100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 46: Solstice


MARE A KOMACHI (20s) slinks quietly along the catwalk. Her jaw is set, her mission clear.


Only dripping water greets her call. Komachi’s face says it all: It’s about what she expected.

A RUSHING SOUND up ahead betrays one of the system’s main intakes. Komachi heads toward it.


Komachi views the scene before her: Amid churning storm runoff and SAFETY SIGNS left over from a recent maintenance project, all would be normal, but for the STREAKS OF RED BLOOD on the wall and, just above the culvert’s mouth, DEEP SCRATCH MARKS.

ANGLE ON: A single link of BLUE CHAIN stuck on one of the signs.

Komachi NODS grimly. She’s closer now. Continue reading


I’m So Mad That I Almost Didn’t Even Want to Share These GANG PARADE Photos

Because I hate everything right now, I’ve been in transit hell for going on 24 hours, and yeah, I got some PiGU to soften the blow, but I’m just way beyond the point at which I actually give a crap about anything other than … well, getting to work. What a world.

But. So. GANG PARADE. They announced this jazz and I was like “The hell? Didn’t they just do a new single? And also that title’s really familiar” and then was like “I DON’T CARE I WANT TO PUNCH THIS BABY.” But then I ate a sandwich and things started to fall into place.

“Beyond the Mountain.” John did that, hence my confusion. So this is all the art that they’re using for it. Continue reading


I’m Indulging in These PiGU Videos Because

Good morning team! I’m going to tell you a little story: Yesterday, I was to return to Maniac Mansion after a fairly long trip away. Business! No big deal. But when I got to the airport to fly back, my flight was super delayed, meaning that I’d miss my connection, meaning that I needed different flights, meaning that I wasn’t going to be on the original timetable at all, and also meaning that what originally felt like a pretty accomplishable Thursday ahead was going to be a whole bunch of butt instead. Boo!

Fortunately, I remembered that PiGU had put out some additional pro-shot live video of some stuff that we’ve experienced recently, so I decided to just make a post about that because it made me feel a little better about being stuck in an airport way past the time when any human being who isn’t a Tom Hanks character should be.

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What the Rabbits Hath Wrought

Man, you guys, I don’t know if this quite qualifies of Thursday Hurtsday. I just know that my ongoing leporiphobia demands that I bring this back.

Remember RABBITS Lab? I do — it’s etched in my nightmares. So, like, I’m stoked that yesterday brought a couple of new videos.

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100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 45: Academy

Look at Komachi.

She knows things. She shared her wisdom again today.

Fascinating. Continue reading


What Are Your Mid-year Contenders for the Best of 2017?

Hey team, as you may have known, we did a little thing at the end of last year with a big ol’ community award thing for the Best of 2016. It was an absolute WACK bloodbath! Babymetal got completely shut out! I had lots of contrary opinions!

Well, Kerrie’s been compiling 2017 nominations going back a couple of months now, and we’d like your input, too. Continue reading


It’s NoA Time for Indie Idol Wednesday

Once upon a time (last year), there was an underground idol project called DiSPANiC. Odds are that you have no idea what I’m talking about, have never seen nor heard of them, nor will you ever because the group just casually broke up a while back, casting the two members to the wind.

One of those members was Noa, who has something of an identity in the idol world as a model and singer and stuff. The modeling stuff I knew about, because that’s what’s usually on her Twitter feed, but I’ll also confess to having had stopped noticing very much from her until Jul suggested the other day that I include some of her recent musical work in the Weekender. That’s not a bad idea, but come on — this warrants much better than the Weekender: Continue reading


100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 44: Communion

The first Tsurezure fan meetup event doodad is on Sunday, and the Not Secured, Loose Endsiverse is abuzz about it:

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My Goodness, This New DAIDAIDAI Song

This happened the other day:

“Say,” I thought to myself, “do you think that DAIDAIDAI might have some new video tonight?”

They did! Continue reading


Yanakoto Sotto Mute Celebrated Their Birthday in Style

Despite absolutely no desire to hide my complete infatuation with Yanakoto Sotto Mute, given that they are perfect and their album is also perfect and by the way nothing is better than them, I had been deliberately quiet about them lately because, well, there wasn’t a whole lot going on. What has happened, though, was that they held their anniversary live over the weekend, and of course it was a show of other things that are almost as perfect as YSM:

There’s a lot of beautiful things in that lineup

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