Queen of the Scene Preliminary Final

In a safe, secure, very-far-from-fans video booth in the Mojave Desert, Homicidol Maniac speaks to a camera

The Queen of the Scene qualifying has come down to a single available slot that any of three different idols can earn, and they’re just about ready to go! Let’s get it o– wrestling! Continue reading


Friendly Friday Fun Fever!

Oh hey, would you look at that, I managed to pull myself away from Splatoon 2 and Guso Loss long enough to write this week’s Friday Fun!

Here’s last week’s entries:

You know what today is? Well, the day this gets published, anyway. It’s the day after my birthday! I’m officially way too old to ever have my imaginary idol debut! But I’m at my peak for graduation! Yay.

So how about a more personal-ish theme this week? And by personal I mean let’s refer to a TV show that pretty much defined my teenage years, some obscure 90’s show called Friends. Continue reading


Here’s a Wonder Lander Interview … en français!

I’m clearly not the only person in the West who likes idols and also likes to write about idols and who also wishes more people would get into Wonder Lander — Passion Idol, from the francophonie, is right there with me. Yeah, it’s in French, but that’s way easier to read via machine translation than Japanese. Also, give Gru! a follow!

Taper ce titre me fait l’effet d’une consécration. Maintenant que c’est dit, passons au reste, au plus conventionnel : bonjour à tous, je suis très heureuse de vous retrouver pour un nouvel article ! Celui-ci, bien plus que les autres, est assez spécial puisqu’il s’agit d’une Interview, format jusqu’alors inconnu au bataillon. C’est un petit […]

via Interview : Wonder Lander — PASSION IDOL

Also, because I will start breaking arms if more of you all don’t get behind Wonder Lander, I’m going to force-feed you this awesome playlist:

They’re great, okay!


100 Days of Tsurezure, Days 80-81: Slacktastic

I missed another 100 Days, and this time just because of regular work, not crappy external things. Oh well. We actually missed something cool (or you probably saw it anyway, whatevs):

New outfits! That look … different! Like Maison-Book-Girl-meets-BiSH different!


I’m trying to think of a quartet of Codomomental performers that wouldn’t be dangerously weird. Megumi, Mene, Tsuyame and one of the guys from Gauche? I really have no idea.

Another all-company show in two weeks!

All right. Members? Members. Continue reading


Stuff Like This Is Why Q’ulle Is So Cool

These videos were making the rounds yesterday after the former Danceroids released them and people all kind of collectively went OOOOOOHHHHHHH; I was too busy being a dumb jerk at work to share then, but I’m ready now!

So if you’ve picked up Q’ulle’s newest single, “DRY AI”, which you should have done because Q’ulle’s worth your time and money, you know “PARTY ROCK!!!!” already; if you have not, this song may be a new one for you:

Continue reading


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I Think I Want Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen’s New Album

I feel like I didn’t even know that YKG was coming out with an album soon, but it had been a good long while since their last album (though not that long since we last looked in on them) — maybe if Phillter, the world’s greatest Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen fan, weren’t so busy being all living and working in Japan and stuff, I’d have known about this earlier!

Anyway, NOTE4 dropped the other day (fittingly, their fourth album, following NOTE3, their, uh, third), and here’s the trailer:

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Queen of the Scene Preliminaries, Day 4!

Homicidols Maniac is met by a roar of boos when his face appears on the Titantron

Yesterday, huh? It’s a real shame that the referee completely missed that outside interference and use of foreign objects in the Blindfold Triple Threat. Congratulations to Yuna and Hanako-san nonetheless!

Things wind to a close today, and the field is practically set. Are you ready to ru– not get sued into oblivion? Continue reading


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I Can’t Help but Share the Newest from Oomori Seiko

I was super busy yesterday, gang, to the point that I was still at the ol’ office until a couple of hours after closing. I’d warned the usual suspects that I wasn’t going to be able to be very chatty, and I even turned off my Gchat notifications (which, if you know me, WHAT). It was awful. The only thing to do was to queue up some Bandcamp and Soundcloud favorites and get through a butt-ton of work.

Just before leaving, I decided to take a quick look at Twitter. I’m very glad that I did!

For the uninitiated, that’s Oomori Seiko, living legend and “patron saint of idols.” And, for once, I’m going to go out of my way to talk about a release of hers. Continue reading


Queen of the Scene Preliminaries, Day 3!

A hush falls over the arena as Homicidol Maniac takes a somber stroll to the ring.

I know. I know! Maybe you don’t consider it an upset that Yurapiko took down Yuimetal in the Whirlwind Smile-off DEATH MATCH, but I do; it seems like ol’ Babymetal just doesn’t have the same cache that they used to.

A sudden flash! bang! of light, and Su-metal appears at the top of the ramp!

“Everybody knows that you’ve rigged this competition against me, Homicidol Maniac, but I pledge victory to all the little kitsunes out there!”

Isn’t that precious? Well, without further ado, let’s get into today’s action! Continue reading


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Is This a New Yurimaru Track?

Update: Jordan with the info!

You guys who are bigger fans of Hirano* Yuri than me (Jordan, I’m looking in your direction), help me out. She added this rocking little corker to Soundcloud last night, and I don’t recall having heard it before, but that apparently doesn’t mean anything because I miss lots of stuff:

I mean, I don’t even have an analog for that much bounce. Supergrass, but with the singer from Letters to Cleo? No idea. Continue reading