The Only Thing Missing from JyuJyu’s MV Is Repetitive Murder



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News Brief: American Music Festival Makes Incredible Mistake

[Baltimore, Md., USA]
Following the announcement that GODFLESH will be replacing My Dying Bride as headliner of the annual extreme metal smorgasbord that is Maryland Deathfest, festival co-founder Ryan Taylor released a follow-up statement.

“Evan [Harting, fellow co-founder] messaged me a few hours after tickets went on sale to let me know that we’d somehow missed out on two up-and-coming Japanese acts. NECRONOMIDOL and Broken By The Scream have been making such huge waves all around the world, and they’re perfect for MDF, and I completely dropped the ball.

“Such an oversight. I mean, we’ve included Melt Banana; what the hell was I thinking.”

When reached for additional comment, the incredibly intelligent MDF coordinator, who is almost as tasteful as he is attractive, said, “The thing is, if I’d known about the sick dual vocals in ‘Love is a maiden’s cry’ or the chilly black bleakness of ‘ITHAQUA’ before, I’d have reached out months and months ago.

“The concept of MDF is simple: to bring to the United States the best and most extreme bands the underground has to offer. MDF is a showcase of what extreme music, both new and old, is capable of. With an emphasis on diversity, the festival brings together the very best death metal, grindcore, doom, thrash, hardcore, black metal, and experimental bands from all around the world. The diversity of the lineup is only surpassed by the diversity of MDF’s rabid fan base.

“Unfortunately, this year’s lineup is set, so NECRONOMIDOL and Broken By The Scream will just have to wait until 2019. And what’s this about a Hanako-san?”

Harting, who could previously be heard bellowing his drunken sorrow in the background, jumped onto the line. “HOMICIDOLS WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”, apparently referencing, the additionally apparent source of his learning of NECRONOMIDOL and Broken By The Scream.

Representatives of NECRONOMIDOL and Broken By The Scream could not be reached for comment by press time.

Reading Lolisyn: Cautiously Optimistic

Caveat: The original title of this post was “Oh, for Fuck’s Sake”, so be thankful that a few minutes’ worth of messing around before writing got me to dial it back a bit

Say, remember Lolisyn? Like, in their way one of the early chika icons? That was terribly, inexplicably disbanded completely out of the blue, and had a final live for the ages? And then was announced as 564 REBOOT barely a month later, with a lineup that could have been described as an underground all-star team? And that immediately lost one of its key members? And then did a tiny handful of lives before the usual idol group troubles got the whole thing canceled before most people had a chance to even get used to its existence, which would have been difficult even on an infinite timeline because they almost never performed?

Well, it’s happening again.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #66

Hello friends! I hope you, too, can feel the creeping onset of spring while still enjoying the Winter Olympics, which are almost the best Olympics (the best being Idolympics). Your friendly neighborhood Maniac will be enjoying this … uh, chilly and rainy day. ISN’T FEBRUARY THE WORST?

You know the drill, right? First things first, you’re going to go play the Fun. Then you’re going to strap in for one of the weirdest Weekenders yet!


This is incredibly huge news for sora tob sakana:

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Thanks, GANG PARADE, Now My Brain Is Bleeding

GANG PARADE is killing it; it is known. Also known — that this song was recalling a little bit more of the earlier days of the group, more Pla2me than anything. It got the Soundcloud release treatment a little while back, and most folks took it as a net positive anyway, and were excited for the “BREAKING THE ROAD” A-side (which is excellent).

Whether an MV was inevitable, that’s debatable, but seeing it leaves me contemplating the inevitability of death and why I need to medicate less when gross bugs are going around the office:

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The (Great) New PassCode Song Is after the Old-new PassCode Songs

I like to tease PassCode, mostly because I really like them, and good-natured ribbing of one’s nearest-or-at-least-dearest is a time-honored tradition. How many hours of raw enjoyment did I wring out of their first two albums and accompanying singles, and how formative were they in my more natal Maniac period? Much, is the answer. So yes, I made fun of Locus a little bit, only to reverse course and decide that yeah, it’s probably going to be hot, and … well, the fuller trailer’s here, showing off those re-recordings with far more gusto, and if you skip toward the last 30 or so seconds … Continue reading

What You Got for Us, Bonpara?

Well, it’s this song! I’m in a hurry, and details are scant (though go follow Bonpara on Soundcloud), and John already did it, so. However, when you listen to it, tell me if you also come to the conclusion that the writer was at the very least heavily influenced by Parallel/PLIC PROCK/amphetamines.

I have been a big supporter and follower of 煩悩Paradox since pretty much the beginning. When they restructured the group from a three girl unit to a five girl unit it was a move in the right direction. Now we get to finally listen to what seems to be a CD ready song.

via 煩悩Paradox – 世ツ討ち (Soundcloud) — Straight From Japan

The Friday Fun You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Good day everyone! I’m sorry I totally forgot about #IdolValentines and so Maniac had to do it! Well, too late now. Here’s what should have been #IdolValentines last week:

Speaking of me and screw-ups, I had a bit of a mind-jumble last week on Twitter, when it was suggested to do a clickbait-inspired Friday Fun, but I could have sworn we already did that! And yet, when I looked it up, there was no record of it!

Pictured, me

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I Want to Say That Wagamama Rakia’s New Single Is Pretty Good

You may know by now that “Trash?” is out, in stores, at venues, etc.:

I kept hoping that the release would coincide with an obligatory MV release; Wagamama’s starting to push up and out more, gaining followers and attaching to other notables in the chika world, so it made sense (to me) to make a bit more of the release, try to generate some buzz, etc. What they teased out today does not obviate a possible video for the A-side, and it’s a nice preview nonetheless! Continue reading

The Newest AQBI Entity Is Bizarrely Familiar

A year ago, we were all still getting used to the post-Bellheart reality of There There Theres taking over the raven wings, MIGMA SHELTER just getting started with Kanra (re-christened YONEKO) in the lead, and Ayano setting off solo as CLOCK & BOTAN. It was pretty weird — Bellring Girls Heart had been one of those seminal chika scene entities, long-lived and possessing a singular, definitive set of look+sound. Of course even more tumult was to follow, but did anybody expect that the stable would continuously re-coalesce? I didn’t.

And yet, that’s what happened! Since Ayano’s new group project was announced, folks have waited for an idea of what was in store. We don’t know much yet, but now we do know (most of) the members. Thank you, Am I Bored?, for the note!

Say, those girls look very familiar …

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