Babymetal World Tour 2016 Confirmed

Not all dates are released yet (they’re promising U.S. West Coast to come), but this is a pretty hefty look back at North America.

I’ll personally be at Philadelphia and Silver Spring, which is literally minutes from home.

Here’s a Facebook event for Silver Spring (basically, DC/Baltimore, if you’re not local and/or curious). And if you are local, here’s a just-started Facebook page for local fans.

Honestly, even if you’re somehow on this site and nonetheless still on the fence when it comes to Babymetal, I can’t recommend more seeing them live. In Toronto last year, they were just wall-to-wall energy from start to stop. I’ve never heard a crowd pop louder than when the scrim dropped at the beginning of “BABYMETAL DEATH.” Everybody was in a ridiculously good mood.

You owe it to yourself, basically.

What Do I Have to Do to Avoid Ladybaby Forever?

Pretty much my least favorite thing to have to deal with that deal with I must because there’s just enough of you people who like and encourage them that they probably aren’t going to just up and go away despite all of my prayers, Ladybaby, just dropped the video for … is this the second single?

I do a bit of snake-oil work on this site; I don’t actually love all of the things that I at least try to get excited about. I am, however, at the very least somewhat objective and, when the enthusiasm is genuine, I try to let that shine through so other people can be excited, too.

That being said, I want Ladybaby to fall into an active volcano.

Just like on their profile, honestly, it isn’t personal; Ladybeard seems like a very cool person, and Rei and Rie look like they’re having fun, and there’s a certain mindless fun to “Nippon Manjyu.” I just can’t with this.

Part of it is, yes, your friendly neighborhood Homicidol Maniac just doesn’t care much for death pop. But FFS, I never EVER stop a track before listening all the way through it at least once, and I still can’t get past 1:50 of this even on the fourth try.

Anyway, if you’re a Ladybaby person, knock yourself out. If you’re like me and prefer to like things that are good and not bad, there are currently fancams of the two new Babymetal songs from Yokohama up on Reddit.

The Babymetal Yokohama Fallout Continues

Take this with an immense grain of salt, possibly an entire pound’s worth or so, but the rest of Babymetal’s 2016 North American tour (or at least a huge piece of it) has allegedly been leaked in the form of a BM press release. Details here on Reddit.

For one, this is a jam-packed schedule. Granted, it’s only a little over a week, but that’s still a lot of traveling and performing for young people in a pretty short span of time. The fact that they’re teasing West Coast dates, too, makes me think that Europe may be the big loser this year (besides that epic throwdown hitting London the day after the new album drops), and Asia-Pacific may be the beneficiaries.

Of course, there were those rumors about Australia for early this year, and then not only did that fall through, but the entire festival circuit went out of business, so maybe there won’t be anything. Maybe they’ll do a few quick-hitters in European places they haven’t visited yet (somewhere in Spain, Rome, get in on the big metal scene in Russia or Sweden, etc.) between London and arrival in the USA. I don’t know.

But if 2015 was Babymetal’s year, and this is how things are shaping up for them in 2016 … well.

Babymetal World Tour Closing Show at Yokohama Arena Master Post

Rather than load up the blog space here with a post about every Babymetal Twitter rumor or photo or whatever, let’s have ourselves a nice little parking lot where all of the real, CONFIRMED news can live:

Day 1


It’s Time to Get Excited about the New BiSH Album

I have a number of homicidols set up for real-deal notifications on Twitter, and it’s usually BiSH (who actually get what Twitter is for) that has a bunch of stuff in my feed when I get up in the morning. So seeing a few tweets from them early today wasn’t all that surprising.

But then the damn phone kept buzzing, like 20 times in the span of my drive to work, and I wasn’t surprised that it was BiSH, but I was surprised when I finally had a chance to run it all through the translator and see what was happening:

They’d done a countdown to a free download of their first track off of their coming-very-soon-now new album!

(Once again, my lack of Japanese is a killer. Ototoy likes BiSH and had the download available. Go ask them.)

I had called “All You Need Is Love” a hard callback to BiS’s “primal,” but “Primitive” here sounds like it’s in the same spirit — a total high-emotion rocker that’s as close to a straight punk ballad as an idolcore group is probably ever going to get.

I should probably save some of the arrows in this quiver for the inevitable album review, but hell:

It’s really great that the reconfigured sextet is giving the full membership more to do; the debut album was a little too Chitti-and-Aina heavy. They’re both great in their own respects, but Hug Me and Gumico did perfectly well in their spots and probably had bigger contributions to make (I had been a little disappointed that Atsuko and liNGliNG hadn’t been given all that much to do on “OTNK” and “All You Need Is Love”).

For “Primitive,” it sounds like everybody gets a little bit of solo time while the track is naturally led by St. Chitti and Aina the End, and they own the choruses in particular like the goddamn queens that they are.

And now for the … bad? I don’t want it to seem like a negative criticism, but one of the very first things I noticed about the instrumentation and vocal melodies was how very, very similar they are to a number of other -core songs of note.

