It’s Time to Listen to Zenkimi Yotsu’s Solo Song

If you recall when Mashiro’s solo song was released a little while back, word went out that every member of Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da would have her own solo track. And then there weren’t any other solos, but Komachi from NSLE was included.

Well, it’s Yotsu’s turn. Be afraid.

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Oh Yeah, There Was Also New uijin Yesterday, Too

My bad! But give me a break, I’m away for work and paying approximately ~35 percent attention to everything.

In this case, Terry popped this live video into the Alt-Idol Facebook group, and I knew that I’d need to come back to it at some point.

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I Think We Need to Find a New Name for CY8ER

There was a nice little pop yesterday when CY8ER released this little member teaser video and people realized what they were seeing:

If you’re new, watch to the end …

… and if you still aren’t sure, I point you to this post from several months ago, which accidentally encompasses a similar feeling with the exact same person involved (and also reinforces the fact that you should never, ever listen to me).

But hey neat! The former BPM15Q continues to expand, Rinahamu looks increasingly like a human doll, the sound is all beats and synths and hip and cool and befitting a project called “CY8ER,” but I kept thinking about different kinds of epithets for Rina’s magnum opus. Continue reading


There’s a Lot Going on in the New Party Rockets GT

Such is the travail of business travel that you sometimes see cool things and then can’t do anything about it. Take for example this new video from Party Rockets GT, their eighth single, “START”:

PRGT has better songs, but I don’t know if they have one that so totally covers what they’re all about — the melody is extremely familiarly theirs, there’s this chugging guitar and driving beat overlaid with some of the sparkliest idol vocals you’ll ever hear. And, of course, their dance game is actively simple, and their outfits are winners (though I prefer their blacks), and … look, why aren’t more of you people behind Party Rockets? Continue reading


And the Award for Most Intense Group Harsh Vocal Goes To …


Wait for it

Sorry, I had way too much stupid fun with this last night. I sincerely wished that, rather than a hotel in a large Texas metropolitan area, I was instead near a mixing board so I could do nothing but sample and loop that descent into madness. Continue reading


This One Step Closer to Industrial Idol Is Intoxicating

If we’ve ever interacted much on Twitter or Facebook, you know that my personal white whale is an idol project that actually goes full-on industrial — I’m talking the really filthy, heavy, distorted electronic gamut rum between NIN and Ministry and all the way out to Fear Factory. I want this, as it would tie a neat little bow around idol’s ability to genuinely do everything.

This isn’t quite there, but it’s close:

Thanks, Pure Idol Heart!

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I Review Things: Yanakoto Sotto Mute | ‘BUBBLE’

I look back on when I first heard Yanakoto Sotto Mute. It was months before Bellring Girls Heart was announcing its kind-of end, and a sister unit coming into being felt like a nice move; give Bellheart a sidecar, and oh look they do grunge and stuff, that’s appropriate and … damn, that one girl there can sing like the dickens, huh? And these songs are pretty powerful!

Two EPs and about a year later, there’s a distinct feeling of change around the whole thing. BRGH took a break and got a new name and a bunch of new members, and it may be that the student has become the master. Or is the Yanamyu thing really just a bunch of hype? On to the review!
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If You’ve Wondered about Chemical Reaction Lately, Here’s What’s Happening

Happy Monday, you goofs! I hope you had a good weekend; I began a very long bit of time away from home for a very important conference for Day Job’s line of work, and there’s a good chance that you’ll see this at about the time that I’ll be making a fairly significant presentation. It’s been on my mind a lot! But idol doesn’t sleep, and I’d frankly rather be listening to music and making fart jokes on the Internet than worrying about impressing a bunch of Leaders in the Field, so here I am with stuff for you!

In this case: Chemical Reaction! I was curious as to why hits from search were occasionally including “chemicari” lately; knowing that to be the shorthand for Chemical Reaction, I figured that they either had more fans that I reckoned (for the record: they should have lots of fans), or something was afoot and I should probably check in on them. It only took a couple of weeks!

As it turns out, the What isn’t something new, but little releases from a record they put out as a venue-only release a couple of months ago:

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Damn, Spark Speaker’s Next Song Rocks

I was absolutely shocked to find out just now that I’ve never done a single blessed thing with Spark Speaker (Twitter), and that I was completely disconnected from their whole thing for reasons unknown (see below), but that’s okay, we’re here now. Lee shared their latest song in the Idolmetal group yesterday, and hell yes, let’s do it.

This is being released ahead of their first one-man, coming up on May 3. I’m presuming that they’ll do the whole song there; it’d be kind of weird otherwise. Continue reading


Did You Guys Catch the Newest Maison Book Girl Video?

This sucker has gotten posted around a little, but it didn’t seem to generate the normal level of buzz (because Saturday?), and I only saw that it existed because I stumbled over their Twitter while looking for something else.

But “sin morning”! It definitely sounds just like every other Maison Book Girl song; you big ol’ fans will no doubt embrace it anyway, and people like me who like MBG more as a theoretical thing will look at those lyrics and nod sagely, and people who make fun of them for releasing the same song over and over again … we can all be right, you know? Such is the power of Megumon.

Maison book girl 'sin morning' from suzkikenta on Vimeo.

I shared the Vimeo version because that’s what I saw first, and also, I don’t know if I’ve ever shared a Vimeo embed here before

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