I Don’t Know What Guso Drop Is Doing, but I Like It

Guso Drop is one of those indie alt-idol groups that doesn’t have a huge body of work yet, but they’re putting in some work and what is available online is pretty a-okay.

I follow them on Soundcloud because that’s just one of the best ways to know what’s going on with idol units when you live on the other side of the planet and can’t read their language, and I was happy to see a track added last week.

I listened; an instrumental? That’s odd for an idol group!

Then another came in!

And you know what? They can just keep doing whatever with these. These are good tracks! I’m genuinely looking forward to how these sound when the vocals are added.

So, Guso Drop fans — is an album on the way, or are they just fleshing out the catalog a little bit?


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