The Original Adopt-an-Idol Will Finally Debut

I ultimately decided to drop the Adopt-an-Idol project per community feedback, but everybody who chipped in a little on the original project and supported PoroPoro Baroque when they were little more than a Twitter account can feel some vindication:

Also, I failed to report it before, but they did ultimately get their fourth member: Continue reading

This Weird Hit Piece on Babymetal etc. Is Too Wrong to Care About

I used to really enjoy some before the jokes started to get old, and I actually used to enjoy Felix Clay in particular … and there’s no “but” to this. Felix wrote a terrible listicle on Babymetal / idol metal, it somehow made it through the site’s editorial process despite being riven through with errors and, frankly, more than a smidge of racism, and it’s making the rounds via social media because nothing says “I must correct the Internet!” faster and harder than, well, us.

Anyway, here’s the article. You may be of the “don’t give them page views!” type, and that’s fine, but Cracked does and will do just fine regardless of whether you look at the piece. It’s a question of whether you want to be either annoyed or puzzled or amused by somebody doing a terrible job of proving a preordained point by thinking out loud in HTML, basically, and spent all of three minutes on to do research (I can think of no other reason why nIo is included; nIo doesn’t even exist anymore).

My advice is to go about your business. You’ll make more progress talking people down on Facebook than getting the vapors over a clunky article that everybody will forget by Tuesday.

If, however, you read that thing or were otherwise looking for it and stumbled upon this wee post, welcome, and here’s a fairly thorough backgrounder on Babymetal and I encourage you to browse through all the various stuff on here. You’ll be a fan of something in no time!

Photo: Babymetal not catching on in the West.

Depending on Lots of Things, This Could Be an Amazing Performance

Just a couple of months ago, Fruitpochette‘s future looked to be in doubt; as of this tweet, I’m really excited about their future:

See, losing Teratani Mina and not replacing her basically immediately from among the Mad Magazine roster did not fill one with optimism; it didn’t necessarily mean that Fruitpochette was being left for dead, but it wasn’t an encouraging sign, even with new material being teased.

Now, if “they” are going to be at TIF this year … yes, it could be a big-stage farewell, but more likely it’s going to be a real-deal performance. I’d go so far as to peg it as when Fruitpochette 2.0 makes its debut.

And as we’ve seen, there’s potentially some really good results waiting for us.

The TIF roster for this year is already shaping up nicely; I never even mentioned that petit pas! are booked now, too.

Why Hasn’t Anybody Told Me about Maplez Yet?

I was telling some people yesterday that this whole lousy site is this ongoing series of discoveries; every time I feel like the well has run dry, there’s something else to discover and swell my maniacal heart.

Enter Maplez (Twitter), who are another one of those “we show up on a lot of bills that include other groups you like, bro” groups that I finally got around to checking out this morning. And I’m very happy to say that this is a nice continuation of that PassCode post:

How fun! Continue reading

This PassCode Song Is So Good, I Can’t Even Think of a Good Title for This Post

Well well, PassCode, I see that you went ahead and made a truthful Maniac of me: The most-PassCode stuff on VIRTUAL appears to not be what they put out in MVs, but a little deeper in the playlist.

Mm … so PassCode …

There is a very small number of PassCode songs that I like more than this, to be honest. “Now I Know” might be the closest in terms of overall sound, but that very metalcore riff and the way it never quite gets around to a full-on breakdown and then “激動プログレッシブ”s its way into a very pretty and clean chorus? This is fantastic stuff; nobody gets more mileage out of making chiptune heavy and crunchy synths melodic than PassCode at their best.

My only criticism is the song’s distinct lack of Yuna screaming a hole in my face. You know she’s in there with cleans, though, and maybe that’s just fine if that root digital hardcore sound is preserved; I was concerned that management wanted to back off too much, but this is not a song that’s backing off. Continue reading

Let’s Start, uh, Thursday with a Bang

I sometimes feel like I’m both fortunate and lonesome when it comes to Next Shoujo Jiken, as maybe you all don’t enjoy them/her as much as I do but I still get to have music like this:

As if the art weren’t a giveaway, this is from the hanamizu EP; Maihime may not stab people on stage anymore(?), but there are reasons why she’s currently performing solo. DO THE MATH.

I do think it’s funny that one of her recent on-stage partners was the bouncing soul of Shinohara Yuri, aka Miracle Toybox. Sure. Why not?

And All It Costs Is Your Soul. Possibly Blood. Definitely Sanity.

I have nothing to add. The album is good. If you need more Necronomidol in your life, it just got a little bit easier.

And I’m pretty sure there’s a solar eclipse happening outside right now.

Can We Get Some Kind of Agreement on Honey Emperor?

I feel like I’ve known about this group for a long time, and it’s definitely since November, and here I am and it’s almost June and I still don’t know if I want to do anything. Like, you know how something can overwhelm you? This whelms me. Nonetheless, I am not the ultimate arbiter of anything, not even my own meal choices, so please don’t take my blase attitude as anything more than one Maniac’s opinion. Judge for yourself.

I am very curious to see where other folks stand here. Honey Emperor on the web, Twitter.

People Review Things: Idol Is Shit’s Garry MacKenzie on Q’ulle’s ‘Alive’

It is the Official Policy of that many voices can and should contribute to the discovery of idols and their music. Among those voices whose contributions are good and cool is Garry MacKenzie, owner and operator of the very good Idol Is Shit. This review is his.

You all may recall the two posts covering Q’ulle‘s most recent music videos. You may also recall that Q’ulle, who are good, are good, and you therefore like them and appreciate their music and want to buy it. And as if you needed any more convincing, Garry believes that their just-released single, “Alive,” is more than up to par. Get started here, then visit his site for the rest. Continue reading

That Was Fast: Koiwaka Rebooting

Hey guys, remember not that long ago when I found a really cool hard rock / punk / metal outfit and we all kind of like that for a day or two? Well, Koiwosuruniwa Wakasugiru is already looking for a complete set of new members:

I’m taking this as the announcement of the mass graduation.

Fear not; if you liked their sound, they’re holding auditions for replacement members. However, for the time being, if you liked their sound, you’ll have to pull it out of your memory, as their YouTube videos have been deleted and there’s barely a whisper on Twitter.