All the New Things with the Darkness Girls

It was a big night in Shibuya tonight, friends, as NECRONOMIDOL held their first live ex Hina and Sari, and used it as a platform for much more than just rolling out new members.

But first, of course, the members. As all but completely given away in the teaser photo earlier in the week, there are two, and one of them is known to many of us as Hibiki, formerly of Gokigen Teikoku, now going as Kenbishi Kunogi. The other, Michelle, is previously unknown but for folks who follow the modeling scene.

This is probably the best collection of photos from the gig: Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekend #113

Good morning! How’s winter going for you guys who don’t live on the planet’s underside or somewhere in the tropics? It finally really set in here in the past week, so it’s cold and going to snow and I couldn’t be happier. Yeah, it makes it hard to do enjoyable outdoor things, it can be hazardous to life and limb and all the jazz, but man, I’m a person who just plain needs the turns of the seasons to be happy. This is the time of year to blast some black metal and contemplate mortality as our ancestors did of old (well, minus the black metal part), to get philosophical and weird. I’m sure that I’m going to be very fun to be around in the coming weeks!

This week in idol sucked. Period. I don’t just mean the graduations (but also the graduations) — unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard by now about an assault scandal that’s really rocking, well, everybody. More on that to come, mostly just to sum up. The fact remains, bad week. Like, emotionally bad. Did stuff happen, though? It did, and I think I got about half of it in as round and enjoyable a summary as could be managed. I’ll be damned if somebody’d be like, Weekender? More like Weakender!

Anyway, unless you’re tremendously busy today, sit down and have a cup of something warm, play the Fun and get into this look back.

How Old Are You, Anyway?

Read what you will into this video greeting from BURST GIRL by Chaotic Harmony!

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I Feel Like ‘Big Mood’ Is the Only Way to Describe This New STARMARIE

Man, do you guys remember when STARMARIE was a regular Friday feature around here? It was purely by circumstance and the luck of timing, as I don’t think that Friday featured all that prominently in their planning, but it just neatly fit that the monster amount of live video and announcements and MV clips and the like that this neat esoterica-themed project churned out would publish toward the end of the week. Then the Weekender got legs, and then, frankly, there were just too many idols and not enough time, and STARMARIE was always more about concept than execution anyway, and … well, I’m not going to pass on the chance to highlight them when they do put out something that’s this good visually and a convincing argument in favor of their more interesting musical moves to boot?

My goodness, that song is absolutely dripping with international, multi-era pop moves. I have no idea if it’s lyrically half as dark as the video portrays, but it can’t possibly be as bright as the instrumentation suggests. Why can’t I Japanese better! Continue reading

Shuuengo Buppan with the Friday Morning Pick-me-up

Between graduations and disbandments and horrifying things that have been reported by idols — we’ll get to that part over the weekend — this hasn’t exactly been a great week for this thing that we all love together. And then along comes Shuuengo Buppan, insta-darlings of scenesters back when they debuted, then disbanded, then re-debuted, all because of their infectious sound and high-energy performance. They gave us this one yesterday, and I think we could all enjoy a nice injection of that energy:

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It’s Definitely the Good APOKALIPPS for the Week

Man, there aren’t enough idol supergroups. I dig idol collaboration probably more than the next person, especially when they’re just a minute beyond perfect trend congruence and tantalize as much as ultimately disappoint. When those projects become something more permanent, though? It’s pretty cool.

Enter APOKALIPPS, who’ve been together for what, like a year and a half? I call that “more permanent,” seeing as how this is idol and all. A group of indie darlings and chika powerhouses has high potential to be a complete disaster, but they’ve never disappointed. Part of that is that they don’t make a ton of stuff publicly available enough for an outside observer to become disappointed, true, though it’s also easy to manage expectations when you expect little and everything you do get is interesting at minimum.

Anyway, there’s a new MV today, and I’ll be damned if I don’t wish they’d released it a few days earlier so that I could really pun like hell on their name: Continue reading

So You Will Be Able to Download New BiSH

Ah, BiSH. Or maybe, rather, “Ah, WACK”. Few things can get a Western wota het up easier than the hard side of idol’s big bad and its steady flagship, at once inimitable and sublime and a bunch of less complimentary things lately because why mess with your cash cow, you know? The BiSH members are always up to some kind of (well-compensated, no doubt) shenanigans these days, to the point that it’s easier to move around various live clips from big shows or catch an interview than it is to find new envelope-pushing music.

