I’m Thankful for Aina Unplugged

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of the messiest, most politically charged and family-destroying major holiday in the United States, I thought I’d save a couple of key items from the week to make it all seem just a little extra-special

This happened the other day:

“Ho hum,” quoth I, “I’m going to skip right the heck over that, because I bet it’s just some other dang thing and oh yeah it’s going to happen when I’ll be blissfully asleep. There’s no way that I’ll forget about that!”

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Idols Got Talent: DEEP GIRL’s Non Is Way More Than Mosh Pits

Man, I got a kick out of this.

So (the remaining members of) DEEP GIRL participated in an acoustic performance thing over the weekend. If you’re wondering what “I kill” sounds like unplugged, you’ll have to continue to wait; but if you wanted to hear Non and her deceptively soulful voice get a little jazzy, you’ve come to the right place:

I know somebody out there has a link to Non’s personal *somethingOrother* account where she has recordings of herself singing all good and awesome — could you share in the comments?

Update: It’s been shared!

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Maina Junkies, See Your Girl’s Acoustic Set

Literally don’t even ask me how I found this one; maybe it started with this tweet, all I know is that I put it away hours ago to revisit later and right now I’m super tired because I just enjoyed the ever living Christmas out of finally seeing Bad Religion.

But if you love Maina from Osaka Shunkashuto, you need this (skip ahead a couple of minutes).

Crank up your VPNs and proxies, cuz this sucker’s blocked

Via Caleb: No longer blocked!

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