A Palate-cleansing-but-Brain-Busting Friday Fun

I was going to avoid Twitter this week. I wanted to avoid this audition. But noooo. All the big news just happened to arrive this week! Necroma’s Europe tour, my favourite idol duo of all time releasing lost material after 14 years, my current favourite idol duo releasing material after about year and a halfish, and I think Kamiya Saki just drew fanart of something I tweeted last year. So I came back, I saw the tweets about the audition, I wept for Trivago a second time in a row, it was chaos! But how correct were your responses?

Speaking of WACK, we all know WACK stands for “Watanabe Artistic Creative Corporation” BiSH stands for “Brand-new Idol SHiT”, BiS is “Brand-new Idol Society”, and amiinA stands for “Awake mind into ideal naked Avalon” (according to the mysterious stranger that submitted this week’s hashtag into the Friday Fun suggestion box I keep saved for whenever I forget to write something up again) but what about our other favourites? Yeah, PassCode might SEEM like a straightforward name for an idol group, but who knows if it really means “Please Ask Sally’s Secretary, Caitlyn, On Data Entry”? And what the hell does Gu-Gu LULU even mean!? I need answers and I need them now!

This week’s hashtag is #IdolAcronyms and … sorry about the WACK Audition guys. Yikes.

We Wanted This Bed-In Post to Include Lots of Innuendo But Maniac Won’t Let Anybody Have Any Fun, But Letting You Know about the Bed In Album Would Have Been Pretty Funny

If you haven’t discovered Bed-In yet, now would be a pretty good time to look into them. I wrote a bit about them last year, but 2018 was a fairly quiet year for the duo, as they spent more time touring and being best friends with First Summer Uika than they did releasing any new material.

Thankfully, next month they’re finally releasing their third album, and what better concept for an 80s-themed idol duo to come out with than a whole album of 80s J-Pop covers!

We haven’t got any full-length music videos yet, but some of the songs have already been made available on digital platforms. And if you’re not sure if you’re ready to open Spotify yet, well, Bed In also uploaded some not-quite-MVs-but-not-quite-commercials (teasers?) for said songs on their YouTube:

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Yet Another Friday Fun of Wild Speculation and Sure-fire Disappointment

As predicted, last week’s Friday Fun backfired horribly!

You know what else will probably backfire in horrible ways? This week’s upcoming WACK audition! Continue reading

Withdrawn Wednesday #4

While last week was bare bones in the way of graduated oshi content, there was suddenly such a big influx of photos and news this time around that we didn’t even have to wait an extra week! Or maybe we just got better at looking. Either way, if there’s a graduated Homicidol we aren’t covering, let us know! Sometimes they pop up in the strangest of places!

Your Graduated Oshi: Where Are They Now?

Kuromiya Rei fans, BRATS have a new MV out!

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In No Way Will This Friday Fun Backfire Spectacularly

These are some beauties right there!

This week’s fun is brought to you by Brexit!

Yes! Brexit!


Let’s not go too into depth about the chaos that’s engulfing my very own country right now. Actually, let’s, because that’s the theme of this week’s Fun! Continue reading

Um… What?

The beautiful thing with THE BANANA MONKEYS is that they never fail to stress out and confuse me.

Translation by the wonderful Pat below:

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Withdrawn Wednesday #3

I was worried about whether we’d have enough content for this edition of Withdrawn Wednesday in time, to be quite honest. Let’s face it, writing a column on graduated idols can be a difficult task when 90% of graduations result in us getting very little in the way of content. But by gum did Team Homicidols dig and dig this week! We actually have a couple of things to share!

Remember, if you have news on a graduated oshi, or even just a Twitter or Instagram account, let us know before this just turns into the 2017-2018 oshi digest all over again.

Your Graduated Oshi: Where Are They Now?

While Team Homicidols was in church on Sunday, we missed Non‘s (former Deep Girl; former Candye Syrup) announcement that she is returning to idol as a soloist on June 26th.


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Banamon Again

So, it’s come to this. After promising three consecutive music videos in the leadup to the release of their new single, the conclusion of the Nani-mono trilogy finally came out today. What kind of note will it end on? A somber one? Something shocking? Or epic? Well…

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Every Aesthete’s Favorite Friday Fun

For something I scrambled together last-minute, last week’s Fun had a lot of traffic!

So no doubt you’ve seen the latest Banamon controversy by now.

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It Had to Be Banamon

Oh god, not again. 

Right on the heels of pissing off Muropanako and most of the BiS fandom, THE BANANA MONKEYS have a whole new music video and… wait a second, didn’t they just release one? What is it with my designated idols and releasing multiple MVs in a short space of time?

Anyway, let’s watch.

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