New Look, New Stuff from Aphrodite

Before going on a months-long expedition to distant, monster-inhabited parts unknown*, Mr. Viz Major shared something that he knew would probably get me irrationally excited for at least a few minutes, which is to say live video of Aphrodite:

You look different, Aphrodite. You sound different, too. Did you get a makeover or something? Continue reading

Aphrodite’s ‘My Sweet Bach’ Video, Now in Full

Ah, it finally happened: Aphrodite, a project that I remain convinced could become a thing, had teased us with “My Sweet Bach” before, but they pushed out the full version yesterday:

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It’s the New Aphrodite in Action

I’ve been feeling a little up and down about what to do with Indie Idol Wednesday, you guys, because a lot of things are possible to do, but a lot of it would just be coming back to things we’ve look at recently, or there are (this happens a lot!) new things that I’d rather show off in a different context, so what’s a Maniac to do?

Why, what about looking up a somewhat familiar face that’s going through some changes, and give them a little featured spot.

So! Remember Aphrodite? Pure Idol Heart was where I first heard about this project, now in like its 78th iteration, having employed everything from underground veterans to straight-up pro gravure models; the one constant has been that they’re interesting, for lack of a better word. Continue reading

True Goddesses of Love and War? Judge Aphrodite for Yourself

A lot goes into a name, I feel. At Day Job, we take a lot about “brand promise,” that we create expectations in people and are basically duty-bound to deliver on those expectations, and a lot of that brand promise can be communicated just with a name.

So when you see idols called Aphrodite, I think that paints a bit of a picture (and not the Botticelli, you weirdos). What do we get?

That’s Aphrodite (Twitter). I’m not sure when their actual origin was, but I first came across them via Pure Idol Heart about a year ago and spent a lot of time listening through their Soundcloud to figure out this (at the time) neo-classical alt-EDM … it’s hard to describe, but you can see it if you go back to the origins.

Nowadays, though, they’re doing “dramatic rock” (yes, they are!) and are on a little bit of a tear, as you may have noticed that they’re on a lot of bills these days.

Listen to the whole thing:

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