There There There’s a Whole There There Theres Live to Watch

I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but here we are in the midst of yet another significant winter storm in the northeasterly quadrant of the United States (and probably also Canada!), though this one today is the first to bring appreciable snow to the National Capital Region. Everything is closed, and it’s just snowing-snowing-snowing. Perfect time to settle in for some idol live!

As it turns out, last night, There There Theres streamed a show on YouTube, I believe including filming for an MV for “Soil” (which is frankly incredibly overdue, but I digress), and it’s still alive and waiting for you to take it in, as you should do, right now, because There There Theres, now even more of a really-it’s-Bellring-Girls-Heart-with-some-adjustments thing going on what with all of the membership to-do, is genuinely one of the signature projects in the Chikaverse, and I will strong-arm people all day into at the very least appreciating what they do: Continue reading

SAKA-SAMA Brings The House Down In Their Own Unique Way

It’s something of a watershed for every idol group when they finally achieve a following that allows them to achieve their first headlining one-man show, and the hard work of being an upstart underground unit finally came together for SAKA-SAMA this past March 17!

The venue was packed with assorted fans of all types, including Soze NakamuraAmamiya Miku (you may remember her as “Natsu” from Avandoned, and now she’s part of a quirky project called NaNoMoRaland Hiiro Moe of xoxo(Kiss&Hug) EXTREME in attendance, and of course the TRASH-UP!! Records staff lending their unique vibe to the event! If the gushing praise throughout the quirky corner of Twitter let us in on anything, it’s that the show completely charmed everyone in the venue. And to cap it off wonderfully, Machiko of Bon Voyaaz joined the group (in their new stage outfits!) for an in-the-round and non-amplified encore that really made the night special:

And if you’ve listened to SAKA-SAMA‘s debut EP, none of this is a terrible surprise because this release is simply fantastic. It’s been out for roughly a month now and remains in heavy rotation since the day I got it. Eclectic would be the first word to manifest in my mind, as it goes from electro-fuzz-garage-dance to twee-country-to spoken word to their signature wispy “lo-fi dreampop”.

I’m feeling quite comfortable that this delightful platter will indeed sit among my favorite releases when this year draws to a close. And they’re not done yet: A 45″ vinyl single will be among the hotly coveted items being unleashed for Japan’s Record Store Day. At this rate, we might be about to witness the summer of SAKA-SAMA!

And for further reading, (in Japanese) here’s an interview with TRASH-UP’s founders, taking about the magazine they created that eventually brought them into idol appreciation, and ultimately into creating their own group.

BONUS CLOSING VIDEO: Here’s Dr. Mahiru teaming up with Melon Batake A Go Go’s Soze (She’s EVERYWHERE!!) to enjoy some stage banter and sing a few songs, including covers of Dots and Bellheart. Enjoy!!

Have You Met DIABLE VOIX Yet?

If you haven’t, this is as good an intro as you’re going to get:

Now, to fill the question mark-shaped hole in your thought process (possibly!), that’s Haluka, who, if you’ve been around for a little while, was half of the only iteration of Lolisyn to date to have really mattered. Following her and Hiro’s bizarre, out-of-nowhere-and-yet-meticulous disbandment by PAC, she drifted around for a minute before joining the short-lived Mizuki Rin (ex-Lyric Holic) vehicle Psycho Predator, which … well, either you have an excellent memory of things that have shown up on Homicicol Dot Com a time or two, or you’re a truly dedicated denizen of the chika scene, or you’re part of the vast majority of human beings who have no idea what Psycho Predator even was. Halu, I think, was mostly brought on to bring fans, only for her to apparently take over the whole thing, whereupon Rin disappeared and Halu was left holding the bag. Continue reading

Oshi Digest #31: Gastronational

Oshi returned from her vital alliance-seeking mission vacation to India with what seems to be a newfound appreciation for food things; being a great fan of South Asian cuisine, I understand the feeling:

More notably, though, and hinted at in the above, is Oshi’s embrace of communication in English: Continue reading

Let’s Remember Some Idols: HALOPERI Doll

Welcome back, friends, to the wholly irregular and really-meant-to-fill-gaps-on-quiet-days feature known as Let’s Remember Some Idols! Today, we take a long look back to the halcyon days of 2016, when one of the most reliably loud and just as reliably unstable units in the game, HALOPERI Doll, called it quits.

