Brighten Your Mood with NECRONOMIDOL Live

It’s chilly and rainy and dreary here in the national capital region, folks, and it’s Inauguration Day, so an area that knows gridlock all too well is completely off the rails. What better time for some NECRONOMIDOL?!

This video’s from their live on the 7th; it’s not the New Dark Age Dawns show, but it might still be the first time you’re seeing Himari and/or Rei live.

I love you, Necroma

Also, check out this shirt from their DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH show coming up in a couple of weeks: Continue reading



I know that I’d seen some of you all talking about this cool little project on Facebook at some point, and then they popped up again a few weeks ago and I’d been meaning to them anyway, and this is as good a time as any.

So! KIRAKIRA GERIRA (Twitter). I think the covert art from their first single sums things up pretty well:

What do they sound like? Continue reading


A Full Marathon of Friday Fun

Kerrie time! We originally had different plans for today, and we’ll get to them, but yesterday’s announcement got folks all up in a froth, and this seemed like a much cooler idea.

Happy Friday, everyone! Last week, Hanako-san destroyed things, and it was violent as expected. Lets have a look back at her trail of destruction.

Speaking of things we’d like Hanako-san to destroy, Watanabe has only gone and pissed off the fanbase (and very likely BiS themselves) with his latest stunt, in which he merged all the horrible things he’s inflicted onto his idols over the course of his career into one big human rights violation lawsuit waiting to happen. And the fandom (myself included tbh) are furious. Continue reading


This Magic 81moment

I can pun on classic songs all day, kids

How about some idorock! Nope, that’s not a question. Our pal Pure Idol Heart had sent me some video of 81moment a while back, and I kept waiting for a good opportunity to show them off, and I’m in a mood and it turns out that their first single is now on the way.

Want to hear “UTAGEI?” Of course you do: Continue reading


You Review Things: Party Rockets GT | “Time of Your Life”

Cover of Party Rockets GT's Time of Your Life album

A few weeks ago, our pal dofphoto was like, “I can do reviews” and I was like “show me” and he was like “okay.” I’m not rescinding the pleasure responsibility necessarily, but I also know that other folks have a tendency to get music that I don’t, and is nothing if not service-oriented. And so, after some negotiating, here’s dofphoto!

I have a long fan history with Party Rockets. In particular, Yoshiki Haruka. From the dark back part of the stage, Haruka stepped out into the light and took control of what could have been an international rock/pop group. Unfortunately, the trend for graduations within the Party Rockets camp left Haruka and Fumika abandoned to the point that Fumika publicly cried, voicing uncertainty about the future of their beloved group and the fantastic songs they would leave behind. Continue reading


Somebody Please Explain What I Just Watched


Go ahead. I’ll wait

Okay. Continue reading


Oh FFS, BiS Is Doing a Marathon Now, Too


I was like, “Oh, message from the boss, that’s not good, I hope …” and then it was a bunch of mundane thoughts and then Watanabe’s like “we have a day off, how about a 100km marathon?” Continue reading


That Was Incredibly Fast: Mashiro Goes from DEEP GIRL to CY8ER without Breaking a Sweat

It took more time to unravel the sudden withdrawal of DEEP GIRL’s (now) former leader (and original Monday Match Game loser) than it did for her to suddenly reveal the real reason for her immediate not-even-a-graduation — because she was joining Rinahamu’s post-BPM15Q project, CY8ER.

Making her bare-faced debut:

Chilling with DJ younaP:

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This Thursday Hurtsday Offering Is a Two-way Blast from the Past

Good for you, Rivers Phoenix, for finding this lovely gem from Shizukaze & Kizuna, a song they released all the way back in 2013 and just put out a video for late last year:

“That’s a really cool song!” you exclaim, and you’re right, it is; there’s a lot of good metal things happening in there. And this group, they were at JAM and other pretty big events … how is it that we haven’t heard of them? Continue reading


We Just Lost a Source of Purchase from Japan

This is a really weird situation, and possibly kind of a fluid one, so bear with me.


This is true. I don’t know if I’m allowed to share the message itself, so I won’t, but a fan who wanted to buy BiSH’s Less Than Sex tour final DVD via Amazon Japan found that they couldn’t; upon contacting the company, they were informed (in English!) that “the item is only available for domestic orders due to the restrictions of the music production company that sells this DVD.”

That’s talking about Avex, and Avex seems to have a problem with sales abroad. Continue reading