Wake up. Download Some Dang DOTS. Post Your Reaction.

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. Idol is gearing up for a hell of a 2018 with a bunch of teasers in the waning moments of 2017 that should do no less than to whet your appetite for an incredible year in music. In this case? Just one of Maniac’s very favorite things, Tokyo’s Dots, who have their first full-length album coming out in January — but you can get a full preview of the whole dang thing beginning right now if you know what’s good for you:

OTOTOY, where so much of my time and money gets spent

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Here’s Why You’ll Melt More! Should Always Be High in Your Heart

When you’re basically living media figures* the way that You’ll Melt More! is, you don’t let the usual pre-during-post-release schedule for your albums and whatnot dictate what you’re going to do to promote the thing — you do what you want, because you can, and it’s going to work.

Take for example!

It’s so stupid fun. Imagine being in the pitch meeting for this MV: Continue reading

You Should Download These Songs

What a treat! In addition to my nigh-week-long sojourn in the perpetual throes of Day Job nearing its merciful end, there are two great idol projects with completely free(!) new(ish!!) downloads(!!!) to snag and enjoy like the absurd indulgences that they are.

First up! Yanakoto Sotto Mute, whose one-man the other day was probably a completely epochal occurrence that I, of course, did not attend on account of being tied not just to the United States, but the National Capital Region because boring reasons. Nonetheless, the echoes show … you know? I think it’d be keen if one of you guys scored a bunch of holographic technology, and also really high-end streaming equipment, and just streamed my favorite lives to the comfort of my living room, a life-sized Nadeshiko in among the detritus of a life spent doing little of what it’d like to be doing.

Oh yeah, the song:

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This Dots Release May Break Idol

The eminently crackable enigma that is Dots has been one of the best stories in idol from the very second that they debuted last year, and every new event and release seems like an even more ambitious project of art and performance than the last. Oh, and their music is exquisite, too.

My only regret about this upcoming album(!) is that it’s not out until January:

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For at Least One Song, EMPiRE Done Real Good

Remember when I gave EMPiRE the brush-off? I’m completely sympathetic toward anybody who wants to go their own way, but what the original preview tracks had laid out was … well, a slightly off-beat electro bop kind of thing not unlike a lot of what POP had done, basically the chipotle mayo of the idol world. I thought, if this is how WAVEX is going to handle their joint project, good for them (much money will likely be made), but I’ll kayfabe pass.

And then their actual debut MV carries a tune that I want to swim around in like a lake of warm butter:

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There’s Nothing Easy about HAMIDASYSTEM

This very special post about HAMIDASYSTEM was originally scheduled to run Sunday morning, only to get eaten by WordPress; it’s back!

This started off as a Weekender entry, I swear it, but the suddenly announced new single from HAMIDASYSTEM was too good to just leave sitting there. We need this in our lives:

Don’t worry; if you missed it, their live set from the Necroma show last week is still there

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(Do Not Ever) Break up Yanakoto Sotto Mute

Prepare yourself for the least subtle hints and outright idol worship that you’ll ever get from me — and that’s really saying something!

I obviously love every single thing about Yanakoto Sotto Mute. Their music is tops, and the visuals from the combination of their attire and choreography are almost peerless. I do, however, keep wondering when the well is going to run dry, when the necessities of business and keeping your fans happy and making important next steps up the brutal entertainment ladder start to constrict the creative vision and limit the choices and turn one of my very favorite things into a very timid that powered as much by nostalgia as talent.

And then they add another new song to their already impossibly dynamic catalogue and I turn into a slavering fanboy: Continue reading

Emomomomo Taking Interesting Turns

I stand in complete solidarity with Yellow on the issue of those poofy hair things

Things got a little heated online the other day when Hissatsu Emomomomo — bizarrely, not even close to the most ridiculously named thing in idol to debut just this year — started to get out some new, important things. For instance, there’s a new (venue-only) single on the way:

What a charming, if idol-typical, little track! I hope they release that MV onto YouTube soon!

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Check out This Live One from WiLL

Man, do you guys remember that hot minute about a year ago when WiLL was one of the darling acts of the alt set based entirely on the fact that they sometimes do cool rock and electronic sounds? I do. That was a good time. I’d even link to an example, but, you know, the word “will” doesn’t search very well in an archive, and “world ill” just throws the dang directory into a tizzy.

You are not here for that! You are here for this:

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Why Is Almost Everything That You’ll Melt More! Does So Dang Perfect?

Because there isn’t a single time of the year when You’ll Melt More! isn’t in the process of releasing an album, EP or double B-side acoustic remix or something, it can sometimes take a little bit of extra effort to follow up when THE promo spot for whatever release is next has its imminence announced. Hell, they released an outtake from the CM for their 5th anniversary(!) yesterday, and I immediately wanted to skip it because, while it was funny, it was also boring in its way. You just get worn down by the constant media churn, is what I’m saying.

And, for as good as what YMM puts out usually is, it’s also a homicidol hit or miss — for every mind-blowing epic or dark fantasy or straight-up rock song, they have at least as many twee alt-pop numbers that I IRL like but (that damned brand identity!) don’t always want to be a-bloggin’ about — and I acknowledge that said twee alt-pop numbers are often the very best things on any given album!

I get that fans complaining about getting anything from the objects of their fandom, even if it isn’t exactly what they want, is one of the worst behaviors that can be directed at artists and performers, but what I’m really trying to say is, if I am choosing to feature a new YMM MV or whatever, it’s because it’s really dang impressive. Continue reading