This is what the world has been missing:

Clever dub

Continue reading

The WACK Expo Fallout: We Are All Incredibly Easy Marks

I didn’t watch the WACK Expo. After the thing had been announced, and the overall shape of the auditions made, it was pretty obvious how the whole shebang would be conducted and concluded, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I allowed myself to selectively enjoy the auditions from extra-afar, taking it all in via Twitter and the occasional side conversation; once my girl Trivago was finally, mercifully euthanized, I didn’t care enough to even do that.

When I woke up today, the event was all in the past. Things had been done, reactions had, tears shed, etc. Was Twitter buzzing? It sure was! Were the takes flying? They sure were!

And all according to plan. Like any good wota, this is our moment to MIX, to respond to the ainote, to play our part in the interactive ritual that is being an idol fan. We happily separate ourselves from our money to experience closely controlled environments of put-on cruelty and manicured triumphs. We call out the things that are bad or stupid, and hand over cash, attention and appearances of generalized support in exchange. We are all incredibly easy marks.

Anyway, what happened: Continue reading

Hanako-san, Please

Nobody, least of all the poor saps featured in the video below, is prepared for what Hanako-san (precisely, the 14th Generation Hanako of the Toilet!) is about to unleash upon the world.

Continue reading

The Homicidols Corenament Second Round

Friends, we are all witnesses to history, and the Corenament now has something over the actual NCAA (men’s) Tournament — after the University of Virginia ate a big ol’ bag of shit against the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (it’s a commuter school!) last night, a 16 seed has now topped a #1 in the Big Dance.

Not even we can claim that kind of bonkers-ness; the closest that we got in the first round was ayumikurikamaki, a #13, adding insult to Babymetal’s enduring run of indignity (in the eyes of a clear majority of idol fans, at least). Excitement!

By and large, though, the Corenament has held pretty close to chalk. And that’s what early rounds are for — clearing out the noise and determining who really actually belongs to be in the competition for the title. Hence, after one full Corenament round, our field looks like this:

Pretty okay! And I think we’re still on track for all four Bracket Boss’s top seeds to meet up in the Sweet Sixteen. Which, frankly, is boring. So, with the nominal consent of said Bracket Bosses, I decided that it was time to roll out our first wrinkle. I call it … the 32 Switcheroo! Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #70

Good morning, ding-dongs! Has anybody else been watching the basketball? The actual most ridiculous thing happened last night. Like, I’m completely unaffected by it, had no stake, but here I am in the morning completely incredulous that it happened. This isn’t even a setup for a bad joke about something like my alma mater winning/losing a game — just that a tiny honors university that’s an extension of a state university system did something that was supposed to be impossible, and with players who all looked like they just started to shave.

Oh, and Trivago was finally, mercifully really eliminated from the WACK audition. I think. Is she back yet?

I’ll of course be all over the ongoing drama as the auditions, the Tournament and the Corenament move on today, and it’s St. Patrick’s Day, upon which the not-Irish masses all use that one Scots-Irish great grandparent to present highly racialized caricatures, most notably drinking themselves blind. It’s a mess! This is why, as sensible people, you should play the Fun, do the dang Corenament, and focus on all of the good things that are presented to you below.

What’s This about Drinking Yourself Blind?

The new-look Dempagumi.Inc:

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I Review Things: Kaqriyo Terror Architect | “Cultural Mixing”

Hey, it’s a not-NECRONOMIDOL review! Yeah, that promise to write up some things in the queue, that didn’t pan out — I’m busy! — but, as soon as I saw that it was coming to Spotify, I knew that I wanted to hit up the latest from Codomomental’s latest. It only took six full listens to get here!

I’m going to preface this with: If you like your idol safe and predictable or on-brand, stay the heck away from Kaqriyo Terror Architect. On to the review! Continue reading