Let Me Help You or a Friend Go See Necroma, Yanamyu and Hanako-san in the Godly Flesh

The East Meets West Music Fest! You know what it is — NECRONOMIDOL, Yanakoto Sotto Mute and Hanako-san, in Anaheim in a month’s time, joined by a mess of metal bands and not-from-Japan idols for a two-day celebration of the collision of western and Japanese music, culture, etc. Yep, it’s peak Homicidols Dot Com:

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  • Idol besties
  • Favorite idol thing ever
  • Unofficial site mascot

And I’m not even going! Circumstances collided in a perfect storm of things that preclude ol’ Maniac’s participation, which sucks mightily, but guess what.

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Shut It Down, DAIDAIDAI Just Gave Me Everything I Ever Wanted


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Your Homicidols Weekender #88

Christ. I’m sorry, that was a hell of a ride over the week, and I’m all tired out. Have you ever done the plate-spinning thing and been surprisingly okay at it despite having never done it before, only to realize that you think you’re doing well with it because you don’t have a frame of reference, and in reality you’re barely keeping it together, and then things start to go south and SMASH? That’s what this week felt like. And I’m not even getting to Queen of the Scene (thanks for playing!); I’m just talking about Day Job and stuff. Let this be a lesson to everybody: Never try to better yourself.

And with that out of the way, let’s get into the idol stuff! Go Go Going Now! hit me up about an item a few days ago, which got me thinking about just how close to TIF we are, and how this nice kick-start in new idol stuff over the past couple of weeks is intensifying, and how maybe we need to consider TIF the rough equivalent of Labor Day, like the unofficial end of summer or something. All I know is that I’m not blowing through my notifications like I was a month ago, and I’m eagerly looking at every new thing’s merits that I might overindulge like a proper professional.

It is still summertime, though, so focus your energy on doing cool things with cool people; if idol you must, handy-dandy items like yon Weekender can distill it down into something digestible for your jet ski adventures. Of course, though, play the Fun, and stay tuned for some great stuff later this morning.

You Never Said Who Won the Thing!

Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen looking amazing:

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And Now, the Queen of the Scene Final

It’s time, it’s time! Literally dozens of fans are pouring into Homicidols Arena to witness today’s epic matchup between our challenger, Himari from NECRONOMIDOL, and the currently reigning and herself kind of new Official Oshimen of Homicidols.com, Queen of the Scene and Mother of Dragons Saki from 2&!

The Commish has the mic down at ringside; let’s see what he has to say.

MANIAC: Welcome, humanoids. We’re going to make this simple today. Himari … well, nobody should be allowed to use those kinds of foreign objects in a battle royale. Conversely, I like keeping my blood in my body, so she stays. Saki, you have every right to be here, but people are still kind of sore about how that all went down.

So I thought I’d make this interesting. Instead of just one simple, straightforward contest, the two of you are going to face off in something that I’m calling —

Three Levels of Hell

That’s right! This is a best-of-three smash-em-up with a 9-hour time limit. It looks like this: Continue reading

Yeah, I Think Bonpara’s EP Is Gonna Be Good

Man, since when was Bonnou Paradox releasing an EP? I missed that. Or did they just announce it? I don’t know! I saw this because of YouTube! What is it? It’s the trailer for said EP!

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The Royal-But-Not-That-One Rumble Aftermath


The place is just as tawdry as when we last saw it. TOGARE and YOTSU haven’t moved, but PRODUCER-SAN has; now he LEANS over the table in front of him, a sour SNEER on his face.

On the table, MASHIRO, clinging to life.

And across from them, held in ARMBARS by MEGUMI and MILCBOY, are very beat-up KOMACHI, SHIDARE and NONAMERA.

PRODUCER-SAN: Look at her.

Megumi and Shonen ga Milc PUSH their captives closer!

PRODUCER-SAN: I want answers.


PRODUCER-SAN: Not from you. You did your part. But if you know what Shida was going to do …

SHIDARE: She didn’t do anything. It was my idea.


SHIDARE: (struggling) I thought that we could distract Himari’s hair and–

MILCBOY: What?! Why do you think I was there? I had a curling iron in my backpack!

