IDOL is LAZY, Apparently

I kid, I kid. You know that I’m pretty eagerly looking forward to whatever it is that WACK ultimately gets around to releasing from its stable, maybe except for EMPiRE, but especially BiSH now that Dickhead called the as-yet-unannounced album a “masterpiece” (he also teased new BiS auditions, for what that’s worth).

Anyway, the point is, when I see that there’s going to be a shuffle unit best-of-plus-covers-plus-etc CD coming out …

… but not, you know, actual albums or singles or anything, I feel a little let down. Continue reading

I Bet This New ayumikurikamaki Is Really Fun

Man, you guys, there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as new party idol music and video, you know? I’ve been cautiously hype about this newest offering from Ayukuma since it was announced, and now it’s here, and I just know that it’s absolute aces. I just know it — even other People On The Internet think so! And the Internet is never wrong!

Look, they’re so stoked about it!

Nothing would excite me more right now than to put press Play and enjoy these lovable goofballs doing lovable goofball stuff right on my screen! And I bet the song is fun! If only it were actually something that I could watch at some point along the line of trying 12 different proxy services!

Apparently, everybody who isn’t Japanese needs a proxy

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It’s a New and Fully Powered PiGU!

Hold on and indulge me for a moment, good people, because to explain exactly why what I’m about to show you fills me with absolute mirth will take a minute. If you’re not interested in context, just skip over the jump.

So way back when I first discovered and got into PiGU, I noted that the membership seemed … a little fluid. And then they re-charged, only to almost immediately un-recharge. For one hot minute, it was just Rino and Keikarin even! And then there was Rinka and that girl whose name I forgot, and then Rino was gone and also that other girl and PiGU has, kind of miraculously, managed to span several months’ time as but a wee duo, which is normally a placeholder era for many groups, but PiGU only managed to put out a Video of the Year candidate.

Now, a couple of Weekenders ago, I was pleased to share that there were new trainee members in the POP iD stable. What I hadn’t reckoned was that they’d see the stage so bloody fast: Continue reading

Better, Devil ANTHEM, Better

I had just (lightly) complained in the Weekender that Devil ANTHEM, who will sate anybody’s idol sweet tooth between occasions of being loud, a palliative in a time of trouble, needed to do more of said being loud. I don’t know if this is the loudest they’ve been (it’s not), but it’s a good start!

You may recognize the tune — they had previously released the audio — but this is a legitimately brand new MV. You can do a lot with slick production of live footage and some emotional (ha) solo images of the members, I guess. The new single drops next week. This has been a very short post because most of the info is linked!


Love Is Pointless: NEVE SLIDE DOWN to Disband

I was in a mood even before the tweet from Viz Major:

The real link is here. There’s no explanation yet, just the obligatory apology. Continue reading

Oshi Digest #9: Choreo

Ordinarily, this is all of the Oshi you humanoids should need:

However, Oshi is more than just fashion; Oshi is also love:

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I Feel Okay about DISDOL’s Next Generation

So yeah, somehow the least upsetting last live of the past week was the best attended:

I had been bullish on DISDOL’s reboot basically from the jump, simply because they’d been trending down as a project for a year and had been dropping members of prominence for almost as long, so I assumed that there were bigger institutional problems etc. Maybe that’s true, maybe not, it doesn’t matter; after they released that transitional video, I would’ve been content to write off the whole thing.

No need! Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #48

Good morning everybody! I don’t have a lot of ado to worry about here — I turned in an 18-hour workday yesterday (salaried employees ftl!) and slept in late and hell, other than some goddamn heartbreak and also arguably the single best thing to happen all year that wasn’t scoring an interview, or the Fun, there’s not much to ado about. SO!

This Is One of Those Weeks

This is the single most important announcement you will ever need:

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I Hereby Nominate mistress for Everything

You know it’s October when idols of the homi- variety start dropping sweet, bloody pain for the world. I stumbled over mistress’s announcing an announcement this morning and felt like it was something to heed, but … sweet holy hell, I was not prepared for this:

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