holds auditions more or less constantly and hasn’t debuted a new member since Moechi graduated). Like, they’re looking for “highly motivated individuals.” Continue reading


Mugen Regina Has a New Song & ISO New Members

The song is called “Bloody Knife” because of course it is. After the weird rope-a-dope of this morning, I could use a good stabbing.

Also, some of the most interesting choreography

Continue reading


The BiS Audition Final Training Camp Thread

Leaving this pinned. If you’re looking for fresh news and stuff, just scroll down a tad.

Your new BiS:

  • Pour Lui
  • Yokoyama Hina
  • Nagayama Yukiko
  • Koshouji Megumu
  • Maina the End

Three out of five, but five, ain’t bad!

Quickie updates from the field:

You were right, Garry!

I’m sure they’re thankful for that!

Called SiS! Of course!

Totally amazing work. Still wondering if this includes that lousy quitter Ton Tonko.

Click this for the archive: Continue reading


I’ll Stop Fanning These Flames When They Stop Fanning Themselves

We’ve seen the hidden symbols. We’ve seen the changes in the members’ behavior. And we’ve ever seen a small glimpse of how one former rival has been subtly rehearsing for a role that she must for some reason believe could be available to her soon.

Yes, Teratani Mina, ex of Fruitpochette, has a message for the world: She’s ready to Babymetal when Babymetal doesn’t anymore. Continue reading


Like Building an Empire of Weirdos: The Bellheart Kai Band

First a new alt-rock idol group with some relationship to the raven’s nest debuts and is cool and fun, and then this:

That’s Kai. By Bellring Girls Heart standards, she’s more likely to watch and laugh while somebody else bites your finger off than to do the biting herself. She’s also quite the prolific person, apparently. Continue reading


In Tokyo? Melancholic? Possibly Ill? Yukueshirezutsurezure Wants You

Very cute, Difficult Names; I saw “MV” in your tweet and got irrationally excited. Don’t you know how manipulative it is to do things like that to those of us who can’t read your language?


If you follow that link, you’ll get to the cast list, more or less, and instructions for auditions. For? A music video! OMG! FOR?!

(Wait for it …)

Why, the single that they released in March!

It’s fine to be disappointed. I am. And not because I’m sure the end result will in fact be at the very least morose and possibly violent; I just wanted it to be a video for, you know, something new, or at least off of Antino Ideology. OIL WELL.


PLEASE Let This Be as Awesome as It Looks

Apparently Lolisyn is (already) back!


For a tiny bit of context, Gouhou Lolita Syndrome, who to date feel like one of the great near-misses in alt-idol, have had nothing but a volatile history. There was an original duo that got some attention, but they were replaced (in a live on-stage funeral!) by the two most recent ex-members, Halu and Hiro, who did pretty much everything expected of them only to then get the boot. Their final live was not even three weeks ago. Continue reading


Good Sign: Haloperi Doll Seeks Headbanging Candidates

Absolutely no time is being wasted.

What I really want is for agencymates Haloperi Doll and Mugen Regina to get to stabilize and make their thing grow for a while. They have good stuff; may they ride the wave to success.


Un-soil Your Pants and Audition for Yukuetsurezure

Not content with just scaring the crap out of you, Yukuetsurezure is looking for more pallid, grief-stricken talent to join the team:

Not that anybody reading this is likely to do it, mind you. Just so we can all anticipate what’s certain to be a very unsettling future.

(Like, you know that J-horror movie Audition?)


You or Someone You Know Could Be the Next Member of Next Shoujo Jiken to Get Stabbed

I kid! Kind of! Next Shoujo Jiken, now down to just a single member after a tumultuous … hell, about two years, is looking for mayhem-attracted young women to come audition:

While underground idols have a tendency to be a little “try anything” about their performance style, Next Shoujo Jiken spent a nice while being a un-idol as possible, with knives and swears and stuff incorporated into the show. And as this image demonstrates, “they” (read: Mai) were rather proud of the distinction.

CD cover for Next Shoujo Jiken's "hanamizu" demo

So advance at your own risk!