Interested in Seeing a NECRONOMIDOL Show Online? Here’s How to Get Tickets

Sharp-eyed Alex caught this ticket promo for a “secret” Necroma show — secret in the sense that the time and date will only be announced once you’ve submitted for one of the limited e-tickets, but not secret in the sense that a) you can order the tickets and b) it is stated to be an online performance.

You can order here. And remember to complete the process from the confirmation email!

So this is the company handling promotions for Necroma’s dark crusade to Europe; will this virtual show be a stream of a live one from that venture? That’s the best part — we still don’t know! But I’d bet on it, because it wouldn’t make a ton of sense otherwise!

I’m excited about this! For the folks who get to bask in the abyss that is Necroma’s presence, you’re very fortunate; for those of us who can’t be there but will nonetheless get to follow along via the magic of the Internet, it’s a step up. I for one can’t wait to force a few other people to watch with me!


3 thoughts on “Interested in Seeing a NECRONOMIDOL Show Online? Here’s How to Get Tickets

  1. To be fair, subscribing to the aforementionned maillist to get in touch does require you to confirm your humanity.
    Bloodbath is still not excluded.


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