Let’s Also Enjoy This Song from 143!

There still isn’t any time, and in fact this is being rapidly thrown together a good while before the time it will publish because there’s no time! But it’s a fun new song from 143, which qualifies as something worth blogging a post about all on its own, and also because there’s more context.

First, the song!

Here are your lyrics, because this is the timeline that we’re in now, it’s all Soundcloud and Twitter lyric sheets:

They also published lyrics for something that … well:

Now, for what it’s worth, I have no idea why these two songs, given the following context of the simultaneous release of the group’s first two singles, neither of which includes either of these tracks:

Idol is amazing.

Let’s Enjoy This NEO JAPONISM Song!

I miss time. It’s a nice thing to have! Lack of it keeps me from many things anymore. Thankfully, the gods invented things like YouTube and Soundcloud, so I don’t need all the time to keep up with everything, and can sometimes even do it on the go. Like, for instance, this very nice rock song from NEO JAPONISM, who you will recall do lots of nice rock songs in that inimitable way that only idols can. Let’s listen together!

They debuted this song the other day. Here are lyrics: Continue reading

Marionet Isn’t Slowing Down One Bit

Now that they’ve officially debuted, one could forgive Marionet for going into the usual routine of doing lots of gigs and even performing new songs but not really putting things out into the digital world for broader distribution, seeing as how the crux of idol always falls to the live experience. But no! There’s yet another new song, and it is good and it makes me feel like, of all the good new things moving around in idol these days, this one might have some staying power.

Just a nice, mature song. And, as I mentioned, they debuted the other day; here’s a live clip, even:

Proving that they’re real!

Yeah, I don’t know if this is the best debut of the year, but it’s certainly among the most aggressive and enjoyable. Keep doing you, Marionet.

This GARUDA MV Is Everything I’ve Ever Wanted

I am a man of varied, but simple, tastes. I like savory foods and funny movies and boozy drinks and contact sports and loud music. I like most of these things best when I’m the one doing them, save for the loud music part, as I am not blessed with such skills; instead, I like when loud music is performed in unique and interesting ways, like by Japanese girls screaming into microphones. Hence, this whole idol business, and this whole Homicidols thing. For almost two years did I delve deeply into idol, chika and otherwise, discovering and sharing and thinking and celebrating, before putting HTML to Internet. I thought I knew all there was and would be.

There were idols of all shapes and sizes, of all genres and styles. Some did great, others less so. Some seemed to even transcend ideals, as they blended and offended elements until they had a thing that was all their own. And still, there were holes! The most notable, for me, was industrial. Yes, I spent a long stretch of time declaring for the world to know that an industrial idol, even a reasonable facsimile of the same, was my Most Wanted, my white whale. If I could have that, I could consider the loudol circle closed.

And then GARUDA, the ball of dangerous creativity otherwise known as Yuffie, answered the bell. Her first real-deal single has been available for purchase for a hot minute, and now we get the real-deal MV for it: Continue reading

This Weekend Is Your Last Chance to Catch Oyasumi Hologram (and NECRONOMIDOL) in the USA This Year

The title says it all! If you’re within a three-hour drive of New York City or a … 34-hour drive of Philadelphia, and you’re somehow still on the fence about going to see Oyasumi Hologram, NECRONOMIDOL and a host of support acts between today and tomorrow, then friend, I will help. As they say in the world of fancy writing people (like me!), show, don’t tell.

Here’s last night’s gig:

No video of Necroma, which is fine, given the difficulty of capturing photographic images of things without souls, though still photos abound!

(Also, Rei’s solo gig)

Get off your butt. Go do cheki with these people. MIX for a second and have a whole bunch of beers first if that’s what it takes. It’s Sari and Hina’s final show that you’re probably going to have a chance to see — why would you miss that!

915 Wyckoff Ave, Ridgewood, NY 11385
1:00 p.m.
Appearing: Rei Imaizumi from Necronomidol (Solo set), Opus. Travelers, Mevius, Lovespread, Miwa Gemini, Krimewatch, Late Cambrian, Oyasumi Hologram, NECRONOMIDOL

Tomorrow: PhilaMoca, Philadelphia, PA
531 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19123
8:00 p.m.
Appearing: Mevius, Lovespread, Oyasumi Hologram, NECRONOMIDOL

Homicidols Dot Com is clearly involved in the promotion of this tour, and still for zero renumeration!

Irohani Decoupage: Kotetsu Goes Blue

Codomomental love to tie loose ends before the year comes to a close. With Tsuyame’s recent departure, Not Secured, Loose Ends lineup changed again, with fans (okay, me) fearing another hiatus while hoping one of the auditonees will shine enough to be able to step into the group. While it’s impossible or undesirable to literally replace a member, Yukueshirezutsurezure is a very demanding group, taxing on screams for everyone on top of regular vocals.

And it seems a more-than-appropriate, refreshing person has stepped into the light. I have no doubt she’ll be great. The only hiccup? It’s Kotetsu from Kaqriyo Terror Architect.

