Your Best of 2017 Pre-nominees Need You to Mercilessly Cut Them Down

Welcome to the not-quite-final stage of the Best of 2017 process! Kerrie has done the lord’s work, and we’ve managed to compile a pretty thorough (but, one could say, still not thorough enough) collection of nominees for the traditional categories. While we definitely need to cut, we also probably need to include some more recent stuff, or items that slipped through the cracks. And that’s where you all come in!

Here’s how this is going to work:

  • “2017” actually means “December 2016-November 2017”. A handful of people who complained about the process last year will still fail to grasp the concept of impermanence.
  • Between right this very second and COB next Saturday, use these pre-nominations to list your top 5 per category.
  • You can do this in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook.
  • Yes, you can still add new nominations.
  • This is a popularity contest! If you want something to win, make sure that your friends are involved and pre/voting, too.
  • To be representative, it’s one per group per category; come at me, WACK people.
  • We’ll tally up the pre-vote and put out a final call for new nominations before …
  • Real voting happens the week of Dec. 11.
  • Are there door prizes this year? Hopefully! It depends on the generosity of our friends.

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Seven Minutes Enduring a Zenkimi Surprise

This is the life of the fancy idol blogger:

“Oh, all right, Zenkimi’s doing the announcement thing at the ass crack of dawn. Cool, cool. Maybe a song teaser? That’d be fun. … No, wait, that’s not the usual pattern for them, and they always say it’s a twitcast if it’s going to be a twitcast … OH GAWD NO, THIS IS IT, MASHIRO’S LEAVING, ISN’T SHE? THIS WAS HOW THEY TALKED ABOUT MENE. NO WAIT I BET IT’S YOTSU SHE WAS ALWAYS SO LAZY ABOUT IT.”

And then you remember that idol is the stupidest hobby in the world, easily the least rewarding, but also so fleetingly very rewarding: Continue reading

So Apparently Yajima Mai Grants Wishes

The other day, in a playful mood, I did this:

Some people did it, too! Those are people who understand that Yajima Mai, who is incredibly cool and epic, is incredibly cool and epic, and that we should all want full-length MVs from her.

Well, it only took a few days for her to release a teaser: Continue reading

This New One from Diamondollfy Absolutely Rips

Happy Monday morning, everybody! Thanks to everybody who’s been adding their voice to the Best of 2017 cut-down. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of work to get down to just the tippy-top best … and then we complicate it by allowing anything that makes it in by the end of November to qualify. It’s like re-undoing your own work!

Speaking of late entrants, perhaps you’ll be moved by this latest piece from Diamondollfy, who only continue to improve:

It’s even called “Irony Dystopia”! Amazing

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At Last! Visual Confirmation of the Existence of Sola Sound

Anybody else remember a little while ago when I put out a bounty for video of Sola Sound, who’ve spent at least a year being some kind of unreachable, inaccessible idol object who nonetheless are on like every bill in the greater Tokyo metro area at once? Well, it turns out that they earned that bounty themselves, because their official YouTube channel sprang to life this morning and gifted the world with a live clip of “no doubt”:

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You Can and Maybe Should Get the New REGiNA KiSS Singles Today

So for the handful of individuals other than John and me who pay attention to poor, benighted REGiNA KiSS, you may be aware that they’re simul-releasing their third and fourth singles literally right now (or, rather, have already, because Sunday is now over in Japan because spheres). Other than all of the times when I definitely tell you what you should be doing, I’m not going to tell you what to do (on the presumption that you’re an adult and have agency), but I will tell you that you need to at least give this multi-preview a listen. REGiNA KiSS tends to surprise people who put in the effort!

That listen:

As you might imagine, I’m endorsing the fourth single, “Ikenai xxx” for the sole reason that the B-side (of course it’s the B-side) cranks. I’m sure that its actual subject matter makes sense with the title, but there ain’t a single 50/50 thing about that — it’s just loud and going for it.

Thank you for humoring me and for giving REGiNA KiSS a chance. You may all go back to whatever it is that you like to do on your Sundays.

Wherein I Renew My Attempt to Win More Fans for Himegami CRISIS

I have some stuff to post, you guys. Stuff people might not like! We could wind up with another comments situation like the WACK election, or the Facebook disbelief in the inherent importance of Poppy (which, boo); it could get even worse! Which, fine. There are worse things in the world than people disagreeing with you/me on the Internet.

What I will not stand for, however, is opposition to the whatever-you-want-to-call-it that is Himegami CRISIS, who are awesome, who graced the world with this: Continue reading

Oshi Digest #14: Hilarity

Oshi makes really pfunny jokes!

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This Is What’s Actually Going on in That New Maison Book Girl MV

All right, at this point, I don’t think that I need to set up the MV for Maison Book Girl’s “cotoeri,” but it’s kind of essential to the point of this whole thing, and perpetuity is as good a reason as anything to post stuff even after the fact, so:

The lyrics are dope af, though

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Your Homicidols Weekender #53

We made it back to the weekend! Gah, what a hi-lo week in idol. I did think it was funny how hard the idol news cycle bit on the Ladybaby thing, though. For some reason, anything that happens with that projects has always been like chum in seawater.

There’s a lot coming up today. Like, volume-wise. Like, Best of 2017-wise, from whose process Kerrie already smartly knocked off a week but still feels like an interminable slog just to allow you, the fans, a chance to vote. Remember: DEMOCRACY DOESN’T WORK.

That’s still a little while away yet — gotta fix some mistakes that I made last night. In the meanwhile, go read about the Poppy experience, or familiarize yourself with the WACK Election (which we all complained about and then immediately rushed to participate in), play the Fun, etc. It’s gonna be great!

Year 2, Huh?


What is even happening with C-Style anymore?

This guy!

mistress new logo!

Sayonara to Spark Roadshow:

It’s not too late to catch Minna no Kodomo-chan on YUNIKA VISION:

Aphrodite, who are apparently now a trio, are promoting a new single and have incredible alternative cover art:

Some of ex Guso Drop are in this MV:


Okay, RHYMEBERRY, we get it, you can release a lot of MVs in a week:

Remember when:


I really wish that BIRTH would release something for me to enjoy entirely too much:


Somebody help me get to this:

Hey, look who’s on Bandcamp now!

Good to see that my girl Samitsu Misa is still alive enough to do weird things on Twitter:

Alloy with a trailer for their one-man DVD:

The enigmatic boss at RABBITS Lab posted a video game playthrough?

Thank you, John, for pointing out that true idol joy is but a fleeting, evasive thing, and barely known heavy af regional units with a mere handful of wota are the sorrowiest of them all:

I have this weird theory that Fumika here is secretly the Party Rockets GT manager and also at least 28 years old:

Now this is how you review an album:

A-to-J with BAND-MAID:

The actual best thing about this Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da video isn’t their dress, and it isn’t the kawaii; it’s Yotsu’s hair:

Emi has, I think, stopped her daily ice cream videos, but she’s now in re-runs:

Few things in the world are as wonderfully reliable as Kindan no Tasuketsu uploading weird little tracks to Soundcloud:

Have a bonkers weekend!

That’s right; NICKELBACK