Seismic: Saki Is Leaving Guso Drop

The end of the year will be the end of Saki’s time in Guso Drop. The Heaviest Idol in the World is losing its center.

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Have 30 Minutes of 2& to Brighten Your Morning

Guso Drop just wrapped up a little international tour in Taiwan (which I’d have covered more except I only found out about it as they were finishing it oops), and when Guso Drop does a set, so often too does 2&.

For the uninitiated, 2& is Gudro’s own little red center, Saki, performing solo as the still-going remnant of a project that actually pre-dates Guso Drop; originally a duo, she kept it going under the fun little slogan “Saki+You=2!”.

Pretty cute for a woman who probably likes to pinch children just to hear them cry.

I don’t give enough attention to 2&, arguably because it’s mostly Saki’s side project, but it is a big favorite for people into the scene that Guso Drop kind of leads, so mayhaps we can look to incorporate it more going forward. Whether it’s busking in the streets or doing a 30-minute stage set, 2&’s always a good time.


Oyasumi Hologram Releases Album and Video, Makes Maniac Make Decisions

I always feel badly for not giving enough attention to Oyasumi Hologram, who are as game-changing of idols as its gets but who, like some others that I personally like a whole lot, are really best fits on the Sister Site That Come On You’re Never Actually Going to Do It Shut Up You Jerk.

Here’s the MV to accompany the release of their album, 2.

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Idols Got Talent: Saki Goes Busking

I feel like it’s been a minute since Guso Drop appeared on here, and I saw this rolling through Twitter this morning and thought it’d be fun to share.

Here’s Saki (Guso Drop and 2&) doing her thing out on the streets:

Look at that Twitter account or Saki’s for more.


Gudro’s Saki Confirms: She’s the Same Saki as in 2&

In a secret so poorly kept, so not-secret, so in fact out-in-the-open-why-would-you-ever-think-anything-else that its reveal approaches Dadaist levels of absurdity, Guso Drop‘s Saki came out on Twitter as the Saki from 2&. Continue reading


Is This the Beginning of Some Idolcore Unity? UPDATED

Couple of weeks late on this one, but as this post on the Guso Drop Facebook fan group points out, not only did GuDro not decide to disband following their match against Screaming Sixties, they’re actually sort of joining forces. Continue reading