Stop Snickering: Babyraids Doing BiSH Precisely 45 Better

I’d been waiting for a good ice-breaker for introducing Babyraids Japan (Twitter) after a particular individual had mentioned them a few times in context, and this is as good as any:

Yep, 69 (ha!) hours of Babyraids Japan. BiSH could only manage 24 and looked like they didn’t have any stamina left. I have absolutely no idea how 69 will work. And I feel like I can’t stop with the sexual innuendo.

Anyway, for the uninitiated, here’s some Babyraids:

Fun! I am alleged to have promised more on them at some point, so … well, it’s almost summer, and they’re basically walking feel-good times (“emotional idolrock” ftw), so I guess the opportunity will eventually present itself.



4 thoughts on “Stop Snickering: Babyraids Doing BiSH Precisely 45 Better

  1. 69 hours?! F*** that! That is a ridiculously long event to put those girls through. I thought the BiSH 24 hour event was too much for them to go through. These idol agencies & management that are making young ladies do these type of events seems kind of abusive to me. Too much!

    • Does anybody want to take a stab at translating from their website? Maybe the format of this madness is more “long series of rotating mini-performances” than “Pheidippides would have probably quit halfway through but he’s dead so WGAF.”


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