Get Your JAM On: Watch / Help Others Watch @JAMxNatalie EXPO

Day 1’s in the bag; here’s a playlist (being updated pseudo-regularly while I wrestle with technology).

Don’t give me crap about the quality on my stuff — I’m working with freeware here!

If you want to see Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s set. Codomomental is really strict on copyright claims for their live video, and I have one strike with them already, so.

The details for Day 2 break down like this: Continue reading


Gokigen Teikoku Just Increased Their Coolness Quotient

There’s a lot of general excitement in the idolsphere when it comes to The Artists Formerly Known as Ultimate Future Weapons mofu, or Gokigen Teikoku (Twitter), as they like to be called.

  • They went indie and changed their name
  • They tweet extensively in very good English and like to interact with fans in a plethora of languages
  • They clearly do whatever the hell they feel like

I’d been waiting for a good chunk of live video or, heaven forbid, an actual MV before touting them too extensively here, but then they went and forced my hand. Continue reading


There Are Two New Paint-peeling Tracks from Hoshina Fumimi

It wasn’t all that long ago that we first had a chance to look into Fumimi, part of the A-minor family that’s going through a bit of stuff these days, but all for the best in the end, I’m sure. Yesterday, she announced a pair of new songs that she’ll be unveiling live in October.

In true Daichi fashion, they’re up on Soundcloud with cool lyrics art:

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While You’re Waiting for @JAMxNatalie EXPO Video, Here’s a Treat

A small team of dedicated downloaders was hard at work throughout the night to record as much of the streams from LINE and as possible, and I’m sure the clips will start to appear soon. In the meantime, here’s 30 whole seconds of Pikarin being Pikarin.

Nice job, Shiina.


Masks Off! Malcom Mask McLaren Makes Me Malliterative Mometimes

What a terrible title, but I couldn’t help myself.

Anyway! I was flipping through the ol’ Twitter last night and remembered a disconcerting-looking tweet from MMM’s Mone several days ago, and thought I’d check in:

To newer people: When an idol tweets out images of written text, it is almost always a bad thing.

In addition to their second one-man held roughly 30 hours ago to celebrate their anniversary, they were holding a follow-up show “tonight” (now like four hours ago) to celebrate Nao’s birthday. How nice! Except that Nao’s tweets, when run through Twitter’s Bing translator that is mostly garbage, kept saying “thank you” (of course) and “departure” (NOOO!). Continue reading


BiSH Cannonball #3 Ready to View

Parts 1 and 2 in the strange competition recap sort of implied the rules of the game, and we kind of understand some of BiSH’s bizarre adventures. For Part 3 … well, famous people and penises and karaoke and stuff.

Can’t wait for Part 4 next week!


Babyraids Japan Just Distilled All of Idorock into One Song

It might not be the blow-your-hair-back power of NATASHA’s self-titled (dare I say almost pompous!) 6 minutes of fire, but, if you like not just idol rock, but actual idorock, then you should have this song in your life.

“Ride on IDOROCK” … why is so much of this song so familiar … Continue reading


Buckle up and Have Your First Listen to NATASHA

It turns out that our homicidol super group is pretty friggin’ super after all. Warning: Heads may be banged.

There’s a ton to love here in, uh, “Natasha.” Continue reading


This Week’s Gif Party Ushers in the #Idolpocalypse

This week’s feed:

Kerrie continues to tolerate my shenanigans — I swear, she’s starting to like this stuff. Remember to hit her up on Redbubble for your own unique idol merch!

Happy Friday, everyone! How was your week?

Last week’s gif party theme was #Badassbabymetal, in honour of Babymetal’s glorious performance at Tokyo Dome that didn’t bring any announcements whatsoever, but hey, at least nobody is graduating yet. Last week’s best gifs are below; for this week …

Speaking of graduations, this week’s theme is somewhat of a somber note. Why are all the idols disappearing at once?! If it’s not Saki leaving Guso Drop, its Tsubasa Fly and Koutei Camera Girl Zwei disbanding, and whatever the hell is going on with GANG PARADE at the moment. I can’t even blame the BiSwagon this time around. Zombidol on the other hand…

So this week, we want you to post your favourite gifs of either of these categories under the hashtag #idolpocalypse:

  • Iconic moments from graduated (or soon-to-be graduated) members
  • Units at the brink of disbanding … and the moment we knew
  • Idol is (kinda) dead: Killing, being killed, playing dead, etc.
  • Idols doing things that would get them killed — pranks, jokes, etc.

Here are a few examples:

Gif of former BiS member Wakisaka Yukiko from the PPCC video

Mone formerly of You'll Melt More singing Suicide Sweet Side

BiSH members walk away from their destruction of the crab penis kaiju on the beach while everything explodes

Hopefully next week’s theme will be more cheerful! #idolpocalypse


Many gifs serve many purposes


You Can’t Stop Me From Calling Them DieDieDie

What do I keep saying about a golden age?DaiDaiDai (Twitter) (Facebook!), which … come on. That’s DieDieDie and everybody knows it and let’s enjoy that because this is loaded with potential.

h/t John on Facebook

“But Maniac,” you complain because you just don’t get enough free stuff around here, “this sounds like just another hard EDM thing.” And maybe you’re right! But! Continue reading