TIF 2016 Requiem

The 2016 Tokyo Idol Festival is now just in the past, but what a trio of days it was! We had new idols, injured idols, sanity-losing idols … basically, it’s a crying-ass shame that TIF doesn’t go on tour, because that would be amazing.

Top news:

  • Fruitpochette revealing a new member (hi, Rum!), new music and death growls to rival anybody else’s in the game
  • PassCode’s Yuna, the current leader in idol harsh vocals, performing with her butt glued to a stool and still managing to shift the magnetic north pole during “Never Sleep Again”
  • GANG PARADE’s Ao graduating on an epic stage
  • BiSH doing “Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni” six times in a row in the Heat Garage and giving up all pretense of GAF by the midway point
  • @ramenshuriken was the hero of the weekend, ripping video from the TV feeds; you can watch it all on this playlist: Continue reading


TIF Megathread

Let’s give this a whirl: As things happen at the Tokyo Idol Festival (happening now!) and news gets out — performance video, personnel changes, new members, announcements, etc. — go ahead and add it to the comments here. These idols and more will be doing all kinds of cool stuff, so I’m sure there won’t be any shortage of fun.

I moved the Fruitpochette bit into the comments; here’s some PIIIIIIIN: Continue reading