Babyraids Japan Just Distilled All of Idorock into One Song

It might not be the blow-your-hair-back power of NATASHA’s self-titled (dare I say almost pompous!) 6 minutes of fire, but, if you like not just idol rock, but actual idorock, then you should have this song in your life.

“Ride on IDOROCK” … why is so much of this song so familiar …

I think it’s less outright references to specific things than it is using a lot of really common tropes as a celebration of the style, but you have everything from schoolgirls to cat girls in the visuals and a song that wouldn’t be out of place coming from anybody ranging from Momoiro Clover Z to They even worked in a halfway decent guitar solo!

And, like, that’s the whole idea, right? To celebrate idorock? And probably to be a little “btw we’re right in the conversation around who’s the actual best at this, so check it,” too.

You should do more things like this more often, Babyraids. I like having you around.


One thought on “Babyraids Japan Just Distilled All of Idorock into One Song

  1. That sort of riff/chant at 1:41 in the song that follows a similar rhythm of *clap* *clapclap* *chant* but instead of claps it’s guitar and drums. That is something i closely associate with idol rock/metal.

    From the top of my head it’s in BABYMETALs Headbanger and in Nippon Manju by Ladybaby…
    I know i have heard it in more idol songs but i can’t remember which…

    Anyway, i think it’s kind of interesting that there is this vocabulary and these tropes and commonalities things forming around this sort of music and “scene”…


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