A Full Marathon of Friday Fun

Kerrie time! We originally had different plans for today, and we’ll get to them, but yesterday’s announcement got folks all up in a froth, and this seemed like a much cooler idea.

Happy Friday, everyone! Last week, Hanako-san destroyed things, and it was violent as expected. Lets have a look back at her trail of destruction.

Speaking of things we’d like Hanako-san to destroy, Watanabe has only gone and pissed off the fanbase (and very likely BiS themselves) with his latest stunt, in which he merged all the horrible things he’s inflicted onto his idols over the course of his career into one big human rights violation lawsuit waiting to happen. And the fandom (myself included tbh) are furious.

So, this is another Friday venting event for all of us. We all want these poor girls to have a break and be run by someone a little more tolerable. Now’s our chance. Suggest your ideas for replacements for when he inevitably gets sent to prison/murdered under the hashtag #BetterManagersThanWatanabe. Here’s one I made earlier.

You can do it with images or words; just use the hashtag.

Have fun with all your fanrage everyone!


11 thoughts on “A Full Marathon of Friday Fun

  1. I was speechless when I read what Watanabe wrote, as if the situation itself wasn’t absolutely ridiculous and abusive already they way he…. “justifies” (?) it…. saying that just doing this or that wouldn’t be tough enough for them…. he is a damn psycho and he is destroying this poor talented girl’s physical and psychological health….
    Also, one thing that I’ve been wondering, hows the Japanese fanbase reacting to this?

      • Just playing along, you know? Yeah, it’s messed up — he’s going to get somebody hurt (again) — but the dude doesn’t do it to torture people (the people he manages seem to love him) as much as to make people think he’s torturing people.

  2. The thing about a marathon is you really need to train for it. The first guy to run one didn’t and he died.
    I’m thinking this is more publicity stunt than reality, I don’t expect there will be any 3rd party documenting it, we’ll see exactly what Watanabe and Pour Lui want us to see. It’ll be more performance art than trial of endurance.

      • From my own experience in Army Basic when the drills got us lost and our final 12 mile road march turned in to a 22 mile road march (8 miles was the most we had done up to then) half the battalion fell out, I had to walk on the sides of my feet for 2 days afterwards because my soles were so tore up and one guy who played football at Boston College described it as the toughest thing he ever did. A 100k run is not something you decide to do a week ahead of time.

  3. I’m of the opinion that the whole BiS 100k race, eating only rice and sleeping in the car publicity stunt is a bit of a con. Running, rice eating and car sleeping will take place just not to the extent that we are being led to believe or will be by the “Documentary” that gets put out. The whole campaign to get involved the film “Nerve” got me doing some math in my head (a dangerous proposition for both math and my head) and I’m more certain than ever we are being trolled.
    Sadistic Japanese manager puts the idols under his direction through a cruel trial of endurance fits the whole “Japanese is so crazy” motif. Add in a major movie studio trying to squeeze a few extra ducats out of the international film market with some Japan specific fan service. The studio now finds itself involved with the aforementioned sadistic manager. Sprinkle a little internet outrage, some of which is in English and there is a nice, shiny package wrapped in a bow waiting to be turned into clickbait with a minimum of effort by an outfit like HuffPo.
    Am I on to something or should I take off my tinfoil hat (something I’m loathe to do as it as comfortable as it is stylish)?

    • I think your hat is safe!

      Like, the tempest in a teapot on Twitter (in particular) misses the very important thing that you’re touching on, which is that pretty much everything in idol is, in one way or another, fake. It’s a show. The folks who connect it to pro wrestling are right on.

      I’m sure that every member of BiS will run some distance on whatever date that’s happening. I bet we’ll see livestreams and stuff even. But the neat thing about these media? You can show the world exactly what you want them to see, and you can tell a story without ever having to go all-in.

      Now, Saki’s marathon, and the original BiS one, I believe both of those were real (and only Saki allegedly finished the original BiS one, fwiw). GANG PARADE’s recent thing strikes me fairly authentic, but it was also a team relay, so easy to manipulate.

      If you want to talk about the stuff that should make you raise your eyes about exploitation, it’s the marathon performances. BiSH did that 24-hour thing; Babyraids did 60 hours or something a few months back. Yes, there are breaks as individual members rest and eat and stuff, but that’s still insane, and you can only manipulate time so much.

      But yeah, end of the game, these instances can serve as examples of just how high we’ll jump when Watanabe (or whoever) wants us to. Look at all the free marketing they’re getting!

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