Oshi Digest #33: Fool

How beloved is Oshi? Not long after effectively begging herself out of the Corenament, living dead girl Hanako-san is still showing off those custom Sari buttons that she made:

This Oshi Digest is about Oshi’s very good April Fools’ Day joke. Presented without additional commentary! Continue reading

Become Patron, Win Prize

Hey gang! If you love the stupid antics, half-baked theories and unnecessarily convoluted events of Homicidols.com, now’s a great time to become a patron!

What do you get? Ordinarily, not much! I usually ask the patrons for input on next things, developments and the like, because I frankly don’t have the time to get too wild with it. Patrons also get the sense of satisfaction that comes with providing some funds that make it easier to keep the site’s lights on!

But now, thanks to our incredible, unbelievable relationship with WACK, we have a great one-time-only giveaway for one lucky patron! Continue reading

A Very Special Collaboration between Homicidols and WACK

So ever-so-briefly, Watanabe himself tweeted this out earlier:

It was a mistake, and he’s since deleted it, but I may as well let the cat out of the bag now so that you all can get ready for the first official partnership between Homicidols.com and The Most Infamous Man in Idol. Continue reading

Did You Like Our April Fool’s Gag?

Hello everybody! This is an important announcement by Maniac: In case you hadn’t figured it out over the last 36 or so hours, no, I never got a sweet idol job offer and never had to do something with the site and never turned it over to Kerrie except for purely laughs purposes. We had some fun, though! And I hope you got a kick out of Homercidols (and Simpsonswave, and only questioned your existence a few times).

Luckily, like nothing of actual import happened yesterday. Yes, the WACK auditions wrapped up, but the actual fallout is still on its way to reality, and there were of course lives and things like Pikarin blocking traffic so she could walk on her slave-fans, but is any of that all that important? Nay. We can just kind of gracefully return to normalcy and pretend that none of this ever happened.

For your patience and forbearence:

Remember HATEGLEAM? I sure do, speaking of missed opportunities. After the band broke up a few months back, I’ve almost completely lost track of the members, but here’s one of the former front-idols doing her best to scare the living shit out of neighborhood dogs and small children:

You want more? Continue reading

Party Posse Are Yet Another Underrated Idol Group

Party Rockets GT? They can Party Rockets GTFO!

Party Posse are the hot new idol group now.

I say they’re underrated, but they could very well become the next BiSH or Babymetal. I hear they’re really popular among Navy Seals for some reason. In fact, I’m going to join the Navy Seals right now! Continue reading

The New Bobby Hill Video Is Not What Any Of Us Wanted

WTF Maniac, this isn’t Simpsonswave, get out.

Ice Cream Suicide Did Not Suicided

Good news! After all that worry about Anna, and ANFORT and whether or not Ice Cream Suicide would dissolve or not, they reassured us everything would be okay this morning, with a brand new music video!

Glad to have you back, ICS!

Watanabe finally got his commupance

With the trainwreck that is the WACK auditions, my first promise when I was handed the keys to Homicidols.com was to get in contact at WACK HQ and make sure Watanabe finally got what was coming to him. That smug git has tortured idols in the name of publicity long enough! It’s about time we showed this man some humility.

So I arranged a special event, hosted by Pour Lui herself, with some help from BiS, BiSH, Gang Parade, the one girl from SiS that’s currently in idol purgatory, the other WACK eliminations who are also in idol purgatory; all for the sole purpose of expressing their feelings towards old Junnosuke himself; with paddles.

Exclusive video footage of the event below: Continue reading

It’s Time We Talked About Morning Musume

Look, when I signed on to writing for this site, Maniac imposed a harsh ban on ever mentioning Morning Musume. “They’re not hardcore enough!” he said, “Since when has Morning Musume released anything appropriate for this site other than the one time Pour Lui and Oomori Seiko talked about them?” he said.

Well, I’m in charge now and I can write about Momusu all I want! NER NER NER NER NER. Continue reading

Throwback Saturday? Check Out This Video Of Pre-Debut Lurleen Lumpkin

Our Homercidol Legend, Lurleen has been a bit quiet ever since that scandal involving the Dixie Chicks, but this morning I discovered this sweet little video of fetus Lurleen, long before she made her major debut.

Never forget what made us fall in love with her in the first place.