Actually, No, Haloperi Doll Is Done

If you look at the comments on the earlier post about Mugen Regina, there was some light speculation as to whether Haloperi Doll might not necessarily survive this little shakeup completely intact, that An’z might be stretched too thin, etc.

As it turns out, Haloperi Doll 2nd gen is in its last month:

If you read the announcement (or have Phillter read it to you, because it’s in another language), it’s basically this: Despite the forward momentum of late, Tsubaki and Cellen were both graduation-minded, and there may be some kind of issue with Tsubaki in that she may be done already and won’t be taking part in a fan activity in a couple of weeks. The whole thing wraps up on July 5.

I don’t know if An’z moving on to Mugen Regina followed or precipitated that stuff, if An’z going to and Ayame leaving Mugen Regina is a concerted two-fer to deal with this organizational fallout, etc. It’s all very convenient timing, though. If somebody wants to look through these letters from each of the members to try to find meaningful explanation, I would certainly be much obliged:

And here are diary posts about the move/s:

Haloperi Doll 2nd gen wasn’t even a full year old yet, IIRC.


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