I Had an Even Better Reaction to Pikarin’s Latest

And speaking of videos that came out yesterday and I temporarily had to shelve in the interests of time, Pikarin joined Guso Drop in making good on a teaser video for her most recent release:

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Did You Want to See MIGMA SHELTER Live?

Of course you did! And good thing xaneg was on the case, or the original embed would’ve still not been working, and you wouldn’t have seen anything!

This of course is the new project being led by former Bellring Girls Heart (now There There Theres) member Kanra, now known as Yoneko; MIGMA SHELTER has been all appearance and event so far, not yet a live act that we could appreciate.

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Dots Appropriately Provides a Religious Experience for Holy Saturday

It figures that almost immediately after hitting Schedule on that post about the lazy weekend and the video teasers, a real-deal MV was delivered unto the world by Dots. Dots! The exciting little shoegazer+ project with the enigmatic look and bizarre/incredible performance style and Maniac’s heart with a little bow around it. Those Dots!

The song is “Satellite,” but the choreography is apparently a chimera. As Brian put it, “We appear to finally have a genuine, bonafide, non-abstract and reasonably professional-but-not-too-professional DOTS PV!” Anyway, enjoy it because you deserve nice things:

That lead guitar gives me hope

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Let’s Give Thursday Hurtsday to uijin

You guys know that I dig a little uijin. In this case, their steady forward march toward bigger and better things is a live MV from their live last Saturday:

Thanks as always to my dude Pure Idol Heart

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This Is for You Oyasumi Hologram Fans

Much like sora tob sakana, your art-rock alt-idols aren’t always going to be the right cup of tea for Homicidols.com, but I know how a lot of you guys dig on Oyasumi Hologram (as do I!), and they just had themselves a big one-man and I think that it’s appropriate to share the set:

Also to share the fact that they have a fan page on Facebook!

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For the Tuesday WTF, Your Guess Is as Good as Mine

I’m starting to get a little bit of an additional fascination with RABBITS Lab, I’ll admit, because I don’t understand the project, the idol persona, the creative process, any of it, at all, at any time.

So imagine: I have about 20 minutes this morning to find something WTF-worthy, and Twitter’s turning up bupkis, so it’s time to take the terrifying journey called Look Through Maniac’s YouTube Subscriptions for New Videos. Why is this terrifying? Because I have many subscriptions, and also many random subscriptions to accounts that do a lot of live video and the like, but also add all kinds of things that don’t interest me at all, and sometimes things that I find strange and disturbing.

Anyway, TMI; I was very fortunate today because RABBITS Lab, being pretty fresh yet, was right near the top of the list, and yes, there was a new upload, and yes, it’s completely appropriate:

Oh no, “LABBITS Lab.”!

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The Monday Match Game Returns with a Request

Friends, we’ve done a lot of voting lately, and you might be like “No, Maniac, not another stupid poll,” but a) isn’t life better when you just ignore things that you don’t like?* and b) what if it were the stupidest one yet?

See, now that the Corenament has reached its shocking conclusion, it’s time to come back to the Monday Match Game, everybody’s favorite Monday-and-also-into-Tuesday activity. And Brian, who is clever and good, managed to put into words what I hadn’t managed to turn into a coherent thought pretty much ever:

I don’t know about fans, or even fan if “clamoring” is the criterion, but let’s do this thing! Continue reading


I Think sora tob sakana Just Won a Bunch of 2017 Awards

What a thing to wake up to:

My initial reaction was that we’d probably need to forget about voting for most of the Best of 2017 stuff, because this precious little gift could clean up like nobody’s business.

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There There There’s Going to Be a There There Theres Single

I can hear you groaning all the way from Maniac Mansion

This requires no introduction (besides what’s already there):

Three weeks away!

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Dots. Live. Yes.

I didn’t deliberately set up that thing in the Weekender where Dots has X number of songs because I knew that this would happen — the Weekender gets compiled over the course of the week, as you’d imagine, and I wasn’t even thinking about that point anymore — but MY DUDES LOOK IT’S DOTS AND A WHOLE AND PRETTY LONG SET!

There’s lots of artsy stuff for the first 5:45 or so; skip ahead if you only want idoling; there are also dead spots in the audio, because of course

I like to imagine that the automated spotlight in the immediate foreground is in fact a very excited dancing robot.

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