Take for example Party Rockets’ (pre-GT) “Kasabuta,” which is not only on this site, but featured on the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist:

Also a great excuse to again share one of the most visually compelling videos you’ll ever see from one of these groups.

Again, I’m taking it as a negative; there is an upward limit on the number of chord progressions and melodic combinations that can be written, especially within genre conventions (even if you’re breaking genre conventions), and it’s not like it doesn’t sound great — it sounds very great! It’s just a thing that I picked out and kind of ran with and (stop talking or WACK will have you killed!)

Anyway. BiSH!

Hey, Look, It’s Official Live Footage from Kamen Joshi’s Big SSA Show!

It doesn’t need a lot of introduction — in late November, after months of building on the success of “Genkidane,” the Alice Project booked a big ol’ show at Saitama Super Arena for Kamen Joshi, and … it was pretty big!

I’m really happy that the narration was in English. But why was it in English?

Cool that now that “Follow Me” video has some context.

It’s tempting to compare this to what Babymetal did at SSA last year, or even BiS’s farewell at Yokohama Arena, but let’s just line up apples with apples here: Babymetal is a project of one of the largest talent agencies in Japan and seem to have a very liberal budget; BiS was saying goodbye forever, had Avex Trax behind them and definitely weren’t going down quietly; so to be disappointed that a kinda-indie that’s supporting a huge lineup and its own theater and on and on doesn’t have a tremendously elaborate set and ridiculous visual production is kind of sour grapes.

Take it for what it is: A supergroup that’s kind of the apotheosis of underground-idol-culture-meets-rock-music did a really big performance at a really big venue, and that’s a very good thing for this kind of music going forward.

Who to Profile Next?

The hope is that this is a constantly evolving website, with new posts on a regular basis and lots of discussion and updates as the idol groups profiled change and release new material (and, sadly, go kaput). I also want to add new profiles on a regular basis.

Here are some groups that I’ve found and rather like and think would make for good additions to the site, but have limited releases so far and/or little information available in English.

Lyric Holic

Creepy gothic metal as composed by Danny Elfman for a Tim Burton movie? Sign me up! But for real, the rest of their sound is much, much more akin to something you’d have heard in the glory days of thrash. It’s good.


In addition to having a name like a Final Fantasy boss’s big attack, this is some of the core-iest idolcore / idol metalcore out there. More, please. Plus, the band is actually recognized as part of the group, which kind of puts HATEGLEAM in a weird place as far as this site goes, but anti-idols fronting a metalcore band is pretty okay, I think. (I make the rules!)


Dark synth and some metal-like stuff. Honestly, Lolisyn confuses the crap out of me — they’re on their second full iteration after literally burying the original members on stage, and they have real-deal releases and stuff, but I can’t find them anywhere.

Edit: Nevermind about Lolisyn! Turns out that they’re disbanding for good in a couple of months. OH WELL!

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da

That track right there, “ShitEnd | Placebo,” is on its own in the running for 2015 Debut Single of the Year. What starts off as kind of a digital popcore goes into a legitimate breakdown? And the group’s name is literally “It’s All Your Fault”? Come on. They’re like a gateway drug for Western hard rock fans to get into J-pop.

Plus, they have an album coming up! Given what we’ve heard so far, it could be almost anything, or possibly several everythings united by a lot of energy and a ton of self-loathing and anger.

*Make no mistake; a profile for Kiminosei is probably shortly forthcoming.

And that’s really just to start — there are literally dozens of groups sitting in my queue, and I’m sure that there are more that I don’t know about yet. Tell me who to cover; if you’re management, tell me about your group!

Holy Shit, Cutie Corpse Is Actually Happening

When I saw that this whole Cutie Corpse thing first pop up on Pure Idol Heart (I think), I did not expect:

  • To hear or see much of anything for, like, months
  • That I wouldn’t be mad about it


It’s way too early to have a real opinion here. Does it work? I don’t know. Is it a cheap derivative? I don’t know. But it is cool that more and more idols are trying to make the heavy sound work, and there is literally not a single damn thing wrong with this.

Ganbatte, Cutie Corpse!

Necronomidol Releases Typically Creepy New Video

Goddamn it, Necroma. You caught me sleeping at the wheel with this one.

You probably don’t speak Japanese, so just skip to the middle for the performance.

This is actually the first time I’m hearing “Lamina Maledictum” live, and I have to give the group as a whole a lot of credit for coming around as vocalists — if you go all the way (ha! it’s like a year) to “Vulture,” they didn’t pack this punch. But Risaki has really come along after stepping into the lead role, and I think the whole is just really solid. Kudos.

Also, can we take a second to remark on how insanely thin Sari and Hotaru are? I get that Sari’s in a corset, too, but they’re like skin on vertebrae. Somebody feed those girls!

What in the Ever-loving Hell Is This?

References and photos to this started to show up on the Idol 2.0 Facebook page the other day.

Sailor Terrorist logo thing

O … kay?

It looks like they’re doing a very slow reveal of the members. Here’s a PV:

I honestly have no idea what’s going on, but Idol 2.0 hasn’t steered me wrong before, so here’s to hoping that this turns out at least as well as Ultimate Future Weapons mofu.