This 969 Song Is Dangerous and Good

How long have I been kvetching about not hearing anything from the 969 album that’s due out, like, imminently? About just plain not having it? Long enough, at least a month, which is an eternity in idol because, as we know, entire groups’ rosters can turn over in that much time.

Anyway, here it is!

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969 Has Graced Us with a New Live Video Cut; You’d Better Appreciate

If you’d be so kind, you folks who mostly graze around the idol edges and don’t venture very far from your personal favorites, give this video a quick spin:

If you weren’t familiar with 969 before, that can be forgiven, as the group only reconstituted about five months ago after a decent period of hiatus, with new members and even a little update to their sound. They’re a touch heavier now, I think, and a little less idol, and … well, I think they’re great and the whole reason that I want you to really pay attention to this isn’t just just because I think they’re great, but because they suffer from perpetual underappreciation when the more casual fan, the people who are already tied to oshis and whatnot, and that’s extremely unfortunate because, as I’ve said before, if I were to put together an idol project, it would be just like this. Continue reading

Oh Hell Yes! 969 Is Well and Truly Back

Well, my weekend just became exceptional. 969, arguably my favorite indie idol project ever because they’re so much of what I would do if I were an idol manager, and who delivered on their promise to come back from the dead, just popped out the proof of just how alive they really are:

Now featuring harsh vocals!

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969 Is Back, and a Big Bright Rainbow Is Shining on 2017 Already

Oh man, you guys who weren’t around during the spring and summer, also known as Maniac’s Period of Being Obsessed with 969, are in for a treat. Cuz 969 is back:

Thanks, Lee!

OH HELL YES. They’re so new! Only that last one even has other idols I know following her. Does anybody recognize any of these members from other projects? I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET THEM!

“But Maniac,” you ask, a little confused and possibly exasperated because why am I yelling anyway, “I don’t understand what’s the big deal. It’s not like they’re–”

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Covering ‘Creep’ Is Just One More Reason to Be Mad That 969 Won’t Continue

I’ve been extremely pro-969 from the very first time I heard them, and it was pretty damn heartbreaking to find out that the group (as a group, at least) is basically done soon.

And why is that? I don’t know — maybe it’s the really creative songwriting, the general level of talent, another fusion of live band and idol. But they’re good, and they blended together material as well as anybody. Continue reading

Never Have Promise: 969 Going on Hiatus

I must have pissed off some god or something, because all of my favorite idolcore upstarts are having major issues all of a sudden. In just a few months, 969 went from being one of the most exciting new things on the block to … well, 969 management will speak for itself:

Their statement is available here. Might be back in a few months, might not.

Guess I should just shelf plans for that interview request, huh?

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Idols Got Talent: 969 Gets in on ‘Senbonzakura’ and It Rocks

You don’t need to spend too much time around Japanese music to hear this song. And hear it. And hear it. “Senbonzakura” (“Thousands of Cherry Trees”) is a modern classic that sounds a lot older than it is*, a contemporary twist on neo-traditional sounds to create something beautiful. Wagakki Band’s version, for instance, is particularly cool.

In this case, 969’s band (aptly named the 969 Band) and idol member Hinata Haruka teamed up — with Haruka on recorder — to create this nicely punked-up version of the song:

Never forget: 969 is cool as hell.

*I didn’t even realize it was a contemporary piece until trying to track down its origin while writing this and found that it’s from an anime; this blog post has a lot of details on its romantic nationalist lyrics, which suddenly puts the song into a much bigger context than “oh neat it sounds like Japan.”

I Think 969 Just Put out the Sweetest Idolcore Song Ever Recorded

And I do believe that’s more than enough intro for this one:

I don’t even know how to react properly to this song. Sakura Gakuin or GEM could run with an unheavied version of this. It’s got some very metal moments, is idol proper in the chorus … then that bridge sounds like it’s right out of fun.’s studio sessions. Whoever wrote this didn’t get enough money for it.

I really like the hell out of this song. 969 are basically on fire.

969 Already Has More Video for You

Not even a week has gone by, and the newest entry into the poppy punky idolcore-y rock wars, 969 (which Jul has informed us is pronounced “Clock”), has another live video/studio recording for us, for “Prologue.” Now featuring idol lead guitar!

I do dig that riff, I must admit.

As an aside, can I just say that I love when new groups come out firing with both barrels, but I hate when they do that for a little while and then live on just that for months on end? I WANT TO LOVE YOU JUST GIVE ME THE MATERIAL!

What Do You Guys Think of 969?

Someone, maybe d0fph0t0 back in the early days, gave a pretty strong recommendation here IIRC. Of course, it only took several months to get back to that thought, and well-timed at that, as here’s an edited cut of a live performance last month:

There’s a nice amount of punk happening to that idol, tossing in a little bit of skacore and like a wee taste of hardcore to keep it interesting.

If you know about them, what can you share?