I Think This Is What the Kids Mean by ‘Extra’

One of the more interesting developments in idols who do loud music, I think probably ever, has been Q’ulle’s Yukuzi and her project with BLOOD STAIN CHILD, which has in every instance so far yielded sonic madness of a type that somehow actually projects beyond the scope of human understanding and more into a realm in which “idol” and “metal” in combination is something that takes on all aspects of both of those things in totality at exactly the same time. The first album’s release has been part of a drawn-out promotional campaign of ever-increasing musical stakes, as if everybody in the band decided to engage in a perpetual state of one-upmanship.

The latest (and last?) release is called “National Anthem”, and I want to know which country would claim this as their own song, because that country would be the other side of the wormhole from Event Horizon. I mean, listen to this thing:

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Can This Be Broken By The Scream’s Moment?

Let’s kick this off by acknowledging that probably nobody in idol is as regularly loud as Broken By The Scream. Only a few units ever have had such a go-for-broke musical style, and I can’t think of any that employed dual high-low harsh vocalists. This makes BBTS unique, and they’ve parlayed being loud, good, and atypical into a certain modicum of popularity. Nobody disputes this.

The big question is, with their first full-length album now on the way, are they ready to take the next step and become something bigger, something more than the niche they currently fill?

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I Will Not Complain about Another Free Zenkimi Song

After yesterday’s introductory blast to NEORDER NATION, I definitely didn’t think we’d have another preview coming so fast, but here we are!

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The New sugartrap EP’s Arrival Can’t Come Soon Enough

Yes, friends, I am excited about sugartrap at any point that they’re doing active things like recording music (which they do occasionally) and performing live (which they do all the time). I’d prefer to wait a little bit for a real-deal MV to sprout wings and fly into my face closer to the release date of this record, but I’m also wont to force-feed you sugartrap (it’s good for you!) and will not be wroth should they be posted twice in quick succession.


Further proof that Osaka idols are best idols

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This NEO JAPONISM Song Is Fire

Not literally, you goofs

Well, team, save for some Weekender references (one of which about to be double-dipped below), it’s been a tiny little while since our last taste of NEO JAPONISM, but they’ve actually been cranking out performances and building a respectable little fan base. They’re going places, and it’s cool and good, because idols’ success is always worth rooting for. The other day, they went so far as to give us a new song that, if you’ve read the title of the post, you may surmise as being something that I enjoy!

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I’m Almost Too Excited about the New NSLE Album

If you’re follower of Homicidols on Twitter (and, if you’re reading this, you almost assuredly are), you may have noticed that ol’ Maniac was at a show the other night. It was Code Orange’s Pittsburgh homecoming, supported by a handful of likewise loud-inclined bands that included another rapidly up-and-coming hardcore unit, Harm’s Way.* It was an exhilarating experience to say the least, and it got me down onto the floor and ultimately all the way into the pit once “The New Reality” started because ARE YOU THE HAMMER OR THE NAAAAAIIIIIIIILLLLL? (I opted to be the hammer). I am old, however, and hardcore pits are nothing to mess around with, so it was not a long sojourn!

It did give me time to be close in, though, and observe and think. I don’t go to as many shows as I used to, so the days of doing things like seeing a really crappy death metal-oriented version of Lamb of God open for GWAR years before they made it big, those days are mostly gone. Still, you never know, maybe one of those opening acts will be the next to emerge from random basements in Oakland to punch the entire world in the mouth,** so it’s worth paying attention.

I like to insert idols into the bill. It’s just a mental game, obviously, as we have not yet progressed to the point where idols either in or coming to the West are regularly doing joint shows with bands.*** But it’s a fun game, matching idol acts with the bands on a bill, imagining how different or like performances might line up well. I like to talk about fantasy booking, getting so-and-so idols together for X, Y and Z events and whatnot, but this little exercise is always my favorite kind of fantasy booking, as it’s also how I imagine creating idol fans out of the whole cloth of basement-dwelling straight edge scene kids.

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I Review Things: Minna no Kodomo-chan | “A World Without Walls”

All right, let’s not do that time-wasting thing when it comes to reviews anymore; when new stuff, especially new stuff from particular featured idols and honorary community favorites of Homicidols.com. Minna no Kodomo-chan gave us Kabe no Nai Sekai (A World Without Walls) to listen to, to embrace, to punish ourselves for sins more imagined than real by driving kawaiicore grotesqueries directly into our dreams. If all we ever had to go on was the other day’s MV, one might think that this is a one-way trip to video game hell, but we also know that Everybody’s Children can get down in lots of different, weird, wonderfully loud ways. What would their first album deliver on?

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Do Whatever You Have to Do to Prepare Yourself for Minna no Kodomo-chan, Because You Aren’t Yet Ready for This

Good lord, what a thing to step into first thing on a Wednesday.

Minna no Kodomo-chan, winners of the Corenament, owners of some of my very favorite idol-related music to date, a teen chika power duo if there ever was one, an entity that manages to loom immensely despite the cumulative height of its members being about 8′ (it’s the backboards, I’m sure), have an album that’s out today. You have no doubt endured my barely contained hype, as I have been all kinds of excited since the day that it was announced, and I was practically giddy yesterday when they made it clear that an MV was going to happen this morning.

Friends, did it ever:

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I Fully Support Osaka Shunkashuto’s Album

What a weird thing to say! But let’s face it — the move to Avex hadn’t been kind to fans of Osaka Shunkashuto (aka MAINA and the Seasons) and their hellaciously upbeat rockin’ takes on, well, rock and R&B and whatever they felt like. Technically, it goes back to their FUJIYAMA PROJECT days, but I guess Avex realized, too, that SSFW has a best look. After subjecting us to some (frankly) really boring material for their first major release, they gave us back that harder edge on “SPARK!”.

Would their first Avex album keep it going? Well, if idorock if your thing, absolutely:

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Idol Cannot Contain the Power of a BILLIE IDOL Plus Pour Lui, Which Is Real OMG

LUI is IDLE would be an amazing title for ths post, but it’s the opposite!

It turns out that the only thing that Pour Lui can’t do well is retire. Yes, friends, despite having tied up her BiS career twice now, and despite being old enough to be mother to most of RIOT BABY, Lui, idol GOAT and progenitor of most things loud and bloody and rude, is coming back … with BILLIE IDLE:

Oh, and there’s going to be a new album, whatevs

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