Hey! This GARUDA Event Sounds Fun and You Should Do It

Now I just hope it hasn’t sold out or anything yet

You guys, like all of you, are fans of idols, yes? And odds are good that you are at least aware, if not a big personal fan, of one GARUDA, aka Yuffie Sakimura, though it is quite likely that if you are aware of projects that Yuffie is associated with, including GARUDA, then you are a fan of that thing because Yuffie’s projects are good projects. Well then, in case you have not yet seen what awaits on Saturday, let’s break it down: Continue reading


TOKYO Tefutefu Is Playing with Our Hearts for Keeps

The Codomomental newbies — both of them — are out here following a fairly familiar script for units in the family, but something clicked in me yesterday when this MV dropped and I’ll be damned if I can really place it. What matters, I think, is that this second digital single from the don’t-you-dare-call-them-other second bright, shiny act out of Codomomental to close 2020 (TOKYO Tefutefu, if you’re following) is also taking the highly emotional stuff for a spin, and in this case, well:

Not having Tsurezure anymore gives both groups opportunities to pick up that sound and run with it, and I’m sure these last couple of entries aren’t the last we’ll see of really any of NSLE’s several modifications over the years, but TOKYO Tefutefu’s “double” here sounds like it, if you know what I mean. Like this is what a successor group sounds like, using a lot of the core elements but also taking them in directions they haven’t necessarily been used to explore before. That TOKYO Tefutefu presents as fairly tradol in orientation even if their music is yet to be decided*, and roles between members (at least for now) seem kind of settled in, I think sells that even more. Don’t think of them as a nostalgia act — think of them as exploiting your emotional vulnerabilities by showing just enough of the beloved familiar to draw you in and then sucker-punching you right in the feels so you can’t ever get away. It’s kind of brilliant.

“double” is out today on … all of the streamers of your choice? Close enough.

*Though they seem closer to it than akugi, which is to say that they may be coalescing on this kind of tortured-emo-alt-idorock thing, which is just fine


POPPiNG EMO Is Very Literally So Very Good

The year is young, and it may be true that I can be fairly given over to hyperbole even under the most sober of circumstances, but after twice in a short span acknowledging that I already have two (very) early Song of the Year frontrunners, and declaiming the ongoing majesty of the provider of one of those favorites, I find that something I stuck in the back pocket to review later is, uh, not just on the same trajectory as That Very Same Thing but also doing it in a really similar circumstance?

So yeah, what I’m referring to is POPPiNG EMO and their latest, which is probably new to none of you at this point but I don’t care. This is a song worth talking about:

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There Is Every Reason to Be Excited about Sway Emotions Slightly

One of the highest-quality new acts of 2020 is showing that they’re grabbing 2021 by the horns, too.

At their first one-man the other day, they announced a new EP that’ll be along before we know it:

Sounds great even as a snip! And naturally it’s easy to infer what we can expect as far as an MV will go; apparently you can see it early if you download this app and win a lottery or something?

This is a very short blog post for something that is very exciting!


We Need to Have a Little Talk about Malcolm Mask McLaren

Ed. note: This post has dispensed with the familiar convention of only using M-alliteration in the title of a Malcolm Mask McLaren post; Homicidols Dot Com regrets this immediately.

I listen to a lot of music, as should be obvious. One of my favorite things about Fiancee is that we both consider “good chill time” to include alcoholic spirits and putting a record on the turntable. We sing karaoke, just the two of us, or on those rare occasions when we allow somebody to come over, we invite them to join us. We have a small pile of musical instruments that we’re not any good at but still like to pretend with. We argue about the satellite radio station on car rides of longer than a few miles. We listen to music while we create and often as a wind-down before bed. It’s really nice. Fiancee’s time to break from that is during work hours because she’s the kind of person who needs quiet to concentrate; I, on the other hand, need some kind of background noise to concentrate, as otherwise my brain’s trying to drive in several directions at once, I get antsy in my pantsy, sometimes even aggressive, etc. So what’s pretty much the first thing I do when I sit down at the desk in the morning? Pop open Spotify and/or one of my YouTube home pages (yes, I have several), and find something — preferably new — to listen to while I settle in.

Yesterday, that something new was from Malcolm Mask McLaren. The thing said it was called “ORANGE EP” which I got extraordinarily excited about, only to find that it is in fact only two songs, which is not really an EP unless it’s by like Bell Witch or something, but did I bite the bullet and take one for the team anyway? Yes. Which was easy — Malcolm Mask McLaren owns — and, I will spoil it for you, completely and totally rewarding: Continue reading


Your Homicidols Weekender #220

Good morning! Or, I hope your morning is good. Mine is not for several reasons, the least of which being that my trusty ol’ laptop that’s been with me since when I first started to publish posts about idols on this here website, the laptop that I’m gamely coaxing through the rest of today’s posts, is basically all the way dead now. I hope this isn’t RIP.

