New Profile Added: Parallel Japan

As if I hadn’t been teasing it enough yet. I hope you all enjoy them. I don’t think I’m being unfair when I say that they’re a little rough around the edges; it’s really part of the charm.

Also, information is hard to come by, so please do use the comments on the profile to clear up any bad information or fill in any gaps.

Here’s an appetizer:

Now go read the whole thing.


11 thoughts on “New Profile Added: Parallel Japan

  1. Mostly, I was just going to wax lyrical on their virtues for a while, then mention my ongoing amazement that they’re not much more widely appreciated.
    One other thing I was going to mention, though, is that their hard luck story is even hard luckier than two-fifths of the members jumping ship: More than once, someone promised them a debut, but never came through. That includes one dude just disappearing with their money..


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