So heck, let’s put it all together! Continue reading

These NEO JAPONISM Songs Are Good

I am not kidding! For no particular reason save for that it’s a nice thing to do and we deserve it, NEO JAPONISM went ahead and dropped three new tracks the other day. I urge you to listen to them if you like nice things, which of course you do, you are reading this. And then after listening, I want you to help me remember how it was that NEO JAPONISM didn’t come up for 2018 debutante awards, like at all, despite being very good. Is it that our memory is that bad? Did they actually slip their debut live into November 2017? WHO KNOWS! All that matters is that a ball was dropped. If you’d like more evidence than, say, the last time they did a really good thing, here are the other good things:

You want lyrics? Of course you do! Continue reading

It’s a ‘New Zenkimi MV’ Kind of Morning

Hey, what a nice surprise! The pre-warning tweet that went out yesterday from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da official was, I thought, going to be for another song preview, which goes to show you just how far my memory has deteriorated of late, given that they last pre-published a, uh, single preview. So fine. Fine! Seventh single! Music video:

Confirming the primacy of Yotsu, per usual

It sounds largely unchanged from when we heard it in preview form (lyrics there too, for the needy), like a rendering of maturation in the composers’ orientation toward their bag of tricks. It also, at least to my ears, sounds like a Zenkimi joint without sounding like straight-up Codomocore, you know?

Yeah, like a lot of people, I miss the days when Zenkimi MVs at worst told bitter stories of lost love and at best involved the very literal murder of goodness by evil, but it’s also hard to complain about videos that aren’t trying to do too much and just let the idols do their idol thing. If Zenkimi were to put out an entire album in this mood, then sure, that’d be bad, but this is just right, and it’s hitting all the right notes.

Hey! You Might Like to Get Ishido Natsumi’s New Album

The world of idol is a vast and terrifying place, often all the moreso at moments of uncertainty about how you feel about the world at the moment. And a lot of people are feeling down right now! Yesterday was a bloodbath! So in addition to regular ol’ sonic therapy, let’s prove just how easy it can be to find good things and embrace them.

Ishido Natsumi! I feel like there are maybe five people in the whole of Western wotadom who’ve come across her in the past. Is it because she’s new? She is not new! Is it because she’s bad? She is not bad! Is it because she’s particularly obscure? Not unless you consider being from Nagoya and being as regular a performer as it gets obscure! Well, actually maybe the Nagoya thing hurts her a little bit, what with Tokyo getting the lion’s share of the lion’s share of attention and only total nerds being marks for other local scenes (Osaka ftw).

Anyway, it’s been a long while since we last looked in at Natsumi, so now feels like a good time, especially as … she just released a new album and very helpfully put a trailer online! Continue reading

Let’s Reset With Something Nice and Loud

Let us clear ourselves, emotionally and spiritually, after the horrific purge that was yesterday; those who’ve taken to referring to it as Black Monday certainly have the right of it.

Good thing for us that there are still plenty of idols out there, many of whom do good and cool things that are worthy of being held up as whatever you need to recover, even for a bit. For instance, what of last year’s Corenament winner, Minna no Kodomo-chan, who managed to make a ton of Best Of 2018 noise without taking home any awards? Honoka and Cinnamon are still kicking out there, and they’re still the front of loud and chaotic music, and their performances are still, well, kind of inexplicable:


Fully recognizing that the back panels make choreography even on a big, open stage a challenge, can you imagine trying to do much more than what they already do on a space that large, with a band around to boot? Hence it really is all about the sound — well, the sound and the inexplicable image of those two girls with those things on their backs kind of turning and twirling and tilting and stuff — and letting their one-of-a-kind music win out when you need it.

We took some hits yesterday, friends. Old favorites are gone, and there’s chaos surrounding what we once felt so certain about. As you can see, there are in fact ways left to us to move on.