Set Your Faces to Stunned: Aina the End’s MONDO GROSSO MV

I’m sorry, what? Oh, right. Yeah, no, I know, you’ve probably seen it by now. Maybe less stunned than doing that creepy-eager Jack Nicholson nod-gif thing.

And now that I’m sure that everybody’s enjoyed that arguably NSFW piece of work, you may feel free to carry on. Aina very well may be; this Try Aina Doing Different Things approach to what I can only imagine is a series of trial runs for a solo career seems to have found a much happier home than where she’s been before. Continue reading

It’s Not Too Late to Download There There Theres’ ‘SOIL’

I’m so sorry for missing this one yesterday, but the powers that be at Aqbi are giving us all a chance at a free OTOTOY download of the latest single, or I guess just the A-side because that’s all that OTOTOY will let me download. Regardless!

That new logo though

Yes, it’s available for sale, and with all of the rest of the record as well, on Friday, so you might want to grab this track now. And by “might,” I mean “yes.” Continue reading

The 2018 Homicidols Corenament Round 1 Part 1

Welcome to the opening round of the 2018 Homicidols Corenament, you bunch of weirdos! Over the next few days, we’re going to very deliberately whittle down this massive field of 64 to something more manageable (32), and then cut that in half again over the weekend; everybody knows that the real fun doesn’t start until the Sweet Sixteen, anyway.

Today, we kick things off with matchups from the Toxic Breakfast Region and the CoDAEMETALmental Region; these will stay open through tomorrow, and then we’ll take a couple of days to do the other two regions, and then the Round of 32 on Saturday and Sunday. And each step of the way, we’ll find all kinds of ways to twist the knife and interfere with the general, sensible order of things in the simple name of DISORDER.

You didn’t really think that this was going to be completely straightforward, did you? That’s cute.

For our opening round, though, we’ll keep it simple. Consider the following:

You have two hours left in Tokyo and you want to see both idols in each match, but they’re playing on different sides of town; who do you go see?

Continue reading

Bonnou Paradox Holds One-man, Loses One (wo)Man, Releases MV

It’s usually March 15 that folks prefer to hold in infamy, but sure, three days later is fine too.

Bonnou Paradox, who are as close to vintage Guso Drop as you’re going to find in idol these days, very enthusiastically held themselves a one-man yesterday. It was kind of a big moment for them! It was their first, it was their unofficial kick-off into the never-dull Tokyo Candoll competition, and it was going to be a culmination of things, with a real-deal MV release to coincide and, I’m guessing, kick-start a deliberate campaign to emerge from the ever-churning chika maelstrom.

Here’s that MV, btw.

Though everybody’s trying to sound like PassCode anymore

Say, why are there only four members in that video? Continue reading

Let’s Welcome PINKYCASE to the Party

And speaking of things that people are all HEY YOU JERK YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING WITH THIS about, I submit to you not a new maturation of idol rock, but a new realization of kawaiicore that’s presently* giving vigorous side-eye to all who’ve come before:

That’s PINKYCASE (Twitter), and it suddenly feels like much of the loudol world is turning to peppy pop punk numbers of which I wholly approve**. Here’s a ((very)) (new) live digest: Continue reading

Oshi Digest #30: Namaste

Oshi’s mission, which is also our mission, took an interesting turn last week when photos began to emerge of our very own Queen of the Scene venturing far beyond the borders of Japan to another land, mingling with new people and exploring secrets that are yet to be revealed:

While the exact nature of Oshi’s mission to the subcontinent is beyond mortal comprehension at the moment, a far more pressing question emerged: Would we see Sari in a sari? Continue reading

You Guys Are Going to Like Shihatsumachi Underground

And in continuing this year’s commitment to being more exploratory and supportive of new idol units, let’s — oh, thanks Mr. Viz for doing all of the homework for me:

Also, what a look

Continue reading

What’s New, Wagamama Rakia?

It’s been a nice refreshing breath lately for Wagamama Rakia, who’ve always been good but haven’t always been noticeable (despite this, they weren’t even considered for the Corenament!). On the strength of their good year so far, I started to follow them more closely, with payoff. New things are afoot!

To recap: They have themselves an anniversary live coming up in June, but are also embarking on a two-man tour (neat!) and … are adding a fourth member! And also continue to be loud and increasingly interesting. Let’s keep our eyes open.

Your 2018 Homicidols Corenament Field

It’s Selection Sunday, friends, and while most of the sporting world’s eyes will be turned toward the results of the NCAA tournament’s selection committee later this evening, the eyes of the Idolverse should be turned right here, right now, as we’re about to break into the third(!) iteration of the Corenament, and may the gods help us all.

Before the bracket is unveiled, I’d like to thank our Bracket Bosses! For no clear reason, the following know-a-lot idol fans agreed to take on the task of not only assembling the bracket based on last week’s input, but to shepherd their respective regions’ favorites and champions toward an epic, no-holds-barred Final Four that … that I still need to figure out. It’ll be great! Continue reading

Let’s Drive Home a Wonderful Day with Banana Monkeys


Forget it, it’s too nice outside to want to keep spring-feeling idol all bottled up. And it is Sunday, so:


If two people are pinging you with a thing, it must be good! Continue reading