100 Days of Tsurezure, Days 64-67: Horrorshow

Man, maybe the worst thing about being out of commission for that little while was having to miss out on doing the 100 Days. Where have Tsuyame’s cats been? Is Komachi really on a different plane of existence from the rest of us? IS COCOCO STILL TRULY HUMAN?!

Fortunately, I got to step out of that annoying swirl of doubt and directly into a world where Not Secured, Loose Ends has painted the upcoming “Loud Asymmetry” in a deliciously terrifying light*:

Track list!

Mon dieu! The members all got art updates along with that. Continue reading


Our First Two Idol Mashup Contests Need Your Votes!

Our third contest is currently open! Submit your entries for a chance to win the I Want to Look Like a Babymetal Roadie Prize Pack!

While I may be a disorganized Maniac these days, friends, I am nothing if not a man of my word, and it is technically still the evening of June 23 while I write this.

But let’s just get down to business. Folks made some serious efforts to impress, all for pride in a job well done the sweet smell of victory and some cool Babymetal gear. Continue reading


Literally Babymetal’s Best Fan

Babymetal has millions of fans all over the world. Some of them travel thousands of miles to see the Dark Knights perform; some blow their entire bank account on collecting merchandise; some cover their bodies in tattoos; some make videos and other fan art (some, um, make websites).

But nobody deserves as much love as this guy:

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