This was also a rough week (I hope yours was better!), and I realized this morning that it’s very near the anniversary of my second hiatus last year. I am a SAD sufferer, or I should say a lifelong SAD-deal-wither because I always took malaise and depression during the winter months for granted until fairly recently and always think I have bigger fish to fry when it comes to mental health stuff. And you’d think I’d learn! Hiatus the First? Entirely due to stress! The Second? A combination of factors that all came down to my brain saying that it didn’t want to do the thing. This past week wasn’t all that exceptional other than a need to tidy up and organize some work-related stuff, and various interventions that frustrated another project that I recently started; idol blogging time being a morning ritual at this point, you’d think that I could make do, but alas, friend, I did not. Just no real motivation! So: Take care of your brain, give yourself the breaks you need, do pleasurable things for those little dopamine kicks. It’s literally for your overall health and will make other things better.

You’re here for idol, and while this wasn’t the most raucous week in the scene by any stretch, it was still good enough for a halfway decent time-waster! Continue reading


Let’s All Enjoy Planck Stars Together

And so for the second time in roughly a month, we kinda sorta Let’s Discover some idols that in fact are pretty well Discovered, all thanks to shoddy memory and a trust that a unit of X degree of quality would never be missed here at Homicidols Dot Com. And yet! Here we are with Planck Stars, which I take to mean the Max Planck Stars as theoretical physics and quanta are an excellent theme for idols, and who I always just kind of assumed had been writing about off and on for a good long while, only to discover (heh) in the process of blogging this post that no, I had not, though they’ve made various Weekender appearances as is usually how this works.

Nevertheless! Here we are now. They have a new song and a new MV so let’s look at them together:

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Jesus Christ, This Is Absolutely Perfect

NELN, as expected, dropped yet another single in their 12-month-long series of releases, and did so right at the end of the month per usual. I want to get all of the reax out of the way first because, I swear to you, if you haven’t already watched this video and/or listened to this song, you’re going to be more than a little impressed, and you’re going to be like, oh wow, didn’t they do nine of these during 2020? And why didn’t we make them the debut of the year? And the answer is that I don’t know, but seriously it’s like NELN is just upping the ante every month, and I’m almost afraid of the beauty they’ll spring on us when the series ends in March and then they’ll do something during their big gig in April that might break reality. We’ll see. In the meantime: “snow light”:

Everything about that is wonderful.


It’s Not Too Late to Talk about How Awesome akugi’s Second Digital Single Is, Is It?

Well oops. Not-quite-the-latest Codomomental project, akugi, who is currently in the lead for Group Most Likely To Fill The Komachi-Shaped Hole In Your Heart, officially dropped their second single and MV and … well, this is really different from the last one! In fact, my above description is way more apt than I would’ve expected. Team, predictably, adores the track and had a brief chat about the video, and then we all had other things to do and holy hell it’s Saturday, let’s real quick do something with akugi before the boss thinks we don’t like their things anymore.

It’s actually a really easy thing to do. Frankly, I’ve had the refrain in my head for days and have been completely happy about it. So, on the off chance that you’re in this community and you like sequester yourself from Codomomental for some reason and aren’t hip to akugi, let’s take this brief step back into, uh, mid-week to enjoy it all again:

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This Post Is a Celebration of the Mere Existence of XOXO EXTREME

Idol is genreless. You learn this pretty quickly even if you don’t start off going down the bottomless rabbit hole of chika loud idol — you might be like “oh wow I really like BTS perhaps this ‘Perfume’ thing from Japan is similarly fun” and within a week you’re wondering what the hell a GO TO THE BEDS because that’s next in your somewhat randomized playlist and you’re currently listening to some lady with an extremely squeaky voice rap perhaps a little too well for comfort. Genre, such as it is within idol, is largely a matter of trend: Idorock is a thing because it’s easy, and we’ve had really solid runs through metal and punk and nowadays, yes, rapping is apparently the latest big thing. The really memorable idol units, though, are the ones that take a fairly unique genre position (Dots with shoegaze, Yanakoto Sotto Mute with grunge, Hauptharmonie with … however you describe Hauptharmonie) and double up by also being really goddamn good at it. Those things stick; so too do those rare times when an idol unit fills a very unique niche that needs filling, like GARUDA coming out of the woodwork as my personal white whale doing unsettling industrial stuff.

All of this to say that there is really one prog idol unit out there, they’ve been in that position for several years, they’re always incredibly, absolutely, wonderfully entertaining, and they check every box I just described, making them some kind of weird idol genre gold standard that may not make them the world’s most popular performing act but definitely makes them one that deserves love and respect, all of it.

That’s the post. Go enjoy your Saturday.