SAKA-SAMA Is Still Lo-Fi and Dreamy…

SAKA-SAMA summed up the state of idol for 2019 in a nutshell: They kicked off in January as a six-member unit, then experienced a major overall, leaving them as Kokone’s solo act for a bit, and is now ending the year with multiple-group veteran Mizuho stepping up as a support recruit, rebranding SAKA-SAMA as a duo. (I think they’ve been a duo at least once before… it’s hard to remember every incarnation!) How long will this arrangement last? It’s a SAKA-SAMA world, so we’ll just have to simply wait and see!  But this moment in the group’s evolving history will be documented in the form of a recorded single that’s title translates to “Goodnight Judy”. So with this new single, how does the dynamic change? Here’s an MV to give us the insight…

And the answer is, it’s pure essential lo-fi dream-pop SAKA-SAMA. That is to say, it’s a beautiful, introspective song with a melancholy feeling that manages to be comforting and warm at the same time. This song isn’t out of place with any of their other excellent work, so while the group might have a completely fluid membership, they’ve certainly remained mostly consistent musically, which is fine with me when the songs are this good.

And another continuous positive trait of TRASH-UP!!‘s flagship group: They continue to attract top-tier independent talent to contribute songs, and this one is no exception. This tune is written by Daisuke Adachi of the band Emerald Four, who make a lot of beautiful music in their own right. TRASH-UP!!’s place in music history won’t be just written with their offerings to the chika world, but in their ability to combine idol music with cool indie credibility. They’ve single-handedly elevated this genre while at the same time, allowed it to maintain it’s essence, which is a pretty terrific feat.

With Mizuho’s position in the group only being temporary, (And her own unit, ATOMIC MINISTRY still taking shape.) SAKA-SAMA‘s make-up will likely be something almost entirely new by the time we get used to saying it’s the year 2020. But that’s the way idol works, and it’s best to make peace with that fact and just enjoy the shape-shifting journey as it runs it’s course. As long they create music with this much beauty and heart, we’ll be able to adapt to whatever happens next.




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