PRODUCER-SAN: Well, your thinking almost got Mashiro killed. It’s going to take weeks to put her back together.

MEGUMI: And we lost.

PRODUCER-SAN: And you, Nonamera. Maybe now I understand why your old company kicked you out.

NONAMERA: You said that we needed to win! I had to do something!

Producer-san PONDERS for a long BEAT.

PRODUCER-SAN: (to Megumi and Milcboy) Take them to the Cellar, and bring the other girls back. I want to have a conversation with them.

Megumi and Milcboy JOSTLE Nonamera and Shidare out of the room.

PRODUCER-SAN: (to Mashiro’s unconscious body) One of these days. One of these days … Continue reading

I Think That Himekyun Fruit Can Is Doing Okay!

All right, let’s dust ourselves off and take a gander around the idolverse now that we’ve settled on a #1 contender for Queen of the Scene. Hey, YouTube, what’s this that you’re showing me from a few days ago that I completely ignored? Why, it’s Himekyun Fruit Can, a few months into their resurrection, and a live video that’s less “live video” and more “we wanted to release an MV and this was literally the cheapest way to do it”:

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It’s a Queen of the Scene Battle Royale!

Welcome one and all to the Queen of the Scene Battle Royale! Today, 30 idols will enter the ring, and one will emerge victorious as the #1 contender for Queen of the Scene. Her reward? A one-on-one matchup with none other than Saki of 2&!

The way it will work is this: The match begins with 10 idols in the ring. Every 15 minutes or so*, another idol from the roster revealed yesterday, or a surprise competitor, will enter the fray. You will show your support for the idols in the ring by voting — every time one idol reaches 10 votes, that’s a sign that somebody (the lowest vote-getter) has been eliminated. May multiples be eliminated at once? IS WATANABE JUNNOSUKE A HOSER?

At the end, the winner gets a one-time winner-take-all shot at Saki of 2& for the right to call herself Queen of the Scene and to represent Homicidols.com as the Official Oshimen. These aren’t low stakes, folks!

Yes, it’s going to be weird and wild and chaotic, and I haven’t even mentioned the various wildcard twist and turns that I’m going to throw in because it’s fun and also this is wrestling. Like, imagine somebody having a meddling manager! Or a best frenemy! Or super powers! The best part is, the voting resets with each elimination, so you can continue to support your favorites throughout with nary a worry of spending your effort at the wrong place or the wrong time.

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This Is SHINGEKI At Their Best

It was really annoying to not get to post about this yesterday, because of all the things that SHINGEKI has done in their year+ weird, winding journey to becoming the thing called SHINGEKI, this is arguably not only the best thing that they’ve done, but the most SHINGEKI thing that they’ve done at the same time:

For one thing, that’s the kind of wild-ass composition that only idols and the likes of Maximum the Hormone can pull off unironically. And I’m talking about way more than just the synths + beats turning what could be a metal song into a dance number — you have the random breaks, the extremely random additional spoken-word breaks, the not-quite-there commitment to English, the vocal put-ons … if you’re into the type, you’re way into this song. Continue reading

Good Golly, GARUDA

Soundcloud apparently heard me giving it crap, or telling people about a bunch of the idols using it won me sympathy or something, because the dang app started to work again yesterday. Picked up a nice piece for the Weekender right away, and then Yuffie treated us to the latest stage in her ongoing development from Idol Who Kind of Does Industrial to The Idol Who Does Industrial Full Stop. Listen to this thing:

I’m loving the space that idol keeps finding to expand anymore, and I love how solo practitioners are finding opportunities to experiment and pursue passion projects within that space. Everything Melon-related is cool, but I daresay that Yuffie backhandedly emerges as the coolest thing in there, overall. It almost makes me glad that Re:Alice didn’t pan out; I want her spending all of her time on Melon and GARUDA and being part of my fantasy-booked tour of squats and speakeasys in the Mid-Atlantic.

By the way, did you know that Yuffie’s a contestant in Queen of the Scene, which kicks off in not even two hours (or has already if you’re late to this party)? Is she worthy? HAS SHE EARNED IT YET? We’ll see!