PLIC PROCK’s long-awaited farewell one-man for Asumi happened the other day, but it took the media some minutes to work their way out of the Internet woodwork. I didn’t know that the Idols Formerly Known as Parallel Japan could draw so well, but this is a nice crowd:

Here’s Asumi’s final message:

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I Want Everybody to Pay Close Attention to This le biglemoi Song

And here I was just recently extolling the virtues of le biglemoi and getting roughly the same response as ever, which is to say disproportionately not large, in fact roughly on par with Candy GO!GO!, and I find that disturbing because le biglemoi is as good a near-finished product as anything else to step anew onto the idol stage this year. Therefore, to trick people into clicking without relying on anything salacious or scandalous, I tried to create a sense of urgency around the post.

While you’re here? Hit play.

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Oshi Digest #18: Arrival

Arrive in America🇺🇸✨ #写ルンです

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Oshi. Is. In. America(us). So is all of NECRONOMIDOL, but you all know why this excites me most — the triumphant Official Oshimen of is in-country, and I am going to see her in person, and I am going to meet her and bask in the corrupting darkness emanating from within. Continue reading

Whereupon Year-old Things Pay off for BILLIE IDLE

You guys remember when this happened right?

I sure as hell do; I’ve rarely been as excited about anything*, and I waited — WAITED! — for months for the results to come out. Finally, yesterday, they did. Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #57

Happy Saturday! I’m do

  • Vote on Best Of 2017 Ballot 1
  • Vote on Best Of 2017 Ballot 2
  • Play the Fun
  • Many of you took in NECRONOMIDOL last night, or have shows scheduled. May some god of not-evil protect us.

    You Can’t Tell Them What to Do

    Here’s an absolute shitload of Babyraids JAPAN talking about things:

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    Your Best of 2017 Ballot 2

    You can still vote on the first ballot for the other categories, too!

    Good morning, everybody! A lot of folks have voted on the first half of the ballot, and this half is the one that’s actually the most loaded with big awards. In a few cases, you’ll need to put your thinking caps on, questioning whether your personal fandom or what you know to be true is the greater priority. I’ll tell you, the results so far? People might be surprised, and in a pleasant oh-how-interesting-I-would-not-have-expected-that way.

    If this is your first entree into the Best Of process, I’m asking for your contact info so that I can send you the randomly drawn prize, which will be randomly drawn on Sunday! Also, a brief satisfaction survey at the end.

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    Think of All the Money on Duty Charges This Friday Fun Could Save You

    Hello again! Already halfway through December! Make sure you’ve cast your votes and opinions for Best Of 2017 if you haven’t already! Your wota points depend on it! And once you’ve done that, take a good look at last week’s Fun!

    Its another one of those nights where I’m up at stupid o’clock looking at idol merch I can’t afford. And I thought, “there’s really some types of tat that’s really heavily associated with idol, huh?” I’m talking muffler towels, penlights, bromide photos, those figure plate things. Sure, you can sometimes see this type of loot in other fandoms such as anime, K-Pop and the like, but let’s be real here; most of you associate such items with idols.

    So it got me thinking, what would happen if other celebrities got merchandise like what you’d find at an idol show? Continue reading

    So This Is the Ghost Party at Christmas Night, Then

    Thank you, well-named Twitter friend @GodMars, for bringing The LunaBell back into our lives, where the Artist Otherwise Known as Suzu Hinata, uh …

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    Here’s Why You’ll Melt More! Should Always Be High in Your Heart

    When you’re basically living media figures* the way that You’ll Melt More! is, you don’t let the usual pre-during-post-release schedule for your albums and whatnot dictate what you’re going to do to promote the thing — you do what you want, because you can, and it’s going to work.

    Take for example!

    It’s so stupid fun. Imagine being in the pitch meeting for this MV: Continue reading

    AIBECK’s Latest Is Sufficiently Loud

    Hey, it’s time for more AIBECK! This is another one that’s actually been out for a few days, and shame on me for putting other priorities first for the week.

    This is a good song, though! It continues AIBECK’s up-and-down approach to loudness, and is likewise from the IDOL COUNTER ATTACK party, now just a week away. WHERE HAS THE YEAR GONE?

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