Announced at Kaqriyo’s latest oneman live by their manager, Kotetsu will effectively transfer to Tsurezure on December 7. As one of the two founding members, it is hard for any fan to imagine what the Enfants Terribles’ vibe of Kaqriyo will change without the tiny bundle of joy and sunshine that is Kotetsu. Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #104

Good morning! Was anybody else paying attention to idol this past week? Like, am I completely off-base in thinking that, other than the things that yes of course we all noticed, very little of consequence happened? This was of course a benefit for ol’ Maniac, for my fancy newish Day Job has been eating up a lot of time and energy that I usually prefer to spend on girls in skirts who scream into microphones, and especially as we prepared for a Big Thing that happens early next week. So all in all, not a bad outcome! It would’ve been nice to have something better than the one genuinely big thing we did get, just for entertainment’s sake, but alas.

And now, the weekend. This is honestly my favorite time of year — crisp air, a chill in the wind, the smell of hearth fires, savory dishes, falling leaves. But actually the falling leaves are my nemesis, as Maniac Mansion is kind of out in BFE and what happens over a few weeks is all of the many, many trees drop their leaves in a pattern designed to tease and frustrate me, so back out there again today I will be to rake and blow those suckers into places where they will be retrieved by the county and not suffocating the rest of the living things. I’ll reward myself with some heavily alcoholic cider later.

May you have none of the above, nor devastating wildfires nor personal crises nor teeth-grinding election results to wait out. Relax! It’s Saturday. Play the Fun, idly pursue the idol game, and give yourself a chance to chill.

What Kind of Cider Now?

I had neither heart nor energy to try to make sense of why ex-HATEGLEAM SpookyTreat would release this after Halloween, so:

By the time I got a chance to listen to what looks like SAKA-SAMA’s final preview track, so much time had passed that … well:

Confession: PIIIIIIIN got me really hype about this announcement for a minute. It’s not that exciting!

Bad things afoot for Wonder Weed:

I defy you to find something more positive-sounding than this teaser clip from mishmash:

Great to have Weird Poppy back:

Still totally on board with Devil ANTHEM’s conversion to a full-time EDM unit:

Shiori is … not strong:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is SHINGEKI, who introduced us to their newbies:

And that’s all I got! This was a really lame week!

Hbd to the best mullet in music:

Here’s some live Gu-Gu LULU:

Why does everything in every Hanako-san tweet look threatening?

I never get enough opportunity to talk up Lovely Summer-chan, so take this and enjoy:

Just imagine how good this WEAR demo would sound if it weren’t a .midi:

Karin is leaving THE BANANA MONKEYS:

Every now and again, Trash-Up!! releases something that I can’t pin down but also can’t stop experiencing:

Screaming Sixties completely redefining “party bus”:

STARMARIE showing off why you should get their new single:

Idols need to stop naming things “never ending” whatever; it’s never true!

Shidare’s face!

Have a great weekend!

The Friday Fun Closest to an Actual Idol Fantasy League

Ohohohohohoho oh lordy! Last week, in the midst of oshi-loss, Supreme Nothing kindly took the reigns with his own dealio. Then right as I was starting to feel better one of my all-time non-Homicidol oshis had her own little announcement to make! HAHAHAHA, I don’t feel anything any more! (At least, not until Coco decides her time is up, which considering my luck with oshis this year will probably already have been announced 5 minutes before this post goes up)

Anyway, Supreme Nothing, why don’t you summarize last week’s Fun while I rip out my tear ducts!

Thank you Kerrie! Well, truth be told, “Idoween” wasn’t exactly the highest trending Friday Fun hashtag ever, it was kinda just me, Andrew, and Salem the Black Cat playing along. (sad trombone) But that’s okay cause for one thing, not every edition of the Fun needs to break the internet, and second, Salem is a funny-as-heck cat that never fails to crack me up. He would definitely win the #Idoween hashtag award if there was such a thing….

…and Andrew  shared some great costumes I overlooked!

Y’know, I always enjoy checking in every Friday to see what kind of wackiness (or WACKness) that Kerrie’s come up with, and now I feel like I appreciate how much work she puts into these hashtag fandom projects even more!  (Here’s where I cue up Carly Simon’s James Bond theme from the 80’s….  “Nooooobody does it better…..”) 

Thanks as always, Kerrie, back to you!!

Aaah, that’s better. Where were we? Oh right. Well, what else other than every idol I ever loved jumping ship, let’s see… -paper shuffles- Ah, right, the BiS League thing. That’s certainly a thing nobody ever wanted yet still gets forced upon us! Might as well make the best out of a bad situation (lord knows I’ve been doing it a lot lately). Continue reading

It’s the Exciting Stuff We Yearn for, BiSH

Of course, who cares what I think when BiSH is absolutely raking in cash for WACK, and the train seems to only keep accelerating. Look, it’s another video game tie-in (like right after making fun of that)! They’re like in all of the media! Even more than they used to be!

“stereo future”, the single, is out in December, but we get the video today:

Or, humorously, they shared the link late last night before the video had even officially published, leading lots of people* into I-didn’t-read-the-tweet-shut-up confusion. But it’s not something to miss, so of course I was up early for the express purpose of winding up wishing that I hadn’t done that. Continue reading

Here’s Your All-new New Candye Syrup

Well if this isn’t a pleasant surprise — after graduating all of their original members post a final show right here in the good ol’ USA, Candye Syrup is back. Or, more accurately, a unit called Candye Syrup is back, because these are totally new Candye Syrup members:

Thank you for the English tweets! Continue reading