In Addition to This Video, There’s a Lot of PiGU Happening

One of my favorite things about little pop punkers PiGU is the way they crank out content like it’s the only thing that matters. Sure, they have a cosplay cafe and stuff to promote, but the membership goes up and down and there’s new songs and videos and a DVD and one-man and … hey look, another new video!

“Get out of My Way!”

That’s a really … that’s atypical for you, PiGU. Oh, I see, you’re calling it “techno punk.” I think you’re selling out pretty hard for this punk thing. I’ll allow it, though, because I like you.

You need to look at their Twitter feed right now to get the whole gamut worked out. Also, their description about angels and devils and 666 and being fun rock like the Ramones. Like, that’s so cute that even I’m affected by it.

And in true Maniac-re:-PiGU fashion, here’s a full live of theirs that they uploaded on Sunday:


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