And Then There Were Four: Yukueshirezutsurezure Goes Large

Adding Tsuya last week was an expected, probably necessary move; yami-kawaii existential horror fans Yukueshirezutsurezure decided to double down (literally two times) and add themselves a fourth:

Go say hi to Kokoko.

Antino Ideology is slated for delayed release in just over a week now; it’s unlikely that they re-recorded vocals from before Kichi left. Does that maybe mean we’ll get yet another recording from the Codomomental universe in the nearish future?


10 thoughts on “And Then There Were Four: Yukueshirezutsurezure Goes Large

  1. This group has a ridiculously long name. I’d like to hear someone accurately pronounce their name 3 times fast, or even 1 time slowly. What does their name mean anyway?

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