It Doesn’t Take Much to Get Me to Post THE SPUNKY

I spied this on Twitter last night, just a couple of minutes of THE SPUNKY, live, doing their thing in wholly different outfits than their previous punk-meets-idol look:

Apparently also big fans of Fresno State football and/or football players named Fresno!

Say, THE SPUNKY fans, do you happen to know of any new stuff happening soon?


Know Your BiStory #2: BiSimulation

The penultimate entry in the Know Your BiStory countdown brings us back to @weeaboowitch, the megafan responsible for “STUPiG” and the BiS Audition Hunger Games. Check out her art at

According to Google, “bisimulation” is “a binary relation between state transition systems, associating systems that behave in the same way in the sense that one system simulates the other and vice versa.” But if you’re not a computer scientist, BiSimulation is the song where we said our farewells to Wakisaka Yurika, Terashima Yufu and the famed Quintet lineup as a whole (but mainly Wacky, since it wasn’t until after the single was released that Yuffy finally got sick of Pour Lui’s nonsense and followed her dreams of being a catgirl). Continue reading


At Last! Kitakaze Impact Choque! Drops a New MV

It actually happened yesterday, but I was a butt and didn’t get to publish and had a hellish workday, and then I figured, “Why not Tuesday? Tuesdays suck.” So here you go, fresh Kitakaze Impact Choque!(.)

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The BiS Audition Finalists Are Here!

On the eve of Pour Lui’s BiS Audition Final Boot Camp Special (not to be confused with the BiS Audition Hunger Games; also nor as fun, probably), BiS has announced a small army of finalists who … I think they’ve been paying attention to us, you guys:

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Know Your BiStory #3: PPCC

For #3 in the Know Your BiStory countdown, we return to Idol Is Shit‘s Garry MacKenzie for a look at … well, look at it!

“PPCC,” if not the most important (“Nerve” is of course a thing), is one of the most important releases that the original BiS put out. My reason for believing this is simple, it was their major label debut under Avex Trax. Up until that point, BiS had been killing it on the indies and with their anti-establishment message it was somewhat surprising to see them sign to a major label. How their career panned out after that is a debatable subject (I will fight you), but there’s really no denying the historical significance of this single.

Read the whole thing. If you haven’t had enough sex and violence yet in this series, maybe “PPCC” will round things out for you.

/looks at schedule

Nope! Still got plenty more of that!


We Review Things: Yukueshirezutsurezure | ‘Six Fall Roar’ / ‘A Drama with Nietzsche’

Though the digital files for the three tracks on this double-A side from tortured yami-kawaii nymphs Yukueshirezutsurezure found their way into my inbox, I ultimately didn’t have time to handle a review. Fortunately for us all, Tsurezure mega-fan Phillter, who is now living the dream in Japan, was more than happy to step to the plate.

Cover art for double A-side single "Six Fall Roar" / "A Drama with Nietzsche" by Japanese yami-kawaii idolcore group Yukueshirezutsurezure

That one band with a super long name, Yu-something-something. The little sisters of the Queens of Yami-Kawaii, Zenbu Kimi no Sei da.

If you frequent this site (or the Idol Metal communities in general), then you should be very familiar with this band of four. When they first marched on the scene back in late 2015, no one quite knew what to think of them, but the general consensus was that they were something to keep an eye on. The name alone was something to stick with you … if you could pronounce it!

The haunting, lilting melodies that suddenly threw the listener into a panic with growled vocals and screams of frustration and rage were a combination no other band in the genre had attempted to quite that extent before. It was that combination of lullaby and nightmare fuel that intrigued many a fan, including yours truly, to become an Aquamarine (the name of their fans). So it will be no big surprise when I say that I loved this record. Continue reading


New Avandoned MVs Always Make Me Smile

Professional Zooey Deschanel cosplayers Avandoned continue to be my personal guilty pleasure, in this case for popping out an MV that looks like a night of helpfully animated, musically themed adventure.

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Get That Yanakoto Sotto Mute Live Experience

Have I failed to make it abundantly clear that I am way beyond excited about the existence of Yanakoto Sotto Mute? In any way?

One enterprising YouTuber went above and beyond at Yanamyu’s live last Thursday, recording their full set and sharing the video with the world. If you’re in the mood for some grungy alt-idol, or are a time traveler from 1994 and wonder if Japan has yet managed to mash up the hottest sounds of your normal today with pop singers, you’re in the right place. Continue reading


Ayumikurikamaki Just Refuse to Slow Down

I want to make sure that nobody misses this pretty nice bit of news:

New single! And a mini-tour to promote it! “Traveling Song”? or something like that? “Tabidachi no Uta.” Good times. Continue reading


Know Your BiStory #4: nerve

We enter Know Your BiStory’s home stretch with what may as well be the alt-idol anthem: You ain’t done shit if you ain’t done “nerve.” Our man boans steps back up to the plate; if you like him, this is how you make friends.

nerve is one of BiS’ best known songs. It’s a fan favorite that was performed at every BiS concert (as an opener, a closer, an encore, sometimes many times in a row), and there’s a good chance it was the first BiS song you ever heard. With multiple studio recordings, and official videos from the very beginning and very end of the BiS timeline, the different versions of nerve each have different nuances that mark different points in their career.

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