Holy Shit, Pikarin

Happy Halloween!

Two things real quick:

This song is completely batshit, and I love it for it. It’s also 75 percent more interesting than anything than BBTS has done to date, and considering that BBTS was like the hottest new act in loud-as-helldol for a hot minute, that’s saying something. This is legit Song of the Year stuff. I don’t always love what Shiina* does, but damn if I don’t love this and want much much much more of it. She should sign with DEMON TAPES.

Second thing, why was this published on Shiina’s (as in her name, Hikari Shiina) real channel as opposed to the Pikarin one? I only knew there was a new song coming because she’d been Pikarin-tweeting about it, but I had to go digging for the dang thing. Weirdness afoot, and on the perfect day for it!

(Also if both of these things presage future moves … the mind boggles.)

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