Saki’s Graduation from Guso Drop Brought the Past and Future Together

Among all of the brutal graduations of 2016, the departure of Guso Drop’s Saki from the group she’d help make into the underground’s heavyweight champions was understandably a sad loss for fans (and poor Boss didn’t seem to be taking it well, either). The final live with the group’s long-time center was, of course, a very fun show, and it also brought out an old friend and the new guns.

Making a surprise appearance? None other than Shion, who suddenly departed in the spring and (for a few minutes) cast the group’s future into doubt. Not only was she welcomed back, she seems to have been well-received and had a good time supporting her old friend.

If anybody has video of that “slow rain” performance, yes and please

Saki will move on to doing 2& on a full-time basis. Guso Drop will keep on being Guso Drop; here’s the new family photo:

And here’s Saki’s final farewell:


3 thoughts on “Saki’s Graduation from Guso Drop Brought the Past and Future Together

  1. Looks like I have a lot of videos to watch when I return home! Saki will be missed, but at least these new girls seem pretty cool. I’m eager to see their first live with the new members.

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