Beni and CHILDISH TONES remember life as an “Ex Fan Des Sixties”…

avandoned may be approaching an end to it’s illustrious career run, but by no means does this mean that Beni Usakura will be ceasing to work on terrific musical projects that are both sublime and meaningful. Once again the multi-media chanteuse has teamed-up with the amazing toy instrument garage band CHILDISH TONES to offer another […]

Go Mod With Beni and CHILDISH TONES!

avandoned‘s leader-self-producer-and all-around mastermind Beni Usakura enjoyed a  surprise hit earlier this year when she collaborated with the toy-instrument garage-punk band CHILDISH TONES! Aside from an acclaimed single, the 45 record sold-out it’s pre-sales, then sold out it’s extended press-run, and eventually got a second pressing to meet it’s demand! Of course it makes sense […]

There She Goes: Beni and The Childish Tones!

Hey, I know we’re dealing with the impending graduation of Kotao from Avandoned and of course, it’s a monumental upheaval for a very special group, but if there’s one thing I know, Beni is never ever going to slow down for a single minute. She’s gotta be hands-down one of the hardest working people on […]

Your Homicidols Weekender #180

It’s good to see you again! I’m sort of getting exhausted with nearly everything we post having to exist in the shadow of current events, it risks getting downright oppressive at times, y’know? But at the end of the day, and with every weekender, we want to try to give you something more positive and […]

avandoned: Ending Is Beginning.

When you’ve become fully ingrained into idol fandom, there’s certain inveitable events that you learn to anticipate and mentally prepare for, such as when a twitter account belonging to a group you love posts an image containing a stark few blocks of text. Yeah, you know the type of post I mean… 【大切なお知らせ】 2014年7月より活動してまいりましたavandoned(あヴぁんだんど)ですが、2020年2月24日に開催する「出雲にっき生誕イベント」をもって、avandonedは活動終了・解散することとなりました。突然のお知らせで申し訳ございません。 […]

Your Homicidols Weekender #168

Happy Weekend peeps! Our two days of (hopefully) slightly relaxed living are here! Yes, our Friday kick-off got a little marred by some truly sad news, (more on that later) and while it is truthfully making the weekend feel a little off-kilter and melancholy, ultimately we’ve got to persevere and keep going, cause darn it, that’s […]

The Team Homicidols Best of 2019

I hope you all got a good kick out of seeing the community’s Best of 2019 yesterday — now we get extremely heavy-handed and drop the absolute knowledge bombs that are the Team Homicidols picks, which is way more interesting than when I used to just rag on you all. As you have no doubt […]

Your Homicidols Weekender #114

Good morning! I have to say, 2019 is shaping up to be maybe the roughest year in idol since I started following back in 2014. A lifetime ago, practically! It feels like a blessing in a way to be so, well, goshdarned upset about the rash of graduations and breakups in these early weeks of […]

We Review Things: Avandoned’s “Lemon Peels” is Certified Organic

Life’s best pleasures are simple things: Walks in the woods, black coffee, dogs n’ cats, and 45rpm singles. And speaking of singles, Avandoned, the delightful queens of quirk, gave us their second release this year, following up the completely fabulous old-school jam “After School” with their latest offering, “Lemon Peels”. This is their third single […]


Since their inception in 2014 NECRONOMIDOL has been extremely productive, feeding their fan base six EPs, a single and two full albums.  Despite serving up new material on a regular basis, the current quintet has cultivated a fan base with a very vocal appetite for more. Underneath the striking imagery and Cthulhu mythos is a […]