This Is Almost Everything That I Could Have Asked for from Broken By The Scream

Sorry, I can’t stop playing this damn song:

There are so many blast beats!

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Oshi Digest #22: Birth

Today is Oshi’s birthday! How considerate of her to mark the occasion on the old Julian calendar when she first assumed human form and turned that poor conjurer into red mist, and then to remain with us long enough for the calendrical reforms of Pope Gregory and the emergence of modernity, whereupon idol provided an outlet for some of her more … creative interests. Happy 1,863rd birthday, Eternal Oshi! Send her a birthday message!

Also, “STRANGE AEONS” is on the way. I have very nice things to say about it. The physical release date and MV to support it are imminent, but not yet arrived; in the meantime, look at these photos of Oshi!

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Current Mood: uijin

While I’d love to be showing you guys a bunch of the cool stuff that’s in the queue right now, I’m taking advantage of the long weekend, wherein we ostensibly honor a leader in a long battle for equality and togetherness, but really mostly swear at the news because none of the things that said leader hoped and worked for ever actually came to pass! Like, everybody does it! We’re really unhappy people right now, we Americans are.

I’m feeling pretty good right this moment myself, though, and I was more than pleased to see that this MV from uijin settled so nicely into that placid groove:

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Younapi Puts the Y in YMQ…

Our dearest Younapi of YOU’LL MELT MORE! is just a whirling dervish of activity! Aside from being a member of one of the most prolific oddball idol groups around, she’s consistently making the rounds as a soloist, DJ, artist, clothing designer, and now, because that just wasn’t enough to hold her attention, she’s got herself a new band project!

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If Ayukuma Wants to Keep Trying, I’ll Keep Giving Them Chances

All right, I know that I said that I might be kind of done with ol’ ayumikurikamaki, but then they largely redeemed themselves and I feel like it’s worth bringing up the fact that one of the single most fun projects in idol is releasing a second major album:

That’s what you call old news!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #61

Hello my friends! And also detractors and possibly enemies! How are you? I recently did a number of things that I’d never done before (home repair and maintenance stuff) and, while a few of the tasks were a struggle at first, I found them settle into a comfortable groove and and was able to not just get the job done, but now I’m kind of hankering to do more of it. Unfortunately, the thing about plasterboard walls, for instance, is that you shouldn’t just up replace panels because you’re bored or want more practice. The same can be said for bathroom tile, laminate flooring, etc.

The best exception to the rule? Paint! You can change the look of a room in a comparable hot minute with just a handful of tools, a gallon or two of pigmented latex and the time and willingness to do the job. I’ve been painting for years, but these latest projects have me trying out new techniques and trying to get more creative with borders and alternating panels and the like. It’s in the details that the difficulty comes in, like when you get it into your head that the walls of your finished basement should bear some … well, I’ll show you when it’s done, which could be a while.

But the point! It’s the weekend. It’s usually a great time for DIY projects, but forget all that. Let’s have fun instead. You, you can decide on what’s fun for you, but I hope it includes playing the Fun (which I haven’t even gotten to yet!) and giving some of the items below a crank. You owe it to yourself!

He’s a DIYer Now?

For real, pour one out for one of the guitar kami, Fujioka Mikio:

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Please Have a Big Honkin’ Year, Minna no Kodomo-chan

So I’ve been feeling a little badly about selling Minna no Kodomo-chan short in my 2017 recap; the thing is, they did great work, but so very little of it! Trash-Up!!’s loudest little idols haven’t exactly been on hiatus or anything. They’re just on a very high school-indie kind of release schedule or something.

Nonetheless, they’re kicking off the year with the kind of abandon that only a group with a song called “I wish I were dead when I wake up” could muster:

It’s so djenty!

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There’s a New NEMLESSS EP, and Of Course It’s Amazing

So it figures that, right after declaring Utane Yuki’s Nemlesss EP BOSSSRUSH to be my favorite of that type of release of 2017, she’d go ahead and put out a follow-up, right? Well, it also figures that I completely missed that Chris very enthusiastically shared that news with me, but I was paying zero attention and had no idea until, well, just the other day.

But here’s the trailer!

It’s so weird and chaotic!

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This Friday Fun Will Make It All Better

First of all, I’d like to issue a formal apology on behalf of us here at Homicidols (but mainly me); when I originally started last week’s #WorstReasonsToGraduate fun, it was mostly to air my grievances with the fact that my Hello! Project oshi (and to a lesser extent my AqbiRec oshi) was leaving us. Little did I know that by doing so, I unintentionally cursed BiS and now Pour Lui is jumping ship and … look, I need a sit-down. It’s only a week into 2018 and I’m already losing three of my oshis. 2018 already sucks. Sorry for making the queen of WACK graduate.

Ugh. This week’s summary is going to be bittersweet.

So if I’m capable of bringing such a curse, I can at least use my power for something good, right? Please? I hope I can bring some positive changes to idol for once.

So this week’s hashtag is #Change1ThingImproveAnIdol.

What one thing could that be? Well, it’s all up to you. Could be a name, could be a member, could be the girls of Negicco actually becoming part-onion, you decide what one positive change you’d make! And maybe next week, instead of a tragic graduation announcement, we’ll get the news that CoCoCo is back in Tsurezure. Fingers crossed guys!

(Oh, and by the way, don’t think I missed that sweet #YuraSmile namedrop at the BURST GIRLS debut. I was practically bouncing in my seat when that happened!)

It’s Apparently Kaqriyo Terror Week; Song #3 Up

Not once, not twice, but thrice now has Codomomental’s latest bizarre sound machine dropped a track on us in just a single work week. As usual, “Like a Fake” is on the two-hour window, but that never stops anybody who really wants to listen to anything, anyway.

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