Dang, That New EMPiRE Song Is Nice

How do we feel about EMPiRE now, with the “EMPiRE originals” MV out? I’m annoyed that I only just got to look and listen at this today, though it’s partly my fault because I kind of deliberately set it aside after yesterday’s release. So sue me! I got stuff to do, man. Idol don’t pay these bills!

But let me say, please, that my hedged skepticism is something that I’d like to take back:

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Q’ulle Continues to Prove Their Mastery of Their Domain

Idol rock is, when you get down to it, a perfect beast. Rock music, for all its historical swagger and bluster and preening, is ultimately about rhythms and hooks, which is why it’s always so easily be re-worked with pop sensibilities for people who might prefer to skip the distortion on a Monday morning. Add on top of that idol and its eminent flexibility, and your result is something that just plain oozes crowd-pleasing … when done right. Just like eggs or pizza, it is possible to get this wonderfully simple formula wrong, and then it is very bad, which deserves credit in itself for being so hard to accomplish.

Q’ulle, though, perhaps the modern doyennes of true idol rock, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen them miss. And this new single out in a couple of weeks has all the hallmarks of being right at the top of their body of work:

Taking some cues from Yuzuki, I see

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Your Homicidols Weekender #92

Good morning, my friends! This time around, it’s like we flipped a switch; the week was light on idol goings-on, but there was so much random crap that yon Weekender is alarmingly well-populated. Fantastic. And there’s more real-deal actual new stuff to look at, too! The part of me that was out late last night would just as soon roll it all up into here, but life’s better when you can have your exemplars and best pieces, no?

Anyway, speaking of, I have now half a dozen times referred to “what Maniac would do if he had his own Americanized idol group” scenarios just in the past couple of weeks. Well, as the turn of the screw would have it, the last stop on last evening’s sojourn was to what the team lead, so to speak, called “that heavy metal bar.” To my knowledge, there is not and never really has been such a place in this town, outside of maybe some particularly dank hole in the wall that only Pig Destroyer and their friends hang out at. Nonetheless, I went with glee, and it was not a metal bar. Instead, we were greeted by an aggressively not great rapper and, once he was done, a very, very adequate local teen rock band. It wasn’t a bad show, all things considered, and I did that thing where I took it in and imagined idols. But then I also remarked to myself that hey, that one kid, the one who keeps switching instruments and is legitimately playing the hell out of that bass right now, oh and now he’s singing this weird surf song, that kid, that kid is the kind of person who you recruit into your backing band, and then (possibly because I was quite drunk at that point) I got to go down this wild mental road of imagining how the group would come together, the creative process, how we’d succeed and then climb too high and then crash out. It was like Almost Famous in my head!

None of it was real, though. Maybe someday! Wouldn’t that be something?

I digress, probably because I’m stoked about not actually having to travel this weekend like I thought I might. Hey, East Meets West starts in just a few hours! Our man Daemon is representing Team Homicidols (he has fancy business cards and everything!), so expect some excellent interview and whatnot soon. I’m also, knock on wood, going to finally have the time to re-start one ongoing project and maybe kick-start another that I hope you dig. It should be a good end of the year! For now, as always, play the Fun, find yourself something creative or exciting to take up in these waning weeks of summer, and enjoy the heck out of your life.

You Tell the Dumbest Stories

Everybody’s favorite post-human penguin hybrid ex-idol apparently lives in a place with coelacanth artwork, which is simultaneously the weirdest and least weird thing about her:

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There There There’s a (Great) New There There Theres Song

There There Theres! I don’t get a ton of opportunity to write about the former Bellring Girls Heart anymore. The main reason is very simple: They don’t do a ton of video anymore, and I haven’t the time to be chasing after every cool live clip anymore. That’s what Jesus invented the Weekender for! Nonetheless, my support for the Aqbi flagship remains unwavering, always hoping for something new and cool and eminently shareable. And here, finally, from their KHIMAIRA one-man, a new song … with live video!

Snacky indeed!

There Theresring Heart never disappoints. Do they ever do bad songs? I’m yet to hear one, from any iteration of the project, and this one comes with the added bonus of harking back to the halcyon days of “Rainy Dance” (an Ultimate Homicidol Playlist favorite!). It’s also going to be their next single, coming out next month (Natalie.mu with the details). If it’s ultimately anything like last year’s epic, I may have to cancel the rest of the year’s Best Of.

A Friday Fun for Those Things You’re Usually Glad Are One-offs

I’ve been losing track of time lately. Say, how are those totally-not-graduations going?

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Kerrie’s Adventures of Loss and Discovery at HYPER JAPAN

How do you people do it? I only went to Hyper Japan for one day, not even for the whole event, and I slept for 12 hours and I lost a quarter of the skin on my feet! How you people manage to go for three days and not die is amazing.

My intentions for Hyper Japan were kind of thwarted; I applied for a press pass a long time ago with the intention of interviewing DEADLIFT LOLITA, but when I didn’t hear back from them within a week I figured “well, no harm in going normally,” bought my tickets, only for them to respond just a couple of days before the event with my pass. “Is a chat with Deadlift at least still on?” I asked. “Nope” they replied. But you know what my press pass did entitle me to at least? Special VIP access to the very front of the stage for photography purposes and by gum am I going to take advantage of that!

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Let’s Just Call It the Boss Single

In case it hasn’t been obvious, I’ve become a little bit of a BiSH skeptic over the past year or so — even my original support for the last single waned in retrospect. It grieves me, actually; my all-time idol top 10, regardless of whether it’s song-album-video-person-whatever, has BiSH all over it, and I remain an ardent supporter of the idea of BiSH and the incredible barrier-breaking potential that I think they have. This is why, even almost two years into a long run of mostly being disappointed by them, I get the giddies when they spin off new stuff, especially new stuff that appeals directly to my own biases!

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This Is SPARK SPEAKER at a Very High Top of Their Game

I feel increasingly like SPARK SPEAKER is becoming this undeniable force. Chika, yes, for all that entails, and hard-working street performers on top of that, but please take a look at this live video and tell me that you aren’t immensely jealous of the people who got to experience it in-the-flesh live:

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XTEEN What’s Next

So funnily enough, right after declaring my bearishness on XTEEN for all the world to see, they go out and update their membership rolls as of Ichica’s grad show and make it known that they’re not going anywhere thanks to a fresh release on the long horizon. Still bearish, though! Metal idol hasn’t panned out as well as punk. Nonetheless, if you want to know what’s up, John to the rescue.

XTEEN have had a few line up changes. Starting out as a 5 girl unit, they lost one almost right off the bat. Then they lost a couple members, gained one member. That was all cool, it happens. Now it seems we have lost another member, but we have gained a couple more. What is […]

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The Age of WAgg Is Upon Us

All right, when the heck was this thing announced, the WACK trainee unit? I don’t even remember. The last I heard of WAgg, jokes were being made at its expense, and that was (/checks notes) a couple of months ago at least. See, I don’t know if anybody ever really expected this thing to happen — WACK hasn’t tended toward things like trainee anythings, like ever, instead preferring to slide undeveloped talent straight into the mix. And yet, here we go!

The black eyes thing happens to make this lot look particularly alien

Kicking things off with a tour that commences in a few weeks, naturally. And without a shred of music or anything yet to their credit! Continue reading