Beautiful Chaos From Okinawa Electric Girl Saya…

Wow! Okinawa Electric Saya is so full-steam-ahead at this point that I really can’t keep up with her, but I’m trying my best! I joked before that I suspect that she doesn’t actually sleep, and that theory seems to only continue to hold up to the evidence at hand…

So our favorite black-clad-experimental-neo-art-idol from Okinawa dropped another MV today, her third video set piece promoting her recent album “Black Angel”. As per usual, it’s worth checking out and delving into a world significantly different than what anybody else in the game is exploring…

Now this is the kind of stuff I really dig from her! At once confrontational and yet invigorating in it’s fresh-feeling pounding on your senses. It’s got the full framework of Saya’s primary work, harsh noise, deep bass-heavy beats, stream of conscious spoken word, but the glue that holds it together takes the form of vocals that echo traditional folk structures.

Saya’s music sort of feels like sitting around a fire, taking in a tale of rich Okinawan folklore while the harsh sounds of the city rattle in the background. It’s intimate and personal, but yet a little terrifying. I’m not sure if that’s what she had in mind, but that’s the personal interpretation that speaks to me.

As of right now, Saya’s new album “Black Angel” is only available digitally from OTOTOY. (Whom you can easily purchase from outside of Japan.) And if you’re a luddite who needs the actual CD, you can find that on Amazon Japan if you’re so inclined. And as I’ve mentioned before, there’s a few sections of hers scattered around Bandcamp, including these recordings….

And also, don’t forget to check out her twitter, Saya’s been known to share improvisational noise performances as a good night wish!

That’ll help you go to sleep! 


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