Solve our Idol Sudoku Chess Crossword puzzle – Win fabulous* prizes!

*Your definition of fabulous may differ from that of homicidols dot com.

EDIT – We have a winner!  Congratulations hrspp!  To everyone else, better luck next time.  If you’d like to have a go for fun, the solution is in the comments.

Hey YOU!  Would YOU like to win some fantast…well some tangible prizes, just for doing a puzzle.  Have a go at our enthralling and fun Idol Sudoku Chess Crossword puzzle!

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The return of Merry Merli

Far too often, an idol act comes along, releases some stuff, tries to get the world’s attention, and fails, and melts away and is forgotten, sometimes in merely a matter of months.  Usually this is because there was nothing particularly remarkable about them but, frustratingly, sometimes it’s because, despite being objectively sublime, there is seemingly something about them which causes the world to fold its arms and look the other way and say “No! No, I shall not listen!”, no matter how much you point and shout and whoop and holler . And then they’re gone, never to return. Except sometimes, just sometimes – if you’ve been a good little wota and the idol gods notice you